Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Truffle Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

I scared my mom Sunday night.  I woke her up around 2:00 am gagging and wheezing.  She checked my mouth and throat and couldn't find anything, but I did this all night.  Mom Paula called the vet as soon as they opened Monday morning and they said to come in around 9:10 am.  Mom Paula decided to give me a treat to see if I could eat and swallow.  I chewed 2 treats and I've been fine since then!!!  The vet lady said that my temperature was slightly elevated (+0.1 degrees) and that either I had the beginnings of an URI (although there are no symptoms) or that I had some hard food stuck the wrong way in my throat and chewing the treats dislodged it.  See, treats are great for our health!!!  Would make a great advertisement, wouldn't it?

Mom stayed home with me all day to watch over me.  I liked having her home, but I don't recommend this particular method.

I don't think I like this red thing, though.  Every time I get in it, someone in a white coat pokes and prods me!  I go back to the vet on Friday for my final kitten vaccination.

Pee ess - Mom Paula had a biopsy last week for a skin lesion on her stomach.  It came back as cancerous (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) and she goes back to the dermatologist Wednesday afternoon to have more tissue removed.  Please keep her in your purrs and purrayers.

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  1. We will purray for your Mom, Truffle! We hope the removal goes without a hitch.

    You look kinda sad in prison like that, MOL! But I bet if you bat your baby blues, somehuman will let you out PDQ.

    You know, those really sharp little things at the very edges of your sweet paws? Well, those can be really useful when somehuman tries to put you in a PTU or drag you out of one to give you a ::whisper:: shot.

    Just sayin'.

  2. We are purring and sending healing energy to Mom Paula.

    You are such a cutie, Miss Truffle!

  3. Major purrs to your Mom, Truffle. She hasn't had a whole lot of luck this year at all, and we know you are the bestest, cutest thing to happen to her, so you look after her now!

  4. Oh, WOW. We are purrrrrrring and purrrraying like mad for your Mom. She could use a break about now.


  5. Thank goodness you are okay, Truffle. We're sending lots of purrs and will keep your Mummy in our prayers. Keep us updated!

  6. We hope that is the end of the wheezing and gagging, Truffle. Are you allergic to sleeping with Mom? Kindof kidding.

    We will purr for your Mom and her skin cancer. Hopefully it will be routine and no further troubles. Is she having it removed by Mohs surgery? When they do that, they check to be sure everything is removed right at the time, and it can be done in the office. But it takes a specialist.

  7. I am purring lots for your human. I hope that once the dermatologist gets more tissue, that is the rest of it!

    BTW, yeah, those carriers... no fun. I do like the idea of treats being good for you, though!

  8. OMC ! Truffle ! First Read , I'm about to have heart attack ! Thanks COD ! You are Okay !

    And I do lots of purrs and paw crossed for your mommy
    Please Take Care

  9. My dear, if it keeps you healthy you can have ALL my treats (and I LOVE my treats!!)

    I'm RUMBLEPURRING for your mummy, and I'm so sorry to hear her diagnosis. Rumblemummy is thinking about her and sending good vibes.

  10. Truffle, remember to chew your foods ;) heehee Please be well,OK?
    We are sending BIG purrs to your Mom!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  11. Oh noes! We're glad you're okay, Truffle, hope it *was* just food lodged in your throat.

    And oh, we're purring and purraying hard for your mom! Paws crossed that all will be fine, please keep us updated.

  12. Sending love and rumbly purrs to Mom Paula, we hope everything will be ok.

    Now young Truffle, if you get hard fuuds, you gotta chew, chew, chew! Your Mom does not need any frights right now madam!

    Gerry & Oliver
    & Jane the Ape xx

  13. We are purring hard for you two ladies. We seriously are.

  14. I am so glad you're okay little Truffle and we're sending tons of purrs to your Mom. We will keep purring until all is okay. My Dad had that same type of cancer and he has be A-O-K. Hug your Mom for all of us.

  15. We sure are sending tons and tons of really strong purrs. Mom is going outside right now to tell the donkeys to cross their hooves for you Mom. We are also sending big hugs to Mom Paula too. We just know she will be all right.
    So glad that you are all right Truffles. Take care and tell Mom we are thinking about her.

  16. Whew, Truffle. What a scare. "The Boys" and I are sorry to hear you were having issues in the wee hours of the morning. Glad the treats seemed to take care of it.

    You look so good in red!

    We'll keep you and your Mom Paula in our purrs and thoughts.

  17. What a fright for your mum in the night Truffle. We bet you were both scared but we are glad the treats made you better.
    We will purr our biggest loudest purrs for your Mom when she goes to the dermatologist. Don't forget to give her lots and lots of kisses before she goes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. We sure are glad you are okay, Truffle. We are purring and praying for your Mom!

  19. How scary that must have been for your Mom! We're glad you're okay.

    We're purring loud and hard for Mom Paula.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. Poor Truffle -- and poor you! I'm so glad she's okay -- you've been through enough kitty tragedy recently.

    And purrs for you that this situation can be easily resolved. I know they can laser the affected area and that usually takes care of it. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

  21. we is furry glad you is ok Truffle!! we is purrrring hard for your mommy too!

  22. Honey - you need to be more careful - we don't think your mom needs anymore scares.

    Paula - we are purrin' for you!!!

  23. Mom calls my hairballs dramatic. I'm usually perched on the back of the chair and start coughing and turning my head from side to side. Then… I stop!
    Give Mom Paula lots of purrs and kisses. Our grandpaw had one of those things removed from his cheek and he's ok. Purrs!

  24. We're so glad you are ok, little Truffle.

    Mom Paula - we'll keep you in our purrayers. We hope it all turns out ok.

  25. please gif yer mom some sweet kisses frum us all, an' tell her we's purrin' an' purrrayin' fur her!! an' we's sure glad YOU'RE ok now; we're not sure yer poor mom kin take much more excitement.

    our gramma in tucson has had them pesky SCCs fur years, but her skin guy just sez that's the price she pays fur bein' a fair-skinned norskie;-) we hopes yer mom's experience is only of the "pesky" sort an' nothin' to werry about!!

    loves & nosekisses,
    the meowers

  26. Poor little Truffle, you scared your mommy! We will be purring hard for both you and your mommy. Mom's don't like going to the human vet's either.

    Big purrs,

    Cory and family

  27. Things haven't been kind to you and yours lately, but I hope they will improve greatly and soon. Please let us know of any developments. We'll be thinking of you.

  28. What an awful thing...a treat that bit you back! Miss Truffle, you get your little nursie hat on and take good care of your Mom, we'll be purring and praying very hard for her!

  29. We're glad you're okay, Truffle, and we're sure your mom will be too. Purrs and wags for you and a hug for your mom.

  30. Glad you are doing ok Truffle. What a scary thing to happen, we go with the something lodged in your throat theory.
    Purrrrs to you Mom Paula. They will get it all removed and everything will be ok.

  31. We are so glad you are OK Truffle and that the treats helped you feel better!!

    Lots of purrrs and purrayers for you too Mom Paula!!!

    Your TX furiends,

  32. We will purr hard for your Mum little Truffle. That is a scary thing to hear and then there is so much learning for humans about what to do. You will have a big job for a kitten to do purring hard!

  33. Oh my! You sure gave your mom a fright, didn't you!

    And we are all purring for Mom Paula! We just know everything is going to be okay!!! The power of purrs is something special!!!

  34. Sometimes we scare our Moms, don't we!
    All of us are purring and Mom Bobbie is praying for a good report from the doctor!!
    ~ The Bunch

  35. Truffle, we do hope it was only foods stuck in your throat and nothing else ... we can imagine how much that scared your Mom!

    Mom Paula, us and Momma are sending you our strongest prayers that the doctors completely removed your nasty cancer so you don't have to have more surgery.

    Love and (((hugs)))
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan

  36. Now that was exciting - but NOT in a good way!
    Yous take care and take care of your Mommy. Me is sending lots of purrayers your way. Especially for your Mommy.

  37. Truffle, we are purraying for your mom.

    Love to both of you.

  38. WE are purring for your Mommy. WE hope you are OK, too. that would scare us!

  39. Truffle, we're glad that you are ok, but sorry that you stayed in the red thing! That sucks the big one.

    Mom Paula, we are sending tons of purrs and purrayers and hugs to you on your tummy. Many hugs coming to you from all of us and Maw.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  40. We will have to remember that little trick when we want treats from our mom. Srsly, we are glad you are okay!

    And we are keeping your mom in our thoughts and purrs as she deals with her skin cancer. (((HUGS))) to her.

  41. Truffle, you beautiful baby, you take good care of your mom, now. She needs you!

    Paula, we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Tom & Julie

  42. Absolutely, we will keep your mom, Paula in our thoughts and purrayers!!

    Good to hear that you are okay, Truffle.

  43. Oh my cat dont you go scaring your mum like that. Your poor mum has had enough scaring. am glad that treat did the trick and that you are ok now.. Hugs, purrs and love for your mum coming your way.. HUgs GJ xx

  44. We is purring for your Mom Miss Truffle. We are sure glad that things with you are OK.

    purrs for Paula.

  45. Beautiful Truffle and mum Paula! Me and Charlie came over from the CB. We are so so so sad to hear that mum Paula's biopsy results point to cancer. We hope and purr and pray that treatment will begin asap.

    And sweet Truffle - you are so tiny and so brave and feisty!! Good for you! Take care

  46. You're in our prayers Mom Paula..and thank you for thinking of Admiral with all you have going on. xoxoxoxo

  47. We are glad you are okay Truffle.
    We are sending lots of purrs for your Mom Paula. We know how powerful the purrs and prayers from the CB are. They helped our mum through her difficult and frightening times until she got her good news yesterday. We know they will help your mum too.

  48. Kittens sometimes do funny things. My Mommeh remembers a phase I went through as a kitten where I kept grinding my teeth together and making a terrible noise.

    Truffle, we are keeping your mom in our thoughts and purrs!

  49. Sweet Truffle, Kit and I are purring and purraying for your mom!

  50. Truffle, we hope you are okay and that wheezing was just a fluke or something. And we are purring real hard for Mom Paula.

  51. Purrs to both of you!! Hopefully it was caught very early!!

  52. Oh my goodness Truffle! We are purring very hard and sending pawsitive thoughts to you and your mom. You two take care of each other. xoxoxoxoxo

  53. Truffle you looks so cute in your carrier.
    We purrs fur you and your mom!
    Love, TK and Squashies


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