Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday at the Movies

Mom Paula has been working too much lately and is also on the road, so she hasn't had much time to prepare a new movie for your viewing pleasure for "Friday at the Movies."  However, as I was putting this post together last night, Mom Paula managed to shoot a little footage so you can see me in action "helping" her.  Don't you love Mom Paula's pink kitty PJs?

I thought I was doing pretty well showing some action shots of me playing with mom's pen until we received this video of Brulee from Mom Terri.  Terri said Brulee continued this "action" for almost 15 minutes.  

Here's the message Mom Paula received from Mom Terri about this video!

"Let me set the stage a bit for you before you watch the video.  In our bedroom, we have 2 kitten birthing pens.  They are similar to the ones in the living room, except they are in opposite corners to keep litters apart.  Since Lacey had her kittens, I put a half door up so they are contained a nighttime, but Mikayla can come and go as she pleases.  Well, Brulee was the first kitten to figure out how to climb the door and escape and also the first (and only) kitten to learn how to get to what we call "the mom shelf."  So, yes, little Brulee climbed onto the 'mom shelf' last night while her sisters and brother were stuck below.  She was clearly having a grand old time up on the shelf . . ."

The next day we get this message from Mom Terri:

"She was doing her funny skittering again last night and suddenly another kitten managed to find the way up there and she stopped in her tracks.  It was like she was showing off until someone else ruined her fun.  LOL.  She entertains us for sure."

I hope you enjoy Friday at the Movies today!

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  1. Hee-hee. We think you might just get a run fur your money, Truffle! You and Mom better rest up before Brulee gets there! BTW, we luff the pink kitteh pjs! Totally diva!

  2. OMC - between you and Brulee, Truffle, your human is going to have her hands full!

    P.S. I do the squealy meow at my human too.

  3. Kittens are so cute the way they do the side dance with the tail all fluffed up...

  4. Holy cow, by the time Truffle's a year old, she'll be able to read! What a smart kitty and so very beautiful, too, with her fluffy fur. When Truffle and Brulee get together, mom's going to be very busy trying to keep up!

    Tom & Julie

  5. Truffle, got job of helping Mom Paula with her CB posting. Love the way you are sitting there in front of the monitor.

    And that Brulee! What a hoot! That little kitty scoot is hilarious!

  6. Yoor momma is sure gonna have her hands full! xx

  7. Friday at the movies was great, Truffle! Yep, we also think your mom's going to have her hands full once Brulee comes home. Haha!

  8. We can see you ARE such good help! Great job keeping those pens organized!

    And what can we say about that silly little Brulee? Honey, you and Mom Paula are going to be laughing all day (and night!) long with her around!

    Love the pink jammies!

  9. What great videos. Truffle you are such a big help to the Mom. You will be using that keyboard in no time at all.
    Oh my COD, that Brulee is going to be something to have around. She is too darn cute. Things are going to be very busy. Have your selves a great week end.

  10. Truffle we think little Brulee is going to keep you busy while your Mom is at work!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Truffle--I think Brulee will be keeping you on your toes! The Woman is starting to laugh at her as she runs around up there!

  12. Hands full indeed but what great handfulls they will be.. Adorable.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. We loved hearing your sweet little meow! You're really growing up fast too!

    We think Brulee is going to keep you and your Mom pretty busy!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. We loved BOTH videos! It will be so much fun seeing both of you playing together soon...

  15. MOL hehe momma is laughings!! OMC! You both too adorables. Just luvs your pen play and then sitting in front to helps with the post. Then Brulee up on the mom shelf!


  16. Brulee is sure going to be a fun cat to have around!!! She was sure prancin' & dancin' up on that shelf!!

  17. THose are so cute. Truffle, you are going to have to work hard to stay ahead of her!

  18. Truffle, what a good helper you are!! And we do like Mom Paula's pjs!!

    And Brulee sure made us laugh!! She's gonna be so much fun for you!!

  19. Miss Truffle you have a little squeak like I do. We love to see you and your little sisfur Brulee too. She is quite the one on the catwalk.


  20. We loved both the movies!! Truffle we are glad you are learning to post!! And Brulee looks like she will be a great companion for Truffle!!
    ((((HUGGGSSS)))))) from your TX furiends,


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