Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo Shoot - Week 9

For the first time during week 9, I received emails from Truffle and Beignet instead of Mom Terri.  As usual their pictures were adorable.  I'm a little sad as I put together the posts for this last week before Truffle comes to live with me.  I am beyond excited about Truffle coming, but it reminds me about little Beignet being at the Bridge and there will be no more pictures of him.  As I told Terri yesterday, "at least I had a few short months being able to love him and experience him, which helped me get through the extreme pain of losing Sweet Praline."  Truffle will help me get through the loss of both of them.

Now for the fun part.  Here's the email I received from Truffle.

"Dearest Mom Paula,  Since you've been here to visit me, you know I truly am a sweet girl.  However, when Mom Terri tried to convince me to sit still and behave today for my glamour shots, I just had a really hard time with it.  Please forgive me if my pictures are 'not so great' this week.  In fact, mom Terri had to hold me in her choke hold in some pictures.  Try to ignore that human hand in my pictures.  She insisted you would want to see my beautiful face.  I didn't want mom Terri cleaning my face either, so she put powder on me to try to make me look presentable.  I'm sorry.  I will do better next week.  And soon, you will have me home and I can show you all my tricks for getting OUT of having my picture taken.  Love, Your Darling Truffle.  P.S.  It sure didn't help that my brother had to be such a model today.  I almost think he wanted me to look bad!"

 Just look at that "diva" look on her face!

And now the collage of Truffle's Week 9 Photos!  I think she looks beautiful, even if she didn't want her picture taken.

Then I received the following message from Beignet:

"Dear Mom Paula, I hope you are having fun in San Francisco.  I was such a good boy for my photo shoot today.  I think you and I are going to have to have a talk with Truffle about how to sit still for pictures though.  Mom Terri wanted to take pictures of the two of us together and I was game, but Truffle sure wasn't.  Take a look at the attached pictures and be prepared to see the most handsome boy kitty ever!  Mom Terri keeps telling me I am going to make you so happy.  Cannot wait to get to your house and start our life together.  Love, Your Dapper Beignet."
Such a handsome little mancat!

When I see these pictures of Beignet this week, they bring tears to my eyes because I know he'll never get to come home with me and we'll never get to see him grow up with Truffle.  This is just one of those things that was "beyond our control" and I have to smile, knowing that I was able to hold and love this little mancat, if just for a little while.   Here are his other photos:

I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week and that all of our furriends and their beans along the East Coast are safe from Hurricane Irene.

Mom Paula

Pee ess - Happy Birthday to the two most special nephews ever:  Russell and William.  Russell is 28 today and William is 23.  Here is a picture of them with Baby Praline.

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  1. I've lost a kitten after less than a week and a cat I had for just over twenty years. They both were hard - once you commit to taking care of one for life the loss will be a big one.

  2. Aw, we got a little leaky reading Beignet's note. His little life was far too brief, but you filled it with love.

    Yes, Miss Truffle will bring you joy and comfort--it's been a long time since you had little cat feet in your house!

    Sweet pic of the boys with Baby Praline!

  3. This post made mom's eyes leak a little. But, we luf the pics of the cute kittehz and the cute beans too! Happy Birthday to the nephews! Woo-Hoo! Only 6 more days!!!

  4. We can't wait for Truffle to come home wif you, but we's still so sad fur Beignet. He was just so full of life and fun, it's hard to fink of him being gone.
    But we know it wasn't meant to be, and we has to be fankful fur what we had, however brief.
    Love the photo of Baby Praline with yours nephews, too. How sweet she was... and you could see tha Diva in her already, too.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: We'll be purring fur Truffle tomorrow when hers hafs hers next vaccinations.

  5. It's so hard not to get a little misty-eyed - Beignet was such an awesome little guy! Happy birthday to your nephews and I am purring lots for Truffle tomorrow as she gets her vaccinations.

  6. What lovely pictures again today - we had to laugh that Terri had to hold Truffle by the throat - we think you have another little "Diva" there!!. Lovely pictures of sweet Beignet - he was such a happy boycat.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps Happy Birthday to your nephews.

  7. I just learned about Beignet. I am so very sorry. Truffle looks adorable and I am glad that she will be with you soon.

  8. i'm so sorry to hear that poor Beignet is at the bridge. I just know that he and Praline will get along great!

    Such beautiful pictures, and I LOVE that one of Baby Praline! Happy birthday to your lovely nephews :)

  9. We're still a little sad, too, about Beignet, but we're sure truffle will do her ooutmost to ease the pain. We can't wait to see what kind of mischief she gets into!

  10. Mom Paula, I'm sure Truffle will help you get through all sadness. She is adorable.

    I send lots of purrs for her next vaccinations tomorrow.
    Hugs to you

  11. I so agree with your first commentator ~ 1 week ot 20 years ~ if a cat or kitten is in your heart it is painful.

    Truffle looks beautiful ~ and I cried at the lovely pics of Beignet. So sorry.

  12. Sending lots of purrs to Truffles today that the vaccinations go well. We just know she will be all right. That was sad to see Beignet's note but glad you did that. It is all such a good tribute to Beignet.
    Love the picture of the boys and Praline. Take care.

  13. The collage of Truffle made me smile. And, I agree, she is a little Diva. Such a beauty !

    It's hard not to tear up while looking at sweet Beignet's pictures. He touched so many people.

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  14. Awww....Very bittersweet note from Beignet. We know some things just aren't meant to be, but that doesn't make them any easier to cope with.

    But happily Truffle soon will be home and we can't wait--we're so excited for you both about that.

  15. So hard when something so awful happens and seeing the mails and pictures made us sad for you. You have the darling Trufle to look forward to and I am sure she will help heal your heart.Hugs GJ xx

  16. Such a beautiful post today, Mom Paula. Smiles and tears. Have a great week!

  17. Yep - the pictures are adorable....even if they are a little hard to look at. Mom loves that picture of the nephews and baby Praline....she was SO TINY!!!

  18. Such beautiful pictures! We're all purring for that sweet Truffle and just know the shots will be A-O-K.

  19. I think it is lovely that you are honoring little Beignet. He touched your life and Terri's life deeply even though he was not there for so long--what more could a cat ask for? Although I think Truffle will be like me and want fame, fortune and and a large retinue of attendants...

  20. Our eyes started leaking again, seeing those photos of that sweet little mancat.

  21. They is so furry cute mom Paula! Thanks you for stopping by and posting to update me on everything with the kittens. We are so furry sorry to hear about Beignet. That is just so unexpected and was so sad to hear this. We send you many hugs and purrrrrrrrrrrrs and can't wait for you to gets your new kitten girl home with you.

  22. Mom Paula
    Those were beautiful pictures and notes, and we couldn't help but feel a well of sadness building when we saw darling Beignet. WE are so sorry he was not able to come and live with you and Truffle.

  23. We miss Beignet so much already. The note from him was SO sweet.

  24. I was shocked and so sad to come here and find that sweet little Beignet has crossed the Bridge. He and Sweet Praline will watch over you and sweet Truffle. All that pictures are just precious! Big hugs for you sweet Paula an hugs and nose kisses for little Truffle


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