Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Big Rivalry Game

Today is the last game of the regular season for our South Carolina Gamecocks and they are playing their in-state rival, the Clemson Tigers.  Mom Paula tried her best to get a good picture of us posing with our Gamecock bandanas, but we were not very cooperative.  However, we thought we'd share a few pictures of us anyway to make Mom Paula happy.  We'll be staying home today while Mom Paula braves the cold air to cheer on her Gamecocks tonight at 7:45 EST (the game is on ESPN).  Have a great day!

 Truffle demonstrating to Brulee how the Gamecocks are going to "smack" the Tigers.

 Doesn't Brulee make a cute cheerleader?

 Brulee not being very nice about the rivalry.

 Truffle demonstrating how to be a poised Gamecock fan.

 Truffle is hoping the Gamecocks don't tire out too quickly in the game.

 Brulee is asking for a little more help from above for our Gamecocks.

We hope you enjoyed our little bit of fun poking at the Gamecocks and Tigers.  FYI - Mom Paula has a degree from both universities!

Pee ess - Brulee's trip to the vet yesterday went well.  She now weighs 2.4 pounds.  She is still the little wiggle worm, but she behaved much better yesterday than she did three weeks ago.

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  1. You two are very cute. So does Mom Paula particularly like it when she gets to cheer the Gamecocks rather than Clemson?!

  2. That is great news that Brulee's vet visit went well! They are getting cuter by the second!

  3. Mommy was just thinkin they're growin up, but 2.4 pounds is still so tiny! So cute in their bandanas! Go chick-hens!

  4. You two look so cute in your bandanas. Tell Mom Paula to enjoy the game - how cool she has degrees from BOTH of the universities!!

  5. Oh we are so glad that the vet visit went well. That is such good news.
    Darn it all we aren't going to be able to watch the game. We don't get ESPN. You two desert girls look really snazzy in your bandannas. I am beginning to see a difference in you two. Hope you have a great day and night.

  6. You two are so cute! Good luck to your team!

  7. You two are purrfect cheerleaders! We will be watching that big game too!

  8. Cute, cute, cute pictures! That's pretty cool that Mom Paula has degrees from both! And we LOVE your Christmas header!!!

  9. We so pleased to see you supporting your Mom's team girls.
    We think you make great cheer leaders.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Loverly little ladykit cheerleaders.

    I'm so thrilled every time I come in here to see the little ones growing well, and hearing that Mom Paula is doing well. Those two things are the icing on the cake for me.

    Be safe, stay warm, be happy, and don't forget those pictures Paula. You have two very beautiful little arms full.

    And come see us sometime at Buddy Bear's Cats' World.

    Later .....

  11. Awww ... you girls are real sports!
    We love your ChrisMouse header ~ and are so glad Angel Praline is included on it. xxxxx

  12. Awwww.... aren't you some pretty kitties! I hope your team wins. Today is also the Iron Bowl- Auburn vs. Alabama. Jen says there will be no movement in the state while the game is on.

  13. You both make cute little cheer leaders. We are glad the vet visit went well.

  14. You two are so GORGEOUS!!! I swear I've hardly ever seen more beautiful girls.

  15. Go Gamecocks! Mommy will be home in time from work--her and Daddy are gonna watch the game...we think you girls need some pom-poms for your cheerleading routines.

  16. Good luck to your Gamecocks, we will be watching Bucky Badger soon. They win and they go to the conference championship game next weekend.

  17. We love the photo of Brulee asking for a little help. So cute!!
    Hope your Mom enjoys the game and stays warm!
    Happy Weekend!
    ~ Noah

  18. You both look so cute in your Gamecock bandanas!! We hope your team won!!

  19. You know, maybe the Super Bowl should replace that Budweiser PuppyBowl with Kitten Bowl--Brulee and Truffle could be the starting QBs.


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