Friday, September 2, 2011

Floofy Friday

Only two more days and Truffle will be home with me.  Mom Terri is bringing her to my house around 1:00 pm EST on Sunday!  I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!  It's been 16 years since I've had a kitten in my house.

Here are Truffle's Week 12 Glamour Photos, which are probably the last I will receive from Mom Terri.  She said it's up to me to take the pictures after this week.  LOL

Thank you so much to Ann for the new header of Truffle with Angel Praline and Angel Beignet!!!

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  1. Angel Praline isn't looking a bit unsettled by Angel Beignet. I wonder if she is concerned that he came up to visit her so quickly? I love that shot where it looks like Truffle is crouching down getting ready to pounce! GIRL TIME NEXT WEEK!!!!

  2. Paula she is going to be a little stunner when she grows up - Not that she isn't now!

    She is a cute little kitty and one that makes me smile every time i see her!

  3. OH my Cod! That picture with her peeping over the edge of the basket is heelaireeus! I think she probably has "pounce" all figgered out, eh?

    I can't wait for your first photos of Truffle AT HOME!

  4. She all ready has her "diva face" on--better be ready for her giving you a lot of orders!

  5. Woohoooo, the big day is coming!! We have enjoyed seeing Truffle growing and will continue to do so.

  6. Why not let Truffle have a taste of her first party when she comes? Mine!!!!!

  7. We love your new header that Ann did for Truffle's "entrance" into her new life with you. We love how Praline and Beignet are in it too. We can't wait to see your first photographs as she settles in and gets you organised to her wishes!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Truffle is SO precious - and I am so excited for you and her! I love your new header - it's perfect!

  9. She just gets more adorable every week.
    How time flies -- can't believe it is Sunday she gets to come home.
    You're not going up to get her?
    I'll bet you don't sleep at all Saturday night.
    Can't wait to see the first photos of her in her forever home.
    And I love the new header.

  10. Truffle definitely epitomizes glamourous!

    We're very excited for you too. The mom's never had a cat under 6 months of age, so kitten-proofing a home would be daunting! LOL.

  11. Only two days to wait, but it'll seem like forever!
    Truffle is beautiful. You won't want her out of your sight, I'm sure.

    We haven't had kittens around here in ages. Julie has always rescued the older cats like me. Her daughter Megan has a new kitten and she's a handful!

    Concats on new header, too. It's lovely!

    Tom & Julie

  12. What gorgeous Week 12 pics! And the header is great.

  13. Truffle gets more beautiful with every picture. Don't you just want to kiss that sweet little face ! I'm so excited and happy for you.

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  14. Oh this is so exciting that Truffles is coming. You are going to have so much fun Paula.
    We love the new header. That is so great.
    Take care and have a fantastic week end.

  15. What a sweetie. Mum bought me home at eight weeks old, and she just made sure there were no holes anywhere for me to hide in, or chemicals for me to get into.

    How exciting for you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  16. Oh my, but she is stunning. Love all those photos; the one where she's crouched down looks like she's getting ready to take off.

    Love the new header, too.

    Well, we're in the count-down mode now.

  17. We don't know who is more excited. Mom Paula or our mom. MOL! We just know Truffle is going to adjust very quickly and also very quickly, become the boss of the house!

  18. A new adventure is about to begin. How exciting!

    Mom Barb and GGWandG

  19. I am very happy for you that the day is almost here! Glad you will have time to spend with Truffle next week. She is beautiful.
    The new header is excellent.

  20. OMC!!!! We are BEYOND excited for you.....can't wait to hear about your adventures this weekend.

  21. Yaaaaay!!!! We are going mad with anticipation!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  22. I'm sure you're nervous, but the rest of us out here are darn excited for you and sweet Truffle! I love that header, tis beautiful!

  23. We're so happy for you! We're looking forward to Truffle's arrival!!

    The new header is beautiful!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  24. Purrrrrrrrr

    We are so excited for Truffle's arrival to her forever home with you.

    The new header is wonderful.

  25. Truffle is so gorgeous but we are so excited for you that you're gonna have a new baby!!!!

  26. Truffle is so beautiful! I am so acited that she is coming to her furever home wif you! I love your new header.

  27. I'm so excited for you!!!! It's going to be great when you finally have her home, and I cannot wait to see all the photos you take once she is there. :) :)

  28. That is floof and cute overload :)
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  29. New, sweet life to touch and to hold and to love. It's always so wonderful after immense sadness to experience unimaginable happiness once again. I wish you and your little one a very long and happy life together.

  30. We luf Truffle and we luf the header with Sweet Praline and Beignet and we luf yoo!

  31. We're sp excited and happy for you! Hope you two have a great time together!

  32. If khyttens are anything like puppies...




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