Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Truffle and Beignet Together - Week 10

Before I get started, I wanted to wish Mom Terri a Happy Birthday today!!! She thought she could keep it quiet, but she's on FB and nothing is a secret there.  LOL

This post is even harder for me to put together than Monday's post because it's the first time Mom Terri was able to get Truffle and Beignet together in the same picture for their Week 10 Glamour Photo Shoot.  The pictures are just so beautiful that I'm going to show you all of them individually instead of as a collage.  I also received individual emails from Truffle and Beignet again, which I will share with you.

Truffle (left); Beignet (right)

Note from Truffle:

"Dear Mom Paula,  I think you and I need to put our heads together and put down some ground rules for Beignet.  He is the master of manipulation and fools Mom Terri into thinking he is just an angel every week.  Just because I have a hard time sitting still for the camera does not make him any more special than me!  He spends all week wrestling and beating up on Elvis and on me and then the camera comes out and he instantly turns into some kind of saint.  I love my brother, but he sure knows how to fool the ladies! Love, Truffle"

Note from Beignet:

Dear Mom Paula, Can we please teach Truffle how to behave for picture time?  I sit still and do exactly what I am told every week and she goofs off and looks the wrong way every time Mom Terri goes to take a picture.  Mom Terri insists on doing this every single week (she says you really want to see us!!!) so I think if Truffle would just tolerate Mom Terri's silliness for 10 minutes then things could go a lot faster.  With Love, Beignet"

Here are their beautiful pictures with Truffle on the left and Beignet on the right.

I'll only have one more group of pictures with Angel Beignet in them because he left us when he was 11 weeks old.  I have some comfort knowing that he is with Sweet Praline at the Bridge and I know she, along with numerous other cats from the CB, are watching out for him.  We should all take comfort in knowing that he was loved from the day he was born!

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  1. Very sweet pictures. He was a fine little fellow.

  2. Yes, he knew nothing but love from all the kitties and Humans around him. He will be happy to know you and Truffle are soon to embark on a long and happy life together!

    You've had too much sadness--it's definitely time for sweet Truffle to bring joy to your life!

  3. I just love that one where they are looking in opposite directions. It makes me laugh. Purrs to you.

  4. These photos of adorable Beignet are just breaking my poor heart.
    Again, it seems hard to realize he is gone, he was just so happy and full of life.
    I agree, Mom Paula has had way too much sadness, and I have no doubts Truffle is going to bring so much joy and love and laughter back.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML, KC & Kitties

  5. Grrr. Leaky eyes again. Time fur happiness! Oh my cat, is it only 3 days away??? Purrs and whisker kisses.

  6. Wow, only three days until you have Truffle in your home! We can't wait to hear about the orders she'll be giving you!

  7. Those are such lovely pictures of Truffle and Beignet and will be a lovely memory for you of their time together.
    We hope you have "Truffle proofed" your home in readiness for your lively girl arriving!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. What wonderful pictures of the two of them together! Beignet's life was a very short one, but only pure innocence and happiness until near the end. Excitement must really be building to have Truffle home!

  9. The photos are beautiful and I know you will treasure them forever. I agree, we do take comfort from knowing that dear little Beignet was truly loved from the very second he came into the world ~ and is still loved by us all now.

    Jan xx

  10. Those are such great pictures. Terri really does a good job. But it is so sad to see them but like you said, at least Praline has her own brother now at the bridge. She can teach him all kinds of things. We will be so glad when Truffles gets home and you bring joy to each other. Take care.

  11. Thank you for sharing these photos; I never tire of looking at them. Mom Terri certainly has a gift at getting just the right shot!

    But then, her "subjects" are so spectacular.

    I'm with the others in feeling sad that Beignet is no longer with us; but what a treasure you have with these photos. And Sweet Praline will take good care of him.

    Yay for only 3 more days until little Miss Truffle Diva is home.

  12. These pictures of the cutie pies are just gorgeous. Love their emails too. The only comfort with the passing of Beignet is that sweet Praline is there to look after the little one.

  13. Those pictures give you some great memories. We'll miss not getting to know sweet Beignet...but we are getting excited about Truffle coming hom this weekend!

  14. Mom Paula,
    Yes, he was loved since the day he was born and he was loved by each and every one of us. Still is!!

    Beautiful pictures!

    Tom & Julie

  15. Such darling pictures! Still can't believe Beignet is gone and with Angel Praline. (((HUGS)))

    How did Truffle's shot on Monday go?

  16. I think everyone who reads this blog loved Beignet as much as you do, Mom Paula. He was a special boy and is missed. But we are excited that Truffle will be home with you soon!!!Thank you for continuing to share the pictures of B.

  17. It is hard to see them together and know Beignet is gone....but darn they are cute!!!

  18. So beautiful. What an angelic face Beignet had! The photos are incredible. The notes from each have been lovely, abeit bittersweet... The Baby "B" will be missed. It's hard to read these at work because I still tear up every day.

  19. I know he felt your love and still does.

  20. So sweet. Thank you for loving litle Beignet so much. Surely he knows that you do.

  21. Makes my eyes leak to see that precious little tiny bit of love.

  22. It just breaks our hearts to look at these pictures. An angel indeed he certainly is Mom Paula. We are keeping good thoughts for a happy purrday for Terri!

  23. Such sweet kittens!
    It is still SO unfair that Beignet will not be coming home with Truffle. He did have a wonderful 11 weeks,but we all wanted more. Hugs to you,mom Pauls and little Truffle.
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  24. How precious these are!
    That first picture of them with Beignet tucked under Truffles chin is wistful and touching. That would make a sweet memory portrait for the wall.

  25. U are so cute! My human friend said her head asplode. :)


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