Monday, October 10, 2011

Meeting Cody

Many of you may remember when Angel Praline introduced Cody back in August 2008.  Praline was definitely a Diva with a capital D and rarely let anyone mess with her except Mom Paula and then only if she would let her.  Cody was a different story, though.  Cody is the son of one of Mom Paula's best friends and he has Down's Syndrome.  Cody came over Friday night and we were introduced.  I was a little hesitant at first to meet Cody because he was new in the house, but it wasn't long before we started playing together.

Hello Cody, My name is Truffle.

I think Cody liked my toy as much as I did.

Nothing like a sparkly wand toy!  This was one of Angel Praline's toys from when she was a kitten.  Cody and I played together for hours!  I was so happy that Cody liked me as much as he did Praline and I think I have a new friend.

I want to let you know a little more about my future baby sister.  Brulee was born on August 27, 2011 (4 days after we lost Beignet) to Mikayla and Jayden.  Mikayla is a beautiful Golden Shaded Persian and this was her first litter.  Jayden is also my kitty daddy!  Isn't he a handsome mancat?!?  Brulee was born second and was one of 3 females and 1 male.  Here is a picture of Brulee with her littermates when they were 5-days old.  Brulee is the last one on the right.

Just a special note:  Brulee will be a Silver Shaded Persian like me.  Even though Mikayla is a Golden Shaded Persian, my daddy is a Silver Shaded Persian and both the king and queen have to be carriers of the golden gene in order to have a golden kitten.  All of the kittens are Silver. 

Pee ess - Some of you are having problems clicking on the link to see my daddycat, Jayden.  Here's a picture of my handsome daddycat!

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  1. Mikayla is a gorgeous mama cat. Now we know which kitten you are getting and she's lovely. So happy for you! Little Truffle and Cody are so sweet together.

  2. You have a great friend in Cody! You can tell he loves kitties! WE did not see a picture of your Daddy Kitty! But your new sister and her sib's are sweet!

  3. Cody looks like he is having loads of fun with you, Truffle! I'm so happy you two are friends. Brulee's parents are BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS! I don't know how your human will be able to stand living with so much awesomeness, having Brulee and you in her home!

  4. Truffle, I love to meet friend like that too A friend who play with me with a ton of toys. You are a lucky kitty : )

    And I think Brulee got the best spot !

  5. You are certainly learning to be a social butterfly, Truffle! Brulee's parents (and your kitty daddy) are gorgeous!

  6. Oh Truffle, we are so glad you have a new friend in Cody. He sure looks like a nice friend to have. Maybe he will come visit a lot.
    Wow,Mikayla is just gorgeous. Will Brulee be that color?? What color was Sweet Praline?? I don't think I have ever seen one that color before. That is really something. Hope all of you have a great day.

  7. Truffle, we think it's great that you and Cody became friends so quickly!

    And we're looking forward to the day Brulee can join you at home!

  8. You and Cody sure look like you were having a great time!!!

  9. Cody looks like a great friend to have ~ yoo are lucky!
    The pic if your noo sisfur Brulee is beautiful. xx

  10. Truffle, how fun that you and Cody got to play together for so long!! And we can't wait to meet Brulee. Her mom is really gorgeous!

  11. I didn't get to see daddy cat either but Mommy Cat and your new sibling and the other babies are precous. xoxoxoxox

  12. "The Boys" and I are so glad you got to meet Cody and that he got to play with you for so long. It's fun to make new friends.

    Brulee's parents are gorgeous. Mikayla reminds us of our Bowie... and we had a Cody, too, who was also a golden.

  13. How nice to meet Cody - we bet you will be very good friends and play together.
    Brulee is very tiny in the pictures with her sisfurs and her mummy cat is beautiful.
    We are looking forward to seeing you playing together when she comes to live with you and your mom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Mikayla is a gorgeous momma kitty...love the milk bar photo!

    Cody seems like an awesome friend...playing with you for hours? Send him here please!

  15. Truffle, it looks like you and Cody were having so much fun! We wish we could have been there to join in the fun! Maybe he can come with Mom Paula when she comes to Chicago in February to play with us.

    Jayden is such a handsome mancat! Just think, you and Brulee and you are step sisters!

  16. We love watching you play with Cody. It makes mom smile that our animals seem so much more accepting that some people. :)

    Mikayla is lovely!! Mom says she doesn't think she has ever seen a persian that color. And the spots on the babies are adorable.

  17. Beautiful cat family, and beautiful photos with Cody visiting. You have so many wonderful things happening, I'm very excited for you. The holidays are going to be very special at your house this year. :) :)

  18. We are so happy you had a good playtime with Cody. And Brulee's Mom and Dad look like they will have made beautiful kittens together!

  19. Oh your sister comes from very beautiful lines Truffle! We can't wait to meet her!

  20. Truffle, you are one lucky kitten to have so many playmates!

  21. I can see that you and Cody will be life long friends.
    Loved the photo of the mommie kittie and the wee ones. Sooooooo sweet!!

  22. Brulee
    you have such gorgeous pawrents we know you will be just as beautiful. Truffle we are glad to see you making new friends.

  23. It was so good to see you and Cody playing so happily!
    Your sisfur sure is cute, and of course your daddy is amazing.
    We hopes all is well with your mom.
    Love, TK and Squashies

  24. What a handsome daddy cat!! My whiskers are twitching!!! Meow!!!

    Salem Marie

  25. Humans can make great playmates if they love the kitties and I think Cody looks like he does. He's a keeper friend!

    Little Brulee is a sweetie and your Daddeh is pretty good-lookin' too!

  26. Oh Cody looks so happy playing with you!!!

  27. You and Cody look like you were having lots of fun together.
    Your daddy is very handsome. You must be excited to be getting a little sister.

  28. That was furry nice to entertain such a special guest!

    I'm sure Cody was furry taken by your beaWOOty!



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