Monday, October 3, 2011

Say No to Work on the Weekends

I don't know what I'm going to do with Mom Paula.  She leaves every weekday to go to work and sometimes she doesn't get home until very late (when she travels), so the weekends are supposed to be mine!  However, this weekend, I got a "double whammy" when Mom Paula was gone to the football game all day Saturday and then worked on "business stuff" until after 10:00 pm on Sunday.  She wouldn't even let me help her out on the computer.  So, this is what I did to her "work".  Besides, all of this time working keeps me from meeting all of my furriends on the CB!  (Mom Paula:  I'm sorry Truffle.  It's just really busy right now!)

Mom Paula did take a moment to take our official 2011 LiveStrong picture though and I thought I'd share that with you.

Mom Paula is on the road again today for work, but she said something about going by to visit Terri.  I wonder what that's about!

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  1. You need to train your human to spend some of that time she is working so hard for that job and spend it working hard for you! Sounds like she is having an adventure Monday, though!

  2. Is that Terri where you lived before you came to Mom Paula? Is she thinking about a baby brother for you? Mumma Jan just asks because we all want to know.

    You are a beautiful little diva-in-training, and you are doing a good job of retraining Mom Paula.

    I would love to kiss your sweet little nose!!
    ~~~Mumma Jan

  3. Oh Miss Truffle, that photo of you and the Trufflemum reminds us so much of the photo of her and Miss Praline!

    You're looking more lovely by the day, and we're purring for your mummy extra loud.

  4. Tell mama you are just a baby and need all the attention you can get! Is visiting Terri something to do with the "big decision" that your mama said she was going to make?

  5. Truffle, you look very crabilated in that first picture and we can't blame you....weekends are YOUR time!!

    We love your LiveStrong picture and we can't wait to hear more about Mom Paula's visit with Terri!!

    We purr and pray for a cure to this terrible disease.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. O, Truffle, what effur is going on?
    Terri is where you camed from, right?
    Hmmmm. Guess we'll haf to wait and find out what's going on!
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: You look so pretty in the second pickshure wif yours Mom Paula.
    Tha furrst pickshure, you do look a bit crabilated. Don't blame you one bit. You just say tha word and hundreds of cats and a few voles will be at your service fur House Trashing.

  7. Truffle I know how you feel because mum works shifts which often involve weekends and its so not fair. I love tha photo of you and your mum. I a glad your mum is seeing Terry.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Mom Paula needs to spend more time with you, Truffle! Good job sitting on her papers...that should give her the message!!

    Hmmmm...we wonder why she is going to see Teri?? ;)

  9. We knew it; we just knew Mom Paula would "cave" and get you a baby brother! That's why she's going to Terri's. Isn't it? Paws crossed here.

    Love the photo of you and Mom Paula. And good for you for sitting on the work!

  10. Oh Truffle, that is so norty of your Mom to work so much but guess she has to do it.It does keep you in treats.
    Oh we cannot wait to hear about the visti with Terri. That might be a very exciting visit and maybe for you later on. Try to have a fun day Truffle.

  11. Truffle, I think it is great news that your mom Paula is going to visit Terri because this may mean a kitten sibling for you...which means FUN FUN FUN!!!!! Oh the fun you would have when mom Paula is "too busy with work"...it won't matter any more because you could play play play!!!!!



  12. Sometimes those silly humans do weird things pretty Truffle, but that's okay, they love us!

  13. Truffle, we love that picture1 Sorry Mom has been so busy working. Maybe another kitten could help keep you occupied...........

  14. Terri as in the breeder? Terri as in possibly a sibling? This would be fabulous, we think you need someone to keep you company while your mom is away!

  15. Oh goodness Truffle - is your mom going to get you a surprise present soon??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Truffle.....are you going to have a surprise soon, my darling?

  17. Dear Truffle, my Mom wanted to send her sorries to your Mom cuz your Chickens lost on Saturday. My Mom's Huskers lost too..really really bad! Mom was yelling and screaming and said lots of really bad words at the TV box, and I was so scared I had to hide! She kept saying something about throwing like a girl...I'm a girl and I throw things good! 'Specially bottle caps! Oh well, it's only a game right? I think if Mom heard me say that, I wouldn't get treats! MOL I hope Mom Paula's visit to Mom Terri will result in some mews soon!


  18. If you had a brother or sister to play with, it wouldn't be so bad. You sure know how to force Mom Paula to take a break from work! And we love that picture of the two of you!

  19. Yuo are the cutest paperweight ever!!! We agree you need to keep trying for more attention - but remember that work is what brings in the green papers and that brings in the gooshy fuds. :)

  20. I think she neglects you horribly Truffle and I shall show her my tocks of disapproval this month... Oh wait--it's Tock Tober so she'll see them anyway...

  21. We can sympathize a bit.
    We're in a crunch time at my office and I had to work in the evenings this past weekend (in exchange for not having to work during my photo show during the daytime).

  22. My my. Perhaps your birth mom Chloe is coming to live with you, or maybe another "brother or sister". Seems like that is quite possible.
    That will be easier for you Truffle. Sometimes mommy just has to do work.
    Your Livestrong picture is beautiful - both of you.

  23. Make sure you fur up efurrything really good so she has reminders of you efurrywhere! Hmmm, she's goin to see Terri? Hmmmmmmm......

  24. It is not fair then the Mom works on Sunday! When is it your time with her!

    WE hope there is good news at Terr' place

  25. Miss Truffle
    You need to get your Mom to stay home more. Oh my don't you two look so adorable. You are a sweetie Truffle.

  26. Hello sweet Truffle, I loved your LiveStrong picture. I wonder what's going on at Terri's!

  27. I hate "Work". I think my Human should just stay home with me to brush me when I want it, play feather toys with me, feed me, and generally just be around in case I need anything.


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