Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Selection Day

July 21 was my day to finally visit and make my choice of the two new furchildren who would come to live with me.  Truffle and Beignet were 7 weeks old on this date and they couldn't be cuter.  It's really unique how kittens will "choose" their beans.  When I came in the door, all five kittens were sleeping in the middle of the floor.

Truffle was the first one to wake up.  She came right over to me and began playing.  After I played with her for a while, I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep in my arms.  Terri's mouth dropped and she called her husband over and said, "She's never done that with anyone, not even me."  This was the exact same thing Sweet Praline did the first day I met her, so I knew this was a sign that Truffle was meant to come home with me.  Just look how relaxed she is!!!

Beignet wasn't feeling too well on my first visit.  He had a little tummy ache, but he still came over to me and played a little bit.  When I picked him up, he just stared into my eyes, begging me to choose him, too.

Zoey's three kittens really never had much to do with me.  They stayed sleeping and when they woke up, played with each other.  Terri told me the next day when the next couple came in to visit that kitten #3 crawled right into the man's lap and Truffle and Beignet ignored them.  Kittens are pretty smart!   After all, Truffle and Beignet chose me, didn't they!?!

A soon-to-be happy family!  Truffle is on the left and Beignet is on the right.

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  1. Kitties are VERY smart! Truffle and Beignet knew they were headed for the purrfect home!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Man if I come back in another life as a floofy cat I am so choosing you so don't you go running away...


  3. Actually that goes for my human too but in her case, I'd run really fast as she'll no doubt be a horrible cat...

  4. Huh, Mommy can't stop saying, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!=^Y^=

  5. They probably had an angel kitteh whispering in their ears......

  6. The way those two were just so relaxed in your arms... there really wasn't any question, was there?

    BTW, my human is still stoked that they picked you on her birthday!

  7. It is amazing how kittens choose you - Mum was once chosen in that way too but not by us! You look so happy in those pictures with them so we know they chose the right mom and no doubt they will start training you the moment you get them home!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. That is amazing.
    Kittens are very smart. They know who they want to live with.
    You can tell how relaxed Truffle is, she is just "out cold" in your arms.
    Beignet is equally at home with you.
    And how interesting the other couple's visit was, where Truffle and Beignet ignored them.
    Since they were born, I had hoped you would pick these two.
    And it seems they beat you to it and picked you out.
    Great story. Love this blog, being able to follow everything that is happening before they come home.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & KC

  9. I am at a loss for words; it seems all I can think to say is "awwwww!"

    Love the way Truffle is sleeping in your arms. And Beignet? He knows the best place to snuggle, too.

    What a great story of how they chose you and were not interested when the other couple came along.

  10. Truffle and Beignet know a good thing when they see it!

  11. With out doubt, those beautiful fur-babies chose yoo. It makes us so happy.

  12. We especially love that pic of Truffle totally zonked out in your arms.

    Absolutely they chose you...with maybe a little guidance from Sweet Praline! :-)

  13. Those two little cuties are very smart in our opinion! They know a great potential Mom when they see one!

    You will not believe what our mom did! The picture of Mom Paula holding Truffle is now the background on our computer! It can't be a cuter picture of Truffle!!!

  14. We have so loved watching these two delights grow up and now to finally meet them in person...you must have been in heaven with them finally in your arms!

  15. So, when can they come home?!?!?

  16. yep - them are some smart kittens. We can't believe it is just 9 days until they come home!!!

  17. Kittens/cats are very smart and given a choice, they will pick out their human!!!!!!!

    They are sooooooooo adorable.

    Love to the three of you.

  18. Kittens are very smart and know who they want to live with!

  19. It's so great that they picked you!

  20. We are glad they chose you. They knew without any doubt that you were destined to be their mum.

  21. Smart kitties. Can't wait until they actually get to come and live with you.

  22. Kittens are very smart and us cats know what we wants and how to get it. Doggies are pretty good at picking their people too.


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