Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Truffle and Beignet were 9 days old here. Isn't this such a relaxing video to watch on an Easy Sunday?

Tomorrow, they start opening their eyes!  Stay tuned . . .
Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Hunt - Together (9 Days Old)

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "together."  What a purrfect theme for Truffle and Beignet because they've been together since the beginning.  Truffle was born first at 1:35 pm on June 2, 2011 and weighed 2.9 oz.  Beignet soon followed at 1:53 pm and weighed 2.8 oz. 

Here was the picture of the two of them sleeping together that I received from Terri on a Saturday stating, "relaxing on a Saturday afternoon" at 9 days of age.  If I remember correctly (Terri, please correct me if I'm wrong), Truffle is in the front and Beignet is behind her.

Here is a picture of Mom Chloe, Truffle and Beignet all together.  Chloe is so beautiful!

The next series of photos and videos I received from Terri are of Truffle and Beignet opening their eyes and starting to move around together.  Stay tuned for an exciting week next week of them at two and three weeks of age!!!
Friday, July 29, 2011

Fluffy Friday - 9 Days Old

Quoting Terri, "Newborns are wonderful, but 9-day old babies are just the cutest!"  The kittens hadn't opened their eyes yet, but they were starting to get lighter and fluffier.



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for these future new little furchildren that bring a smile to my face!  Terri sends me pictures and/or videos every other day and many times I receive them right in the middle of a "crying spell" over the loss of Sweet Praline and an immediate smile comes to my face.  I definitely believe Praline has had a paw in bringing Truffle and Beignet into my world.

I've combined three short videos into one video for you.  Truffle and Beignet were 5 days old in these videos.  Just look at how beautiful Chloe's eye's are!  I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I do!

Pee ess - I'm very thankful for all the work that the ZH (Ann) does to help out with my blog.  I'm just experimenting with some backgrounds to help make it easier to read the words.  Loved the polka dots, but I couldn't read the words in the sidebar.  Thanks for all of your help Ann.  It means so  much!
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost) - Day 5

I can't help but make a comment about how close Truffle and Beignet are, even at 5 days old.  Can I hear some "awwwwwwwws"?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Days Old

The pictures below were some of the first I received from Terri showing Truffle and Beignet separately where you could see their faces. I just realized this would have been the purrfect pictures to share on Easy Sunday! 

Truffle - 2 days old

Beignet - 2 days old

A very special thank you goes out to Ann of Zoolatry for the updated header and background.  Now that there will be a brother and sister, she adjusted the background for me and the pictures of the kittens in the header are Truffle (left) and Beignet (right).  She added Angel Praline in the header at my request because I feel like Sweet Praline will be watching over these little ones. 

A note from Terri about Jasmine: "Jasmine had her recheck appointment this morning with the surgical specialist.  Her backside is still very bruised, but she was thrilled with Jasmine's healing process and thought that she looked great! No more e-collar (YAY!!!!!), no more isolation (she was so happy to see her sister Mikayla), and just a few more days of antibiotics." 
Monday, July 25, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

This will be the first time I've ever had more than one pet at a time, much less littermates.  I think Truffle and Beignet are adorable, but I may have my hands full based on this video of their first day in the world.

Beignet (left) was enjoying his nourishment when Truffle (right) decided she wanted the same nipple.  Watch what happens . . .

Some of you were surprised about their dark coloring as newborns.  Terri warned me about this when I visited her the first time.  She said that Silver Shaded Persians are born dark and get lighter as they grow.  They will look very much like Chloe: white with silver tips on their fur.  Their true coloring may not be apparent until they are a year old, just like their eye coloring.

Just a thought:  Today is the 3-month anniversary of Sweet Praline going to the Bridge.  I still miss her terribly and the tears still flow, but I know she would want me to be happy and has sent these beautiful babies to comfort me.  I know that Sweet Praline will have a role in raising these kittens when they come to live with me and she will probably teach them some of her Diva ways!  I miss you, my sweet Diva!
Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birth Day of Truffle and Beignet

Now that everyone (including me) knows who will come to live with me in September, I'm going to share more pictures and videos starting from the day they were born.  I think I have enough pictures and videos that you haven't seen yet to get us through the rest of July and August.  Of course, I'll also share updated pictures of them!

Truffle (left) and Beignet (right) getting their necessary nourishment from Chloe (mom) on the day they were born:  June 2, 2011.  Look at Chloe's beautiful green eyes!!!

Jasmine continues to improve.  She is scheduled to go back to the vet on Monday for the follow-up from her surgery.  Thank you for your purrs and prayers.
Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Truffle and Beignet

It's time for the big announcement - the two kittens are brother (#2) and sister (#1) and their mom is Chloe.  The little girl's name will be Truffle and the little boy's name will be Beignet (pronounced "ben-yay").   These names are honoring Sweet Praline because they are sweet confections from New Orleans/French cuisine, just like pralines. Some of you did an excellent job on your guesses yesterday!!!

I hope you enjoy the short introductory video below.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Future Kittens - Guess Which Two?

Nothing will be official until later today or tomorrow, but here's a picture of my choices.  I won't tell you which ones they are yet.  See if you can figure it out!

Jasmine is doing much better.  Thank you for your continued purrs and purrayers!
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Future Kittens - Week 4

Today's the day I meet the kittens in person for the first time.  I must admit I'm both excited and nervous.  I'll make my choices today, but I may not know who will actually come home with me until Friday night because I have 1st and 3rd choice.  I've been talking to Terri since last August after Sweet Praline had the Mast Cell Tumor removed from her face and a Mast Cell Tumor in her spleen is what ended her wonderful life less than a year later.  Terri has been there the whole time.  I've loved her caring and support and I knew I wanted one of her kittens.  I knew that once I grieved over the loss of Sweet Praline that I wanted to get two Persian kittens.  About a month after Sweet Praline went to the Bridge, Terri told me that she was expecting two litters of kittens in June.  I immediately made a deposit on one of her kittens.  I had planned to get another Himmie, but had some reservations after talking with that breeder and backed out.  A week later, I contacted Terri and told her that I wanted to get both kittens from her, but someone else had already put down a deposit (which gave her 2nd choice).  Terri is very fair about that.  So, to make a long story short, I will make my decision today, but if my 2nd choice is also the choice of the 2nd person, we'll go with my 3rd choice.  Are you lost yet?

Now, on to pictures of these beautiful kittens.  I loved the pictures in Week 4.  This is the week that I cried when I received the pictures because I saw Sweet Praline's face looking back at me through these kittens.  They were so animated that week.  Enjoy!

Chloe's little girl (#1)

Chloe's little boy (#2)

Zoey's little girl (#3)

Zoey's little girl (#4)

Zoey's little boy (#5) - he was just curious that week

To be honest with you, I don't know which two I'll pick.  It will either be two girls or a boy and a girl.  I'm leaning one way, but I just want to see them first.  After all, we'll be a family for a looooooooong time!

Stay tuned . . .

Pee ess - I'll give you an update on Jasmine after my visit today.
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Future Kittens - Week 3

Before I get started with the kittens, I wanted to give you an update on Jasmine.  Terri said she had a restless night, but she wanted a lot of cuddling and gave a lot of headbutts.  Terri was so grateful to the CB for sending prayers and purrs for both of them and sent this message to all of the CB beans and furriends:

"It was with tears streaming down my face that I read all the kind things people were saying about my precious kittens and more so about purrraying for Jasmine to get well again.  I simply was dumbfounded by the generous and loving spirit of all these cat lovers that have never even met me or Jasmine yet still were sending good thoughts and prayers our way.  It is with such gratitude that I say thank you to everyone and most especially you for putting out the word and helping me with Jasmine.  She is deserving of all the prayers and I am grateful."

When the kittens turned 3 weeks old, Terri began taking pictures of them individually in a photo shoot and sent them to each of us that wanted a kitten.  I'm going to share Week 3 with you today and Week 4 with you tomorrow (Thursday).  Hopefully, I will be able to share my furbabies with you on Friday.  I explain more about this tomorrow.

Chloe's Baby Girl (#1) - Week 3

Chloe's Baby Boy (#2)- Week 3

Zoey's Baby Girl (#3) - Week 3

Zoey's Baby Girl (#4) - Week 3

Zoey's Baby Boy (#5) - Week 3

I'm rescheduled to visit tomorrow to see the kittens if everything is going okay with Jasmine.  I also want to thank all of you for your prayers and purrayers for Terri and Jasmine.  I know the power of the CB and I think Terri is starting to realize it, too.
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Future Kittens - Two Weeks Old

Before I show you the pictures of all of the kittens at around 2 weeks of age, I wanted to thank all of you for your purrayers and prayers for Jasmine and Terri (mom bean).  Jasmine is at home and Terri said she is doing okay.  Jasmine goes back to the vet on Monday.  Please keep those purrayers coming.

Chloe's babies at 2 weeks of age.  The little boy is on the left and the little girl is on the right.  I just received some new videos from Terri tonight and these two will be 6-weeks old on Thursday when I'm rescheduled to visit them.  They sure have grown!

Here are Zoey's little ones at 18 days old.  The girls are in the front and back and the boy is in the middle.  They will be 5 weeks old on Saturday and you wouldn't recognize them either.

I am rescheduled to visit Terri on Thursday to make my choices.  I am really leaning toward two specific kittens, but I still want to see them in person before making the final choice.
Monday, July 18, 2011

Visiting the Kittens

Update 2:  Jasmine is home with Terri.  She has to be kept away from any of the other cats for 2 weeks.  Terri does visit this blog and she reads your comments, so please leave any special messages for Terri and Jasmine in the comment section.

Update:  I won't be able to visit the kittens today.  Jasmine, one of the Queens (females) was rushed to Emergency Care this morning and she lost her baby (there was only one).  Jasmine also suffered a lot of trauma and is waiting to see a specialist surgeon today and we don't know how things will turn out for her.  Please keep Terri (the breeder) and Jasmine in your purrs that Jasmine will be okay.  Jasmine is who is important right now.

If everything goes as planned, I am scheduled to visit the kittens today.  The only thing that may keep me from seeing them is if one of the Queens (female cat) goes into labor.  She is due any day and it's her first litter, so I wouldn't be able to visit if she decides it's time today.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can hold off long enough for me to get there this morning.

In the meantime, here is the most recent photo shoot pictures of the kittens.  The collage won't let me set up equally sized pictures because there is an odd number of kittens.   

Here is a description of each of the kittens that Terri sent to us two weeks ago.
  • Kitten #1 - Chloe's little girl.  She has a whiter face and a dark splotch on top of the head so she is easy to distinguish from her brother. 
  • Kitten #2 - Chloe's little boy.  Darker splotch on the top of his head.  When looking down on the two of them, this is how I quickly determine who is who. 
  • Kitten #3 - Zoey's lightest little girl.  She has a completely white face and head and has since birth.  She is very easy to spot quickly. 
  • Kitten #4 - Zoey's other little girl.  She has a touch of silver on her head.  She is also largest in her litter, not by much, but sets her apart. 
  • Kitten #5 - Zoey's baby boy.  Only kitten in Zoey's litter with a black nose.  He is the smallest of the litter and also the darkest.

I may not know exactly which kittens will be mine until the end of the week.  You see, I have 1st and 3rd choice of the kittens.  When I first decided to get one of Terri's kittens, I was only going to get one.  I decided a week later that I wanted two from her, but someone else got there before me.  So, you may not know the "choice" until later this week.
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Future Kittens - Easy Like Sunday

I'm going backwards in time just a little bit here, but wanted to share these "Easy Sunday" pictures of the kittens.

Here are Chloe's babies at 9 days old.

Here are Zoey's babies at 5 days old.

Now, aren't these relaxing enough to help you have an Easy Sunday.

Special Story About Praline

I'd like to share a "feel good" story that happened last night, but I warn you that you may need a tissue.

Many of you may remember Cody, the boy with Down's Syndrome, that Praline befriended (read story here).   Last night was the first time that Cody and his mom, Janet, came to my house since Praline went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I was showing Janet pictures of the kittens on the computer and Cody asked, "Where is Praline?"  I was caught off guard for a moment, trying to decide how to explain this to Cody without upsetting him.  His mom told him that Praline wasn't here.  He looked at me and I just said, "She's in Kitty Heaven."  His next words brought tears to my eyes.  He looked at both of us and said, "With Jesus"  His mom had to answer him because I had to turn my head so he wouldn't see me crying.  His mom answered, "Yes, with Jesus."   He then looked at both of us and in his own words said, "Paula get new kittens, right?"  That brought a smile to my face and I said yes.  Just when we think they won't understand.
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Future Kittens - Photo Hunt - Backwards

I guess you could say I'm going "backwards" in time with the new blog.  I'm trying to show the kittens from their birth until the age I actually knew who chose me.  I want to give you a realistic idea of how all of the kittens looked at the same age, not in "real time".  This actually helps me to compare all five of them realistically.  Remember, Chloe's babies were born 9 days before Zoey's.  I love these videos where you can actually see the kittens at two weeks of age where their eyes are just starting to open.

Here is a short video of Chloe's kittens at 2 weeks of age.

Updated note (8/14/20): I had more videos of all five kittens, but since the original posts, they were deleted from YouTube, so the links are broken. 

I have a lot of pictures and videos of the kittens and many of them I will share with you once I know who is coming home with me.  Terri also sends me wonderful email updates.  Here is the email I received from Terri on June 25, 2011.  Chloe's kittens were a little over 3 weeks old and Zoey's kittens were 2 weeks old.

"The kittens are all doing fabulous.  I could not be any more proud than I am.  All 5 are strong, healthy, beautiful babies and that is all I could ever ask for. Both moms are doing a fantastic job. 
To give you an idea where everyone is at....Chloe's babies are walking steadily now.  They are beginning to try to climb.  If I am sitting on the floor with them, they immediately start to climb onto my lap, then up my chest until they get right up onto my shoulder. They are downright adorable if I may say so :)  
They have become quite vocal in their demands and momma answers them immediately.  They are just beginning to play with each other and routinely play bite each other until someone squeals, which effectively stops the roughness. They have wandered to the food dish and are definitely interested, so I will be starting them on food this week.  This will be a messy endeavor (it always is) and litter box training will start about the same time.  Most kittens I've raised begin to use the box all by themselves with few or no accidents. I put the baby box down, put in litter, and they climb in.  I use an all natural wheat litter to start with because babies tend to eat everything and the clay litters are toxic if they ingest too much.  They will be using normal clay litter long before they are ready to go home with you. Even if there is truly a 'training' period, it usually lasts less then a week and then they've got it down. Once they are using a litter box consistently at about 5 weeks old, I will move them down to the living room into one of the kitten condos that you've seen on your visit.  They will have run of this end of the house during the day and will spend the nights with momma in the condo.  This gives me peace of mind knowing that I will find them safe each morning and gives them quality snuggle time with their momma."

"Zoey's babies are 2 weeks old today. They opened their eyes so early that they somehow seem older to me already.  They are just lifting themselves onto their legs, but are wobbly and topple over quite rapidly.  They still spend the majority of their time nursing, but are awake more and more alert.  They hear us when we come into the room and they are definitely looking for their share of attention. They are gaining weight rapidly, and have almost caught Chloe's kittens in size.  Before long they will be one big happy group of babies.  It will help with socialization for them to all be together and will also be a lot of fun."

I'm trying to convince Terri to start a blog.  She is such a good writer and when she sends me stories and updates about the kittens, I can just visualize them so clearly.  I know she's visiting this blog as a guest, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll start a blog.  In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the pictures, videos, and email updates!  Soon, I'll be traveling to visit the kittens for the first time!
Friday, July 15, 2011

Future Kittens - Faces

I was so excited when I received the first pictures of the kittens' faces.   The first picture is of Chloe's kittens.  Look how close they were on Day 5 (I think I have the day right).  This may be a brother and sister that won't be separated.  

Here is the first picture I received of Zoey's kittens faces.  This picture was taken when they were 6 days old.

Aren't they just too adorable?!?!

Several of you have asked about their darker fur compared to their mothers.  Silver Shaded and Silver Chinchilla Persians are born dark and turn lighter as they get older.  According to Terri (the breeder) their eyes will be a "murky, sorta ugly color, until about 5-6 months when they start turning a more vivid green. You will see the green begin in a ring around the pupil and as they get older, the greener rim will widen until it completely fills the iris.  I've seen some of my kittens have completely green eyes as quick as 9 or 10 months old, but the 'books' say that Silver Persians can take up to 3 years to show their true eye color. "
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Future Kittens - First Videos

Terri is so wonderful.  Not only does she send me pictures of the babies, she takes videos of them.  Some of you have seen some of the videos because I've shared them on FB, but I didn't tell you that I was getting kittens from here.

The first video is adorable.  These are Chloe's babies on their birthdate.  The little boy was on the left enjoying his dinner and the feisty, spunky little girl (on the right) was determined she wanted the same nipple.  Looks like she could be a handful!  The little girl weighed in at 2.9 oz and the little boy weighed in at 2.8 oz.

The first pictures of Zoey's kittens had them crawling all over each other.  I also like how Mom Zoey kept a watchful paw on the kittens.  Since there were three of them instead of two, you'd think they'd be smaller than Chloe's kittens, but their weights ranged between 2.9 oz - 3.1 oz.

Don't you just love their little "squeaks?"

These videos help me to feel like I've been there with them since their birth.  I can't wait to share with you which two choose me next week.  Then, I can be more specific with the pictures.  Right now, I hope you enjoy watching two litters of kittens grow up.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Future Kittens - Birthdate

I know I promised pictures of the kittens' faces today, but I am trying to show pictures in the order I've received them, so you'll just need to keep coming back.

These are the some of first pictures I received from Terri of the babies from both litters.  I could tell then that it was going to be a very hard choice!  It still is.

Chloe's babies - June 2, 2011

Zoey's babies - June 11, 2011. 

I didn't get a picture of their cute little faces until a few days later.  Stay tuned...

This is so great that I received pictures of the kittens from Day 1.  It's really nice to be able to follow them from the day they were born.
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Future Kittens for Mom Paula

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the new blog site for my future furchildren.  I've been silent on the blog for a little over a month in honor of Sweet Praline.  I still miss her terribly, but wanted to start the new blog to begin moving forward.   My future furchildren will be Silver Shaded Persians.  I won't know who the actual furchildren will be until the end of next week.  Right now, I am scheduled to visit the kittens on July 18, 2011 to let the kittens choose me.  So, until I actually know who they will be, I'll just share some pictures of them from their birth until now and get back into the CB.

Chloe's babies were born on June 2, 2011.  She has a boy and a girl.  Here is mom and babies on their birthdate.

Zoey's babies were born on June 11, 2011.  She has two girls and one boy.  Here is mom and babies on their birthdate.

I know you can't tell much about the babies, but I want to keep you in suspense.  Come back tomorrow to see the faces of the babies on Day 1.

These beautiful cats are from Crystal Purrs Cattery.  Terri, the breeder, has been so supportive and comforting to me since back in March when Sweet Praline was diagnosed with cancer.  She's cried with me on the phone and always knows just what to say to help me feel better.  I can't wait to meet my new furchildren next week.  It'll be September before they come to live with me.

A special thank you to all of you who've been there for me as I continue to grieve for Sweet Praline and as I move forward with the new furchildren.  The donations in Praline's name, the emails, the cards, the phone calls, and the continued comments on Praline's blog have meant more than words can express.

I can't end this post without thanking Ann for her help in the design of the new blog.   The kittens in the header are part of the litters, but they are not necessarily the ones that will come home with me.  A very special thank you to Terri for providing me pictures on a regular basis of all of the babies!