Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trouble Tuesday

I am so thankful to have a little sister now!  Mom Paula used to call Tuesdays, "Trouble Truffle" but thanks to Brulee, I no longer have that title.  Mom Paula was feeling a little sorry for Brulee yesterday because Brulee had a little upset tummy (probably the result of the deworming medication).  Brulee appears to be doing fine (playing, eating, attacking me, etc.) and fooled Mom Paula by falling "innocently asleep" beside her on the couch.  Mom Paula got into watching her recorded soap opera and heard a noise from behind the love seat.  She looked over and saw me looking at the love seat, but didn't see Brulee.  When she walked behind the love seat, here's what she found:

For those of you who've never met Mom Paula, she's a short thing (4 ft. 11 1/2 in. tall).  Her loveseat and couch are recliners so her feet have a place to rest because she can't reach the floor sitting on the couch (Just ask Auntie Deb and Jasper McKitten-Cat's dad if you don't believe us).  However, Mom Paula hasn't pulled up the footrest since we've been here for fear we'd get trapped and hurt.  Somehow, the love seat got misaligned and this huge hole appeared and you know who (Brat Brulee) found her way inside.

I tried to get Brulee to come out and every time Mom Paula would get close to her, Brulee would go back inside the love seat.

Mom Paula finally reached inside of the loveseat and pulled Brulee out.  Brulee acted like she was supposed to be inside the couch.  Mom Paula's solution to this was to stuff the hole with a blanket until she could figure out how to fix it.  

Like this is really going to stop us from getting inside again!  Notice Brulee at the side of the loveseat just plotting to get back inside.  MOL

Special Note:

Only TWO more days to notify us if you want to participate in the Secret Paws 2011 exchange.  Please click on this link (http://secretpaws2011.blogspot.com/p/instructions.html) to find out how to participate.  We must have all requests by midnight, December 1, 2011, in order to notify everyone by the weekend so everyone can mail their packages in time for Christmas!
Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitten Dusters

We think Mom Paula is trying to take advantage of our floofiness!  We were hanging out in the hallway near this strange kitty and noticed the spider web behind it.  Would you believe Mom Paula suggested we just let our floofy tails swish it off of the wall?

Oh!  The embarassment of it all!  I just hung my head in shame!

Mom Paula - this gorgeous floofy tail is meant for admiration, not for dusting!

I tried inspecting the web to see if there were any spiders in it (Ginger Jasper would be proud), but there were none.  As you notice in the picture below, Brulee displayed no interest in the web!

She was more interested in what was going on in the other room and left me alone with the pesky spiderweb.  Little sisters . . .

Mom Paula:  After seeing these pictures, I immediately removed the spiderweb (using a broom, not their floofy tails!).  How embarrassing!  However, you must admit those floofy tails would make excellent dusters!  LOL

Pee ess - To answer some of your questions from yesterday's post - Yes, we do sleep with Mom Paula!  It's usually a battle to see who gets to start the night on top of the highest pillow.  By morning, we're both literally on top of Mom Paula when she wakes up!
Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Our Gamecocks won last night, but poor Mom Paula didn't get home until after 1:00 am.  She said once she gets home from church (must play the piano), she'll take the rest of the day easy with us.  In the meantime, we're going to start without her!

 Brulee (left), Truffle (right)
Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Big Rivalry Game

Today is the last game of the regular season for our South Carolina Gamecocks and they are playing their in-state rival, the Clemson Tigers.  Mom Paula tried her best to get a good picture of us posing with our Gamecock bandanas, but we were not very cooperative.  However, we thought we'd share a few pictures of us anyway to make Mom Paula happy.  We'll be staying home today while Mom Paula braves the cold air to cheer on her Gamecocks tonight at 7:45 EST (the game is on ESPN).  Have a great day!

 Truffle demonstrating to Brulee how the Gamecocks are going to "smack" the Tigers.

 Doesn't Brulee make a cute cheerleader?

 Brulee not being very nice about the rivalry.

 Truffle demonstrating how to be a poised Gamecock fan.

 Truffle is hoping the Gamecocks don't tire out too quickly in the game.

 Brulee is asking for a little more help from above for our Gamecocks.

We hope you enjoyed our little bit of fun poking at the Gamecocks and Tigers.  FYI - Mom Paula has a degree from both universities!

Pee ess - Brulee's trip to the vet yesterday went well.  She now weighs 2.4 pounds.  She is still the little wiggle worm, but she behaved much better yesterday than she did three weeks ago.
Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday at the Movies

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Mom Paula hasn't shared any of the turkey or ham with us, but we're keeping our paws crossed!  Yesterday, Mom Paula's nephew William came over to meet us.  William is very special to Mom Paula and he has rescued many kitties and given them homes, so he's our hero, too!  Here's a picture of William trying to get us to pose!  Fat chance!

We also wanted to share a video of our acrobatic skills with da Bird!  Mom Paula pulls this out to exercise us more, but I think we wear her out.  Since William was here, she could actually get a good video of us playing without her holding the camera.  The video goes for about 2 minutes, but some of Brulee's jumps are amazing for such a little kitty.

Mom Paula didn't really want you to see her in the video yet.  We're proud of her because she's lost 23 pounds so far.  She says she still has a way to go, but we pat her on the back for what she's accomplished so far.  You go, Mom Paula!
Pee ess - Brulee goes back to the vet this morning to get her second vaccination!  Please keep those purrs going and the paws crossed.

Pee ess ess - We also continue to send special purrs and purrayers to Auntie Deb and the Taylor Catssss with the loss of Seaborne on Wednesday.  We love you, Auntie Deb.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our furriends on the CB.  We are so thankful that you've welcomed us with open paws since we came to live with Mom Paula this fall.  We admit, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't be accepted because we know everyone loved Sweet Praline.  We are very thankful that Praline set the path for us to come live with Mom Paula and to meet all of you.  We hope all of you have a wonderful day of blessings today.

Please don't forget about letting us know if you want to participate in the Secret Paws 2011 this year by December 1.  We've added a page to the blog to include all of the participants at http://secretpaws2011.blogspot.com/p/participants.html.  Please go over and double check the information and let us know if there are any problems. 

Pee ess - We are so sad to report that Auntie Deb's cat, Seaborne, went to the Bridge last night.  Mom Paula spent some time with Auntie Deb this past summer and got to know the Taylor Catsssss.  We've been comforting Mom Paula as she has bad leaky eyes after hearing this news.  Here's a picture of Mom Paula with Seaborne from two years ago when she first met Auntie Deb.  We're sure Sweet Praline is already looking out for Seaborne at the Bridge.  
Mom Paula and Seaborne - June 2010
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wand Toy

Mom Terri introduced Brulee to the wand toy before Brulee came to live with us.  When Mom Terri brought Brulee to us, she surprised us with our own wand toy.  In the meantime, Samantha and Clementine's mom found some of these wand toys in Texas and sent them to us!  We love our wand toys.



We know these pictures are a week old and we've grown a little bit, but we wanted to share these pictures and thank Mom Chandra and Mom Terri!

Pee ess - only a few more days to send us your request to participate in the Secret Paws 2011 exchange.  Please click on the graphic on the side bar to get the information.
Monday, November 21, 2011

Mischievous Monday

Little Brulee is a mischievous thing.  Every time Mom Paula hears a noise, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that it is me, Truffle, that is causing it.  Why do they always blame the oldest?  The other night, Mom Paula heard a noise from behind her and here's what she saw! 

Don't worry - this isn't a live plant; it's silk.  However, I've never even looked at this plant, much less touched it and Brulee is smack in the middle of it and has the leaves all over the floor.  Then, she reached out to the blinds for a swat.

So, I decided I'd join her.  Mom Paula wasn't too happy with us, but you'll notice she did take the time to get a photo before pulling Brulee out of the plant.  She keeps getting back in it!

 Who's teaching who?
Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Whew!  It's been a long week.  Mom Paula has a house guest for a couple of weeks and even though we love the extra love and attention we get from Miss Cindy it's tiring keeping another person entertained.  We hope to start visiting more people soon as things begin to settle down. We hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gamecock Saturday

Mom Paula is leaving us again today to go to another Carolina Football Game.  This time they are playing The Citadel (a military college in SC) and it's on pay-per-view TV.  We're just going to stay home today and take it easy while Mom Paula is out in the cold weather.

Mom Paula tried to get a picture of us in our Gamecock bandanas, but the pictures below are her results.  She said she'll try again next week.  MOL

We showed her, didn't we?

Update from Mom Paula - Brulee is 12 weeks old today.  Truffle is 24 weeks old this week.  It's amazing how much they've grown and matured this past week.  Things have gone so much smoother than I ever imagined.  Truffle is almost acting motherly to Brulee (except when they are "fighting") and Brulee appears to be learning quicker because she is following Truffle around the house.  I will still take a few private moments in the office behind the door with Truffle in my arms to give her comfort.  The last few days, I wake up to both kittens cuddling up to me in the bed.  Truffle is usually on my side, while Brulee tries to get as close as she can to my arm/chest.  They make me so happy.  Thank you so much, Terri, for bringing such sweet, beautiful girls into my life.
Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday at the Movies

Mom Paula says she thinks we've both grown a lot this past week and my little sister is starting to chase me around the house and actually pins me down a few times and causes me to squeal!  Today's movie shows one of our typical evenings that usually occurs around 9:00 - 10:00 at night.  We hope you enjoy your Friday at the Movies.

Don't forget to send in your information for Secret Paws!!!  We'll post a list of the emails we've received so far on Sunday.
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brulee and The Cat Tree

I can't believe it.  Brulee discovered the Cat Tree today for the first time.  Up to last night, she would just sit at the bottom the tree looking up at me and couldn't even jump or climb to the top.  Look what Mom Paula came home to.

I'm stuck on top of the ESS.  This isn't fair!!!  Don't you think it's time Mom Paula bought another Cat Tree?

Quit your whining, Truffle and come on up here with me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We've got company!

Pee ess from Mom Paula:  I do have company and she was taking a bath when Brulee became very interested in Cindy in the bath.  Cindy insisted I take a picture of Brulee looking at her.  I was very careful I didn't get Cindy in the bath.  LOL.  Isn't Brulee the cutest thing looking at Cindy?
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After Dinner Smackdown

Can you tell who's who in our now "traditional" after dinner smackdown?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dinner for Two

Mom Paula started out feeding us in two different bowls, but Truffle always left her plate and came over to eat with me.  Mom Paula finally gave up this weekend and put our food on the same plate and we share very peacefully. 

Brulee:  Nom! Nom!  This stinky goodness sure is delicious!
Truffle:  Keep talking little sister.  That way, I can eat more!

Don't forget to send us your information by December 1 to participate in Secret Paws 2011.  You can click on the graphic on the sidebar to get to the website.  Mom Paula has sent an invitation to everyone who's submitted  a request so far to be a contributor to the Secret Paws 2011 blog page.
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Well, the two of us have survived our first week together.  All in all, we think things are going very well.  Now, it's time to take it easy before the busy holiday season begins.

The Secret Paws blog site is set up and it's time to send your information to us if you would like to participate.  You can click on the graphic on our side bar or go to the site directly from here.  Please email your information before December 1, 2011 in order to participate.
Saturday, November 12, 2011

Photo Hunt: Two

Wow!  This Photo Hunt theme is purrfect for us today.  The theme is "two."

First, there was one sweet purrfection:  Truffle.

Now, there are two sweet purrfections:  Truffle and Brulee.

At least now I have someone to keep me company when Mom Paula is attending one of her football games.  Today the Gamecocks are playing the Florida Gators at 12:00 noon EST on CBS.  I think we'll stay home today and snuggle up together, just the "two" of us, on the Gamecock Blankie.

Pee ess - So sorry we haven't been visiting too much lately.  The "two" of us are keeping Mom Paula pretty busy whenever she's home.

Pee pee ess - We almost have the information ready for Secret Paws and hope to post everything on Sunday!!!  Stay tuned!