Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Future Kittens - Week 3

Before I get started with the kittens, I wanted to give you an update on Jasmine.  Terri said she had a restless night, but she wanted a lot of cuddling and gave a lot of headbutts.  Terri was so grateful to the CB for sending prayers and purrs for both of them and sent this message to all of the CB beans and furriends:

"It was with tears streaming down my face that I read all the kind things people were saying about my precious kittens and more so about purrraying for Jasmine to get well again.  I simply was dumbfounded by the generous and loving spirit of all these cat lovers that have never even met me or Jasmine yet still were sending good thoughts and prayers our way.  It is with such gratitude that I say thank you to everyone and most especially you for putting out the word and helping me with Jasmine.  She is deserving of all the prayers and I am grateful."

When the kittens turned 3 weeks old, Terri began taking pictures of them individually in a photo shoot and sent them to each of us that wanted a kitten.  I'm going to share Week 3 with you today and Week 4 with you tomorrow (Thursday).  Hopefully, I will be able to share my furbabies with you on Friday.  I explain more about this tomorrow.

Chloe's Baby Girl (#1) - Week 3

Chloe's Baby Boy (#2)- Week 3

Zoey's Baby Girl (#3) - Week 3

Zoey's Baby Girl (#4) - Week 3

Zoey's Baby Boy (#5) - Week 3

I'm rescheduled to visit tomorrow to see the kittens if everything is going okay with Jasmine.  I also want to thank all of you for your prayers and purrayers for Terri and Jasmine.  I know the power of the CB and I think Terri is starting to realize it, too.

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  1. =thud=

    I just died of the kyoot...

  2. Oh they are too cute! We are still purring for sweet Jasmine. We hope she feels better soon. And we can't wait to hear your exciting news!

  3. Oh dear Cod. I think the Human has fallen over off her chair.

    I'm happy Jasmine is getting better.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Jasmine is doing better! And I'm looking forward to your report once you've finally met the kittens in person!!

  5. Hope Jasmine continues to get better.

    Can't wait for your report on the kitties! How exciting!

  6. They are all so precious! I don't think you can choose based on appearance. It will have to be based on personality. Are you definitely getting 2 girls?

  7. We want to thank you so, so much for coming by and saying such nice things on our blog. Jack's passing has been difficult, but with everyone's support, we are doing better every day. Baby definitely misses her companion of 15 years, but with special attention, she is pulling out of her grief.

  8. Aren't they just precious? We're looking forward to seeing which ones are your new fur babies!

    Continued purrs from the boys for Jasmine.

    -Mom Kim, Nicki and Derry (Fuzzy Tales)

  9. Oh goodness, I am glad it isn't me going to look at those cute things. I would have to have them all. They are so darn cute. I love Zoe's baby boy but I have said that before.
    Lots more purrs for Jasmine. We sure hope she continues to improve. Hugs to Terri for the stress. We know what it is like to have a sick one.Take care.

  10. Mum has just been staring at your blog speechless apart from squees!
    She is so excited about your new fur babies and doesn't know how you can decide on "the ones".
    We hope Jasmine is recovering.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. It will be difficult to choose! Since your blog theme is heavy on the pink, I'm thinking you've decided on 2 girls! :)

    Purrs from GGWandG

  12. Oh my, what sweet babies ! Zoey's baby girl (#3) just said hello to my heart !! Praying that Jasmine continues to improve.

    I also think that the world would be a better place if more people were like the caring people of the CB.

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  13. oh how cute! we are still purrring for Jasmine

  14. "The Boys" and I are purring/praying for Jasmine and Terri. We're so sorry to learn about her baby and her own issues.

    On a lighter note, those kittens are all kinds of cute.

  15. O my goodness! How would you ever be able to choose? Adorable isn't a big enough word.

    We hope Jasmine is getting better every day and will soon be back to normal.

  16. I agree with Wendy adorable is not enough as they are just so beautiful. You are going to have so much fun.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. They are soooo cute! We can't wait to see which ones you choose!

  18. The are all starting to look incredibly beautiful!

  19. We are purring for Terri and for Jasmine's continuing improvement.

    All of the kittens are gorgeous! Mom's friend saw the pictures and said they looked like marshmallow fluffs!!!!

  20. Aren't they all beautiful? So, so cute!!! Look forward to seeing them in your home.

  21. Do I see grey?
    "Grey is great!"
    Hurry up and bring them home!

  22. How is it possible each week they get cuter and cuter! We are going to tell Mom she has to stop looking at the pictures as she makes such a fool of herself with all the squeeing. Continued purrs and (((HUGS))) for sweet Jasmine.

  23. It didn't come up right away but I found it now! Thanks!

  24. I hope Jasmine continues to get better and better! We are purring for her.

    The bebbehs are unbelievably cute!

  25. There is nothing on earth quite so wonderful as tiny baby kittens. We continue to purray for Jasmine's complete recovery.

  26. Mama just wants to scoop up all of those tiny floofs and smother them with kisses! We're glad to hear that Jasmine is hanging in there!

  27. Still purrrring for Jasmine and Terri. So glad Jasmine seems to be getting better.

    Those little fluffballs look cuter every photo.

  28. Mom is hyperventilating because those kitties are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
    We agree with her!!!
    We are very happy that Jasmine is feeling a bit better!! We purr she continues to improve :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  29. We continue to purr for Jasmine and Miss Terri...we hope things are better each day.
    OH MY COD those babies are so fabulous, I still say I don't know how you will chose.
    That is one tough decision.


  30. We hope Jasmine keeps doing better!

    Looking forward to hearing about your visit this week.

  31. OMC! They are the cutest!!

    We are purring for Jasmine and hope she continues to improve.

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