Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our furriends on the CB.  We are so thankful that you've welcomed us with open paws since we came to live with Mom Paula this fall.  We admit, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't be accepted because we know everyone loved Sweet Praline.  We are very thankful that Praline set the path for us to come live with Mom Paula and to meet all of you.  We hope all of you have a wonderful day of blessings today.

Please don't forget about letting us know if you want to participate in the Secret Paws 2011 this year by December 1.  We've added a page to the blog to include all of the participants at http://secretpaws2011.blogspot.com/p/participants.html.  Please go over and double check the information and let us know if there are any problems. 

Pee ess - We are so sad to report that Auntie Deb's cat, Seaborne, went to the Bridge last night.  Mom Paula spent some time with Auntie Deb this past summer and got to know the Taylor Catsssss.  We've been comforting Mom Paula as she has bad leaky eyes after hearing this news.  Here's a picture of Mom Paula with Seaborne from two years ago when she first met Auntie Deb.  We're sure Sweet Praline is already looking out for Seaborne at the Bridge.  
Mom Paula and Seaborne - June 2010

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We know we have not signed up for the Secret Paw but it is because of the mess coming up with the second move! Next year!

  2. What a sweet photo of Mom Paula and Seaborne. He looks like he might have had one of Auntie Deb's "special hair cuts".
    We can't stop crying either. We will really miss that big ol' floofy mancat. We are sending purrs to Auntie Deb & Fambly.
    ~Mom ML

  3. I've been very sad about Seaborne too. We all felt awful here when we read the news.

  4. Oh Truffle and Brulee, we can love you and Sweet Praline too.
    We are so sad about Seaborne too. We will go right over and send some purrs. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. We have lots of love to give, so don't worry about not being accepted! We're sorry to hear about the loss of Seaborne.

  6. What would the holidays be without our angels? Blessings to you all and warm hugs and purrs to Auntie Deb.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Tom, Julie & Mittens

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We didn't know Seaborne - what a big kitty! We are sure Seaborne's Mom is feeling very sad.

  8. It was a shock to read about Seaborne today and we have sent a message his family. We love the picture of your Mom with him and she had the biggest smile on her face.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Of course we love you both--love is an infinite power, not miserly and limited to only one kitty. :-)

    We were terribly shocked to read about Seaborne earlier this morning, and are purring for them all. That's a sweet pic of your mom with Seaborne, one to treasure.

    We do wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, in spite of the sadness. There still is much to be thankful for.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and Mom Paula!

    We were saddened to hear the news about Seaborne too...take care of Mom Paula, okay??

  11. We were very sad to hear of adorable Seaborne's passing, but know lovely Praline is welcoming him to the wonderful Bridge filled with good health and happiness for him again...Happy Thanksgiving, precious friends...We are very grateful for your presence in Mom Paula's life and in our our lives as well...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for sharing that very special photo of mom Paula and Seabourne...how very special and what an awesome love bug he was.

    Truffle and Brulee, enjoy your first Thanksgiving. We are thankful to be your furriends!

  13. Special Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of you! We are so very thankful that we have become such great friends over the years!

    We immediately thought of Mom Paula when we heard the sad news about Seabourne because we know she had the privilege of meeting him in person. It's so heartbreaking to lose a good friend.

    Laila, Minchie and Mom Peggy

  14. Happy Thanksgivng to Mom Paula and her two sweet girls! We hope you all get your fair share of turkey.

    It makes it so bittersweet because of the loss of Seaborne. He was one big hunka floofy kitty. We've left our condolences with Auntie Deb.

  15. ★ ° . ..☾°☆.*●¸.★°:.•○°★.*..°.●.°°☆¸.●.★ ★°☾ ¸. ¸★:.. •○°★.*..¸ .°¸.*●¸.°°¸.●¸.★°:..•°.*:..*¸ . ●¸★★°★.♥.°☆.●¸.★°.•○°★.♥*.☾°¸* ●¸°°☆.*¸. ★Sprinkling you with Peace, Love, & Happiness! ★°..♥*.☾°☆.*●¸.★°:..•○°★.*♥.°.● .♥*°☾°☆¸.●.*★♥★°☾☆¸.¸★:..•○°★.*..*¸ .♥°¸.*●¸.°☾°¸.●¸.★°:..•°.*:..¸.●¸★★..°☆

  16. Oh little Dessert kitties, how could we ever not welcome you? We did loves your Big sisfur, Sweet Praline, but we has plenty of room in our hearts fur your sweetnesses too!
    We were shocked to hears of Seaborne's crossing. Our mommy cried fur a long time, while holding us both.
    Thanks you fur sharing the picshur of your mommy and Seaborne. Is very speshul.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your whole fambily.

  17. Happy Fanksgibbing, Kitties and Peoples too! ♥ XOXO ♥

    Brulee--I seed your pikchur in teh sleeping contest! Ha ha ha ha ha! I fink you will WIN!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! We are very sad about Seaborne, too!


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