Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newest Bird TV

Hello Everyone!  Angel Praline told me about this wonderful place in Mom Paula's office where I could see Bird TV easily and it wasn't too tall for me.  Mom Paula kept wondering why I rushed into her office when she opened the door, but when she turned around and saw me, she had tears (of happiness) in her eyes when she saw me looking out of the same window Praline would look out of all the time.

Isn't this Bird TV wonderful?  Thank you, Angel Praline for showing it to me.

Pee ess - Mom Paula's surgery went well yesterday.  The doctor thinks they caught the cancer in the early stages and thinks she was able to remove all of it.  Mom Paula has to go back in 6 months.  Thank you so much for all of your purrs and purrayers.

Pee pee ess - I'm requesting special purrs for a decision that Mom Paula has to make in a couple of weeks.  I'll share more about that a little later. 

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  1. That comment about "a decision" has a ominous ring to it. Purrrrrring that nothing TOO serious is involved.

  2. PS: Purrrrrring that Mom Paula gets good news when next she visited that doctor. (hit Publish a bit quick)

  3. What a great eye-level viewing area--Sweet Praline gave you a good tip on that one!

    Very happy to hear your Mommy's medical report was good!

    I wonder what your Mommy is deciding? I am sure she will decide the best thing, though. Humans are annoying sometimes, but they're smart. Well, about SOME things anyway.

  4. We are so happy about Mom Paula's news. We'll keep her in our purrayers. We can't wait to hear the news! We had big news at our blog too. There's a new kitteh at our house. We are all still a little shell-shocked. xoxo

  5. Hopefully everything will work out great for your Mom Paula, Truffle! You are a lovely little girl, by the way. Will continue to keep your mom in our purrayers <3

  6. You are such a cutie little Truffle! We have been purring hard for your Momma.

  7. It looks like you have an awesome new channel of Bird TV, Truffle! I am purring for a good report from the doctor when your human returns to get rechecked in a few months!

  8. How sweet of Praline to show you that.
    No telling what she will teach you next!!!
    We are so happy to hear the good news from the doctor!
    Hmmm, a decision in a few weeks. Hmmm.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & Kitties

  9. What a wonderful window for kitties for birdie tv! And so great you are doing just what Praline did. We are very happy for your Mom's result on her surgry and will purr for her for her decision. Has it anything to do with kitties?

  10. Truffle, I'm so happy you brought the happiness to your mom completely with a lovely help of Angel Praline.
    I still keep purring for your mommy
    keep paws crossed

  11. Oh Paula I am praying for you dear friend. So glad your day went well...I purrray for a complete recovery and a good check up in six months.
    Truffle you made my heart melt...isn't it wonderfur to learn from Angel Praline...
    Love Karla

  12. Miss Praline is watching over both of you I think, and we're thankful she is.

  13. That Sweet Praline...she is such a sweetie. To think that she showed you, Truffle, the best spot in the house for watching bird TV! Looks like you're enjoying it, too.

    Mom Paula, we're thrilled to learn your surgery went well and we're still keeping you in our thoughts and purryers.

    Now about that decision you have to make..."The Boys" and I say, do it, do it...get that little brother for Truffle!

  14. We are so glad that Sweet Praline is giving you all her secrets Truffles. Truffles, we just have to say that you are becoming not just cute, but a gorgeous cat. Wow you are pretty. We are so glad about Mom's good news. I know how exciting that kind of news is.
    We are sending tons of purrs for the next decision. We vote for a sibling.

  15. Truffle, whatever decision your mommy has to make, I'm sure she will consult with you about it.

    You know you can always count on us for purrs.

  16. We're very relieved to read the news about your mom, Truffle, and will keep purring for her. We hope that the decision coming up isn't something dire, but perhaps more of a positive life change (move, job change, whatever). Kitty kisses to you both!

  17. It's really great that you have Angle Praline to show you all the cool things you have at your house. What a great window for bird tv!

    Take good care of Mom Paula as she feels better from her surgery. Our mom's sister had the same type of surgery and cancer (the morning that our big blizzard 2011 started!) Her's was on the concha part of her outer ear. We are keeping her in our thoughts and purrs.

  18. We we so happy to hear your news today Paula and we will keep on purring for you until your would has healed. We will keep on purring until you have the all clear later.
    Truffle - what a wonderful window to watch the birdies - you don't even have to jump up!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. Isn't it wonderful to have a guardian angel, Truffle????????

    YAY, that your mom's surgery went well......we continue to pray for her.


  20. We will keeps purraying for your Mommy. That her Dr thinks they gots it all and that she can make her decision.
    AND it is so cool that Angel Praline told yous where the best Bird TV is!
    Nellie and Kozmo

  21. Hope the decision is for the good!!!

    Glad you found the BirdTV and that your mom is doing ok - we will continue to send the purrs!

  22. we's furry happy to hear what the bean vet said!! we will keep purrin' an' purrrayin' fur a good repurt in six months!

    an' of cawse we purrs special about that decision--whatefur it may be. (but we's just ITCHY acause we wanna know more!) ;-)

    we loves you!!

  23. How cool that Angel Praline shared her favorite spots with you! We're really happy that Mom Paula's surgery went so well.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  24. Oh, that's a great spot to watch Bird TV, Truffle! And we are so happy to hear all went well with Mom Paula and her surgery. We are purring that she gets a good report when she goes back.

    And we are purring for Mom Paula and whatever decision she needs to make.

  25. That's a GREAT window! And we'll be sending continued purrs for your mom. Would your decision have anything to do with a little brother/sister for you to play with? ;)

  26. Truffle, you are just ADORABLE looking out the window that Praline told you about! And regarding the decision Mom Paula has to make, we are sending very strong and special purrs!
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. Ohhhh, us and Momma Jan are so, so glad that Mom Paula's surgery went well, and we are praying that all of that nasty cancer is gone!

  28. Praline is doing a very good job watching over you sweet Truffle. You just look adorable watching bird TV. We are still praying for your mom. Glad to hear the good report thus far. Will be praying about the decision she has to make. Hugs and nose kisses

  29. I knew Angel Praline would make sure you got to see all the good stuff! And we're sending our best purrs to your Mom.

    Hey, in that 2nd picture, it looks like a shadow of Batman watching you pretty Truffle.

  30. So glad your Mom's surgery went well. I knew it would. That looks like an excellent spot to watch for birds, too! I knew you'd find the good spots. Maybe you'll have someone to show them to soon.

  31. Truffle, I really don't think you could be any cuter! We are very sure that Angel Praline is watching over you and helping you along where you need it. We're also sure she has spread her wings protectively over both of you.

    We are so glad to hear the encouraging news about the surgery, and we continue to pray for both of you.

  32. Truffle you are just so beautiful and we are so happy that you are filling a deep hole in Mom Paula's heart. WE are so relieved to hear your surgery went well and we are sending purrs to help in your upcoming decision.

  33. I am happy your mommy is better....hope all continues to be good! She will be in our thoughts and prayers. Ozabella has a big screen too! She loves the bird channel!

  34. Truffle, I know angel Praline can show you lots of good stuff. She's looking out for you!

  35. Truffle, I am so glad Angel Praline showed you the good spot for Birdie TV! She is watching ofur you! And I am so glad that Mom Paula's surgery went well.

  36. You are just so cute Truffle. So nice you have Angel Praline looking out for you. My boys have Angel Beau looking out for them. I bet Beau and Praline are friends ;) Truffle, can you have your mommy tell me what type of Himmie you are please? You look like my Piglet and I'm curious. Thanks Truffle and happy bird watching.
    Prayers to Paula. And I hope everything goes well.

  37. Jenpen - Believe it or not, I'm not a Himmie. It looks like it because all of my gray fur hasn't grown out yet. I'm a Silver Shaded Persian (like the cats in the Fancy Feast commercials).

    I'll get a little whiter, but will look silver because of the gray tips of my floof.

  38. We are so happy Praline showed it to you! What a great window!!! Perfect for kitties!
    We agree with an earlier comment that the "decision" you wrote about sounds ominous!
    Enjoy Bird TV!

  39. How sweet that Praline showed ya that spot ta look out from!

  40. We are very glad for Mom Paula that her surgery went well. Our mum knows now what a relief it is to be told that it has been caught early.
    Wow, Miss Truffle aren't you growing fast!!!
    That was very thoughtful of Angel Praline to show you where to watch the best Bird TV.

  41. First of all, we're happy that your surgery went well. Hopefully it won't be an issue any more.

    Secondly, how heartwarming that Truffle is carrying on this tradition of Sweet Praline's. Obviously, they've been in communication.

    And, you wanted to know about Dante's lack of 'willnots'. His secret is his Maine Coon fur. Maine Coon's coats are built for cold and wet weather and have a fine layer of oils that repel rain and snow.

    I'm thinking they repel other things as well.

  42. Oh, that's a wonderful spot for you Truffle! Just your size!

    We are so glad that your Mom's surgery went so well. Many purrs and purrayers and hugs are coming to you and your Mom through this time.

    Is the decision about another poodin'?

    Luf, Us and Maw


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