Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Beignet

Thank you so much for all of your purrs and prayers for Beignet and me.  He appears to be recuperating wonderfully from his surgery and now I must patiently (I don't think I'm that patient anymore) wait for the pathology report.  The vet(s) seem to think the reaction may have been a result of a contamination in the vaccine because a kitten from another litter also had a reaction, but not as severe as Beignet.    The vet(s) believe it was a one time reaction, but also recommend waiting for the pathology report before making any decisions.

I received the following update from Terri yesterday morning about Beignet:

Beignet met me at this end of the hall with a perky little smile.  He is doing just fine.  He did spend the night without his sister, which was sad to me, but I was afraid Truffle might decide she wanted to play too rough so she spent the night with her siblings and Aunt Zoey (Zoey loves Truffle and cleans her and nurses her too, so I know Truffle suffered not at all from this!)  Mom Chloe took excellent care of Beignet throughout the night.  I got up twice to check on them and Chloe and Beignet were curled up snuggling both times."

Beignet and Mom Chloe

Terri reads the blog daily and also follows your comments on the blog and on Facebook.  She wanted me to thank all of you for the support and for all the wonderful prayers and purrs for Beignet.  She also wanted me to let you know that she only uses the Merial Purevax 3 vaccine on all of her cats.

I received the following update last night:

Beignet refuses to believe anything happened to him :)  He's a happy, active boy this evening, running and playing with the gang.  Just wanted to reassure you he was doing well before I headed to bed . . .Truffle understands everyone's concern has been for Beignet this past 24 hours but she sends sweetness to you :)

Here is one of Truffle and Beignet's most recent photos for your enjoyment.

Truffle (left) and Beignet (right)

Thank you for your continued purr, purrayers and prayers.  I really want to bring both of these beautiful kittens home to live with me. 

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  1. We are glad that he is continuing to do well! We hope he gets to go home with you--after all what cat wouldn't just be blessed by that?

  2. Yay! These two always make me smile when I see em and Im sure they will after they are grown up too!

    Glad the little guy is doing well... :) Even better knowing that it could only be a one time thing to do with his vaccination and nothing more serious!

  3. We'll keep up the purrs and prayers for Beignet! He's such a cutie pie and we know he's going to be just fine!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Oh my goodness! Somehow I missed this. Poor little sweetie, though it sounds as though he is doing fine now. Whew! What a scare!

    It sounds like he had a great night, getting ALL of Mom's attention for himself.

    We will purr and purray that all continues to be fine with him.

  5. Beignet is a spirited kitten - I bet he heals quickly. He seems to already have forgotten his ordeal, MOL! I am sending him extra purrs - at least he and Truffle will be coming home soon, if a little bit later than expected.

  6. We are so pleased Beignet is his usual handsome self and playing with the other kittens - it probably is just as Terri says a case of a bad dose of vaccine with another kitten having a similar reaction. We are purring all is well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. We're relieved and happy to read that Beignet is doing just fine. Paws crossed for the pathology report, odds are it, too, will be fine.

    We can't wait till they both go home with you!

  8. Crossing paws and purring for all to be well with the pahtology report.

  9. We're all still purring too for that little cutie-pa-tootie!

  10. "The Boys" and I are so glad to know Beignet is pretty much back to his usual self. What a fun way to get to spend the night...with his mom. All to himself!

    We'll keep you all in our prayers and purrs. And thank you to Terri, too, for keeping such good watch over them all.

  11. We're happy that Beignet is doing well after this. Now let's hope for a good report so he will be "home" soon!!

  12. Yay for Beignet! We're so glad he's a nothing's-gonna-get-me-down kinda little guy!

    Great pic, Paula. I truly hope they can be home with you soon.

    Tom & Julie

  13. In true mancat-in-training style, little Beignet is a tough one! He is in our constant thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS))) to Mom Paula as she waits for the report.

  14. Mom got to the picture and went "awwwww". MOL Glad Beignet is doing well....and that Aunt Zoey took good care of Truffle.

  15. We are so glad to hear he's doing well. He's a tough one, in spite of all that beautiful floof.

  16. well Beignet, you're shur a little trooper! continue to get well little man and we will continue to purrrr

  17. Thank goodness that despite everything that happened with the vaccine, Beignet seems to be recovering well. He is definitely in good hands with Terri, and soon he will be in your equally good hands at his forever home, with his equally beautiful sister Truffle. Everything will be okay. *HUGS* :) :)

  18. YAY!!!!!!! we always love hearing good news!!!!!!!

    We will continue purraying for the little guy.


  19. We is purring fur both the kittens. It must be sad for Truffle to be without Beignet. The pic of Mom Chloe is so very cute!
    Comforting purrs for Mom Paula too.

  20. We are glad that little Beignet is up an running around. Sounds like he will be just fine! Purrs...

  21. Glad to hear this will pass and all is well. Is he ever cute with his mommy in that picture and SQUEEEE that last one with his sister is adorable!!!!!
    I just wish I could rub their soft little ears and stroke those darling nosese! sss's mom

  22. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!! We just love the pic of Beignet laying on his Mom :)
    The two of the siblings together is precious too :)
    We are very relieved that Beignet is OK and that the Vet feels things will be good. We purr very hard he is right!
    It must be hard to worry about a baby you cannot hold. Hugs to you :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  23. Thanks for the update, still sending purrs.

  24. Oh what dear darlings. I am enchanted..what precous little beauties. And may be be all well quickly. xoxoxox


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