Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Light Toy

I  have a new toy, but it's driving me crazy!!!  Mom Paula said something about me wearing her out with the wand toys, so she bought a "red light" toy for me to chase.  Mom Paula basically sits on the couch and makes me chase this light up and down the hallway.  I have lots of fun, but it's getting a little frustrating because I can't put this "red light" in my mouth!

We're almost catching up with Brulee's current age!!!  Saturday, she will be 9 weeks old.  Today's Glamour Photo is from when she was 7-weeks old.

Brulee - 7 weeks old

And for comparision, here is my Glamour Shot at 7-weeks of age.  Can you see the difference in our looks as Brulee gets older?

Truffle - 7 weeks old

Please take a moment and visit ThoughtsFurPaws and vote for Brulee for the Pet Photos for Halloween Contest.  You can vote by leaving a comment or by emailing Jaime at  thoughtsfurpaws@gmail.comI figured we needed more toys and treats since there are going to be two of us within the next two weeks.

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  1. I voted for Brulee, Truffle. Two more things:

    That red light? Give it up. You will NEVER catch it, it will never taste good and crunchy like a bug does. The people only use it because they are lazy!

    Secondly, if you sing out to your mousie, it will come to you. You have to sing very nicely, though. Really, give it a try. Nice and LOUD. Your Human will enjoy it, too. Heh heh.

  2. We voted fur you! We hopes you win. Mommy just went to Petco and was AMAZED at all the new toys. I'm getting our Catmas list ready. xoxo

  3. We will be going over there to vote. I think you are the cutest!

  4. I will have to go over and vote! You and Brulee are such different kitties - your personalities really come through in the pics!

  5. Yup we see a difference in Brulee and Truffle. It will be very interesting to see them together.
    We went and voted. Can we vote again??Probably not. Truffle we love our red light. It does wear us out really fast too. Take care.

  6. We like that red light toy, too, Truffle, but we never can catch it! Have you been able to do that??

    We'll go vote!

  7. I have tried and tried to get that light into my mouth and no matter how hard I try, I can't. Very frustrating.

  8. Oh, the look of determination on your sweet face, Truffle, trying to get that light! We have the same problem here too!

    If it weren't for Brulee having the pink on her nose, it would be hard to tell you apart.

  9. We voted for Brulee - btw we love the picture of her with the autumn leaves.
    Truffle you are concentrating soooo hard on that red dot - are you trying telepathy?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. We are sending Mom off to vote for Brulee. We are starting to see the differences in you two!

  11. Red dots are sure fun! I am headed over to vote too!

  12. Oh Truffle, That Red Dot drive me nut too ! but it's seriously fun game. I'm sure you luv it and mommy will have lots of laugh : )
    Have a good time !

  13. We votes fur your wittle sisfur Truffle!
    I can already tells your noses is going to be the easy gives-away bout you two. Even though i can sees differents about your faces.
    You are both so squeeeee!

  14. Truffle those red dots are maddening fun! Oh what cuties...you and Brulee are gonna be together.


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