Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Truffle Tuesday

I had my first full day with Mom Paula yesterday and I kept her on her toes (she's a big worry wort).  Mom Paula decided to sleep in the living room with me last night because that's the room we were in all day Sunday and Mom Paula thought it would be best to stay there.  It's a big room because it's connected to the kitchen, dining area and hallway.  Mom Paula tried sleeping on the couch, but I woke her up at least three times during the night:  once by playing with her hair, once by playing with my toys, and once by playing her a little tune on the piano.

I had lots of fun exploring today.  There's this big red thing Mom Paula called a fireplace and there's a lot of stuff on there.  These pillows are really cool.

I had lots of fun crawling all over the pillows, especially since they had kitties on them.  Mom Paula also let me explore the bedroom for a little bit this morning.  I slipped in her home office once when she thought I was sleeping, but she didn't let me explore in there.  I think all of the exploration wore me out because I slept all afternoon and early evening.  I have a new hiding place under the couch where Mom Paula can't reach me nor can the camera get a picture.  MOL

I know Mom Paula loves me and that I'm going to have a wonderful forever home with her, but I think I'm a little homesick and miss Mom Terri and my kitty mom, Chloe.  Mom Terri said Chloe is missing me, too.

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  1. Heh heh heh. Keeping her awake at night already, Truffle? Good girl--way to weaken the Human's resolve. When they get tired, they're all like, "Yeah, yeah, whatever you want!" Good job!

    Pretty soon you'll find your Human is so devoted to you that you will stop being homesick. Your Mom will be elebenty-seven kinds of fun, Truffle. But she'll probably be more attentive if she gets a little sleep, okay?

    That playing with the hair thing is good. I'm impressed!

  2. When I first came home with my human, I really missed my family! Especially since I had Binga and Boodie to deal with. Plus a DOG!! So no wonder I was homesick. Don't worry, Truffle, I think you will have a MUCH easier time adjusting than me!

  3. Our moms are great! Mine slept wif me on my first night too! That's real love. Enjoy! xoxo

  4. Miss Truffle, I don't think there is anything your Mom Paula wouldn't do for you.
    Sounds like you are getting her trained well, right from the start. That's the way to do it, too.
    I bet you do miss Mom Terri and Kitty Mom Chloe. And I know they are missing you, too. Maybe you can get together later, wouldn't that be fun?
    You are just the most beautiful little kitten, but I'm sure you hear that a lot.
    Love & Purrs,
    Faith Boomerang

  5. Oh, those pillows look like SO much fun for a kitty! Of course it is a little sad that you are a bit homesick, but you are going to have so much fun with Mom Paula. Your first whole day sounds like a good one!

  6. Oh Truffle, we know you will be having SO much fun in your new home!!! Keep exploring and keep Mom Paula on her toes !!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  7. Cool ! now you start to explore the house !!! Remember, Little buddy, Now all thing here is yours !!!! Including Mommy..tee..hee

    Hugs to you Sweety Truffle
    Enjoy and Have fun in your new forever home : )

    PS : Please tell your mommy, I'm very sorry to come to visit you so late. My mom had a rough week since last Friday.

  8. Truffle, Truffle, Truffle! Way to go!

    Sounds like you and Mom Paula are getting off to an awesome start. Glad to know you have come out from hiding.

    And you can play the piano already? Awesome.

    Love the photos of you on the kitty pillows.

    We're sorry you're missing Mom Terri and Kitty Mom Chloe.

  9. It looks like you're fitting in perfectly, Truffle! Soon you will both be completely comfortable!

  10. We love it that you have discovered under the couch already! That's one of our favorite places to snooze!

    Each day you will get more comfortable in your new home sweet girl!

  11. Oh Truffle it is nice to see you fitting in so well :-)

  12. Truffle, it's bound to feel a bit strange at first, even in your loving forever home. I can remember when I arrived in mine ...I felt scairt ... even though I loved my mom straight away.

    Love Alfie xx

  13. Truffle, yes, good job on waking your mom three times already. And playing the piano--now, that's impressive. We didn't realize you were so musically inclined.

    We think you'll get used to your new home soon--it's a big adjustment for a little girl, even as brave as you are!

    *Kitty kisses*

  14. Great updates with Truffle now at home with you Paula, and I love the new header with angels Praline and Beignet at her side. That is really a wonderful way to keep their memories alive, and to honor them. :)

    Maybe one day mom Terri will have another little bundle of joy kitten related to Truffle that will want to join her at your home. The more the merrier. Time will tell. :) :)

  15. We didn't know your were a pianist Truffle - we bet your mom was so surprised. Did you sing to her too?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Welcome home sweet girl!!! We know it will take a little time to adjust, but you have a wonderful new mom who loves you very much!! Welcome to the CB!

  17. It is hard to leave old friends even when you are getting new ones. I am sure that Mom Paula will keep Chloe and Mom Terri updated on all your progress. What a sweetie you are!

  18. Oh, sweet Truffle... you're musical, are you? Already playing tunes with your little paws.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  19. You sure have lots to explore and all kind of things to learn about, and you'll do great!!!

  20. You sure did a lot of exploring! What a good girl you are! Especially waking Mom Paula up during the night! Your fur is beeyoutiful!

    Luf, Us

  21. What fun you're having, Truffle!!!! We're happy to see you settling in so well.


  22. We are immensely proud of youe, Miss Truffle, you seem like you were born to be bad and that's good! By bad we mean ruckusing about at night and exploring...
    Pretty soon you'll be less lonely as you get accustomed to ruling your new domain.

  23. WAy to go Truffle, waking Mom up during the night. You sure are starting the training very early. We are sure you are missing your Mom and Mom Terri too. But soon you will be Paula's best friend. The two of you are going to make a good pair. It won't take long. Have a really good day Truffle.

  24. Hi, cutie!
    My name is Mandu, and I can appreciate all that great fur of yours! "Sleep all day, explore all night" is also a motto of mine.
    Have fun with your Mom!

  25. You're getting a good start on training your human. You should put the bitey on toes in the bed!

  26. I'm glad that you're finally at home where you belong, Truffle! I think you will adjust very quickly, but it's always nice to have a safe hiding place it you feel a little trePURRdation.

    It sounds like Mom Paula is spoiling you already. You have to build up that air of entitlement that will keep her in line -- like Praline did!

    Welcome Home little one!

  27. Wow, Truffle! You can already play the piano? That is just awesome!

    We know you will feel all settled in very soon.

    The Chans

  28. I've ofFURed to khome help The Nice Paula Lady with woo!

    Of khourse, it will take me some time to get there!


  29. Oh dearest beautiful baby girl...you will be settled soon and you will stop missing your cat mommy and Teri so much and they are happy knowing you are in a loving home.


  30. Truffle you are beautiful! You are going to have so much fun living there! Your mommy is awesome! Keep the pics coming.

  31. Good job snoopervising your new home, but if you can't get into the office, how will you blog?
    Oh, Armani says you are a cute little Truffle, and you look a little like him.

  32. Lita and the boys in MelbourneSeptember 6, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    Hey, well done little girl, training the hooman early, good work! Your mommy will be missing you but she will be happy knowing you are in your purrfect furever home. And you'll settle sweetheart, just keep Mom Paula's training to little sessions, yeah? Hoomans are not reknowned for their attention spans...(who said that?)

  33. Truffle
    We are so glad you are with your forever Mom now. WE know you are going to love your new home. But you've got lots to explore first. We know you will find all of your favorite spots.

  34. You have lots of exciting things to explore Truffle. We know you are going to be very happy with Mom Paula.

  35. Truffle, we think you're really gonna like it there with your Mom Paula.

  36. Oh Sweet Little Girl we missed your homecoming day! You look much more relaxed in these pictures and are out exploring instead of hiding under the tv stand,
    We are looking forward so much to watching you grow up and have adventures!! WELCOME HOME!

  37. Wow, you get to roam all around at night! I am now 5 months old and still I sleep in a very large cage at night. I have a hammock on the upper floor in there which I totally love but I think it's time to play all night........Mommy says not quite yet...soon=^Y^=

  38. Oh Truffle, you have so much space to explore for such a little kittie. Don't get lost under the couch!

  39. It's so good to see you out and about!

  40. Hey, Truffle. Good to see you are settling in to your noo, furrever home.


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