Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering Our Furriends

The CB is such a special place!!!  Mom Paula found the CB 3 1/2 years ago through Jasper McKitten-Cat's dad and began blogging about Sweet Praline.  Mom Paula has met so many people over the past few years and has become personal friends with many (actually meeting them in person).  The CB was there for Mom Paula when Sweet Praline became sick and ultimately crossed the Bridge in April and when Beignet died one week before he was supposed to come live with her in August.  Mom Paula has saved all of the emails that were sent to her and many of you called her and made contributions to various charities in Sweet Praline's name and even supported her financially with all of the vet bills.  We wanted to pay it forward to all of our furriends on the CB in someway and that's when we thought of putting together a Memory Slideshow of all of the CB furriends who've left us in 2011 (very similar to what you see on TV with all of the beans that go to Heaven each year on New Year's Eve).  Mom Paula literally went back to the CB post for January 1, 2011 and found every graphic that was posted for the year, so we hope we didn't leave anyone out.  Mom Paula has shed many a tear while putting this together and will probably shed more.  Thank you to all of you for your support to Sweet Praline, Beignet, and Mom Paula this past year.  We love you!

We want to pause a moment to also remember Sweet Praline in all of her glory and "diva-tude."  She was a very special ladycat and we are working very hard to live up to her standards.

And a special memory for our little brother, Beignet, who God called to Heaven to be by His side.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  Once again, we love you!

  Goodbye 2011
Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday at the Movies

For your entertainment today, we are showing you how we like to have a good "smackdown".  Brulee is still smaller than me, but she has no fear and will "attack" me at will!  The kitties from Jacqueline's Cat House sent us a surprise present a couple of weeks ago and they were pretty smart to include TWO Kong toys for us to play with.  You will notice in the video that I was playing with MY Kong toy when Brulee decided she wanted it, too!  Never mind that HER Kong toy was sitting right there!  The result is the video below!

I never get a moment's peace since the "wild child" came to live with us!

Note from Mom Paula: Truffle and Brulee get along amazingly well.  One would think they were littermates, even though Truffle is 12 weeks older than Brulee.  Brulee has shown no fear since coming to live with us.  She gives Truffle back everything Truffle gives her.  As you watch the video and they are one big ball of white and silver floof, you can tell who is crying "uncle" by their meows.  Brulee still has the little squeak (that's the one I usually hear), but the meow belongs to Truffle.  I just adore these two little floofballs!  They've helped heal the hole that Sweet Praline left in my heart!

Pee ess - we want to thank Wendy for her comment yesterday!  She stated that the coupon from Mr. Chewy was a present from Sweet Praline since the invitation came through her blog.  You're exactly right, Wendy!!!
Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Mr. Chewy Website

We are thankful today for a new pet food website that we were invited to review.  A very nice gentleman from Mr. Chewy sent an email to Angel Sweet Praline's account asking her to consider visiting and reviewing their website and in exchange they would let her order $50 worth of food.  Mom Paula was a little skeptical at first, but visited the website and it appeared legitimate.  However, Mom Paula is a very honest person, so she wrote the nice gentleman back and let him know that Sweet Praline went to the Bridge last April, but that she now had both of us on a new blog and wanted to know if we could take him up on the offer.  He wrote back and sent condolences and told us to try it out.  We were very excited and went to the site to see if our food was there.  Our crunchy food, Royal Canin Kitten 36 was available, but they didn't have our canned food, Fancy Feast Kitten.  We immediately wrote the nice gentleman back and asked about the Fancy Feast and he said they didn't currently carry the kitten food, but they would put it in the request.  

We decided to check out the different varieties of kitten dry and canned food to see what was available.  There were over 300 different brands/flavors of canned food and 18 different brands/varieties of kitten canned food.  We chose to try out the Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul.  There were 172 different brands/flavors of dry food and 23 different brands/flavors of kitten dry food.  We placed the order and to our surprise, less than 5 days later, this huge box arrived on our doorstep.

We were very impressed with how quickly it arrived, because in the past when Mom Paula would order special food for Sweet Praline online, it would take a couple of weeks to arrive.   Mr. Chewy's website offers FREE shipping for orders totally $49+.   Also, there are special discounts offered on the website when you visit that you don't even need a coupon for.  Currently, there is a 15% discount!

Of course, the "pig", Truffle was the first to claim the box because she smelled the food!

 Mom Paula quickly opened the box and to our surprise - there was a big bag of our crunchies and a case of our stinky goodness!  

We were very impressed with the selection of quality foods Mr. Chewy carried.  With the free shipping offer, the prices were very reasonable.  They even carry treats and cat litter.  We give Mr. Chewy "two paws up" and would order from them again.  We are so thankful that this offer came for us to review the website because everyone knows the green papers are very tight this time of the year and Truffle has surgery scheduled in about 4 weeks.  

Of course, after Mom Paula let us see what was in the box, she let us have the box to play in.  Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our newest "toy".  Thank you, Mr. Chewy!

Be sure to check out this website and strongly consider ordering from them!  We think you'll be very pleased with the selection and the service!
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trouble Tuesday

Prior to Brulee coming to live with us, Mom Paula used to call Tuesdays, Trouble Truffle.  Looks like Truffle is up to her old tricks again now that the man in the red suit has come and gone.

What do you expect when you have a can full of crinkly papers?

Well, you know I like to climb up to high places!

My stuff goes wherever I do!

Brulee is claiming innocence in all of this.  What do you think?

I would never do such a thing.
Monday, December 26, 2011

Secret Paws

Mom Paula finally let us open our Secret Paws gift!  We were very surprised and pleased to receive a package from New Zealand!  It was from Rumbles and Diego.  We thoroughly examined the bag it came in.  We thought Rumbles may be hiding inside!

 Truffle hunting for Rumbles

 I know I smell Rumbles on this bag.  Where is he?

 Brulee coming in the room to check out the package.

 Well, what's inside Mom?

When Mom Paula opened the bag, there was a smaller brown bag inside.  We thought for sure Rumbles would be in there, but he wasn't.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

 I don't think Rumbles was able to sneak out of New Zealand.  

We received the cutest stuffed penguin and kiwi.  When you press them, they sound just like the real thing.

 Mom Paula took a little video of us inspecting our presents from Rumbles.  The sounds they  make really cause us to be curious.  The video is a little dark, but you can see us "up close" and personal with our presents.

Thank you Rumbles and Diego!

Don't forget to visit the Secret Paws 2011 blog to see all of the posts from the participants.  If you haven't posted on your blog or the Secret Paws blog yet, please do so!  Everyone wants to make sure their packages have been received. 

Also, we want to give something back to the CB this year because of all of the support they've been to Mom Paula.  We're going to put together a Memories 2011 slideshow of all of our furriends who've gone to the Bridge in 2011.  Please email us a picture of your kitty so we can include it in the slideshow.
Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Photo Hunt - Surprise

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "surprise".  We tend to surprise Mom Paula almost daily, but this is the special surprise that Mom Paula tends to wake up to in the morning!  It's a little blurry because Mom Paula had to grab the flashy box quickly before Brulee was on top of her.  Isn't this the cutest surprise to wake up to?

 Hi Mom!

I almost gave Mom Paula a "surprise" this week.  Many of you will remember that Mom Paula has a cluttered home office from when she left her job as a college professor and she hasn't gotten rid of all of the papers yet.  Just look at the surprise Mom Paula saw when she turned around the other day.

 I wonder what would happen if I tapped this pile of papers with my paw.

Mom Paula quickly grabbed me, afraid that tower of papers would fall on top of me.  I think she was really worried that she'd have to go through them if I knocked them down.  I think I'll save that for another day!

One final "surprise".  We received our Secret Paws package this week and it was from Rumbles in New Zealand!  Our only disappointment was that he didn't manage to mail himself to us.  MOL!  We'll share pictures in a couple of days.  Mom Paula is chasing us around the house trying to get a family photo for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday at the Movies

Jacqueline's Cat House sent us a neat Christmas package last week and we've already shared our video last week of us playing with the springs.  Today, we'd like to share a video of us playing in the crinkle tunnel.  I think I love this toy most of all and rarely let Brulee get in it with me.  Mom Paula keeps thinking I'm into stuff I shouldn't be when she hears the noises of me running through it, but then she realizes I'm in the tunnel.

We apologize for the darkness of the first part of the video, but Mom Paula didn't have a chance to turn on the overhead light when I started playing in the tunnel.

Pee ess - We are helping Mom Paula put together a Memories 2011 Slideshow for all of our furriends who've crossed the Bridge in 2011.  If you would like to participate, please click on the "Memories 2011" tab at the top of our blog.  This is one way we can give back to the CB for all they've done in support for Mom Paula, Sweet Praline, and Beignet.  We'll need your graphic and date of the bridge crossing by December 27.
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recuperating - UPDATE at BOTTOM of POST

Brulee went to the vet yesterday and Dr. Boyette said she was doing great.  She weighs a little over 3 pounds and was as active as ever.  In fact, Dr. Boyette had to grab her right before she tried to jump off of the examination table.  She came home from the vet and ate her breakfast and was doing really well. 

 Brulee checking out the vet's office

When Mom Paula got home last night from her office Christmas party, Brulee didn't meet her at the door as usual.  Mom Paula found her sleeping on the back of the couch.  When Mom Paula fixed our evening meal, Brulee sniffed the food and walked away.  She was also favoring her leg where she received the shot.  Mom Paula is a little concerned, but everything she's read says that this is something that may occur after the vaccination.  I'm keeping my paws crossed she's okay this morning (we posted this last night).

 This is where Brulee stayed most of the evening last night.

Mom Paula:  I know I'm a worrywart, but I won't feel better until Brulee is back to her bouncy self.  I'll update everyone today.  Even Truffle wasn't playing last night, yet she wasn't comforting Brulee either.  It's as if she knew Brulee needed some time to recuperate from her vaccination.

Update from Mom Paula:  Brulee appears to be feeling better this morning.  She was crawling all over me in the bed and her little head perked up when I mentioned something to eat.  She immediately began eating and I didn't see the "limp" in her walk this time and she was purring when I petted and held her.  I think she's going to be okay.  I must admit - I do tend to worry a little more than usual after what happened to little Beignet.  I feel like a new mom must feel!  Here is Brulee this morning, eating breakfast with Truffle.

Brulee on the left; Truffle on the right
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)



Brulee has a vet appointment today to get her last vaccination.  Please keep your paws crossed everything goes well.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Toesie Tuesday

Brulee decided to give me a little bit of her toesies after playing a little tune on the keyboard. 

As you can imagine, I didn't put up with it too long.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Musical Monday

We love the keyboard in Mom Paula's office.  The keys are softer than the piano keys in the living room and the bench is cushioned (not like the wooden one at the piano).  Brulee is trying to show Mom Paula a few things about playing the piano.

Some of you are doing very well telling us apart.  Here are some of the clues:
  1. Brulee is smaller (she's not quite 4 months old yet and Truffle will be 7 months old on January 2).
  2. Truffle has more "silver" in her floof, especially on her face and back.
  3. Brulee's ears have "pink" skin and Truffle's ears have "gray" skin.
  4. Brulee has a red nose and Truffle has a black nose.
  5. Truffle is calm and Brulee is wild (This is Mom Paula's comment) as is evidenced by the photo below.
    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Easy Like Sunday

    Mom Paula finally cleaned off her electronic keyboard in the home office last week so she could practice a solo she has with the choir at church tomorrow.  Of course, we had to investigate and claim it as ours.  We'll share several photos over the next few days, but this one shows a very "peaceful" moment on the bench before we started playing.

    We figured we better remind you who is who in case some of you haven't figured out how to tell us apart yet!  Brulee is on the left enjoying the bath that Truffle (right) is giving her!

    Have a very restful Sunday!

    Pee ess - our Christmas cards finally arrived in the mail and Mom Paula is going to try to get them out Monday.  Looks like some of our furriends will receive their cards after Christmas!  Mom Paula says it's our fault because we wouldn't cooperate for a photo shoot.
    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Photo Hunt - Joy

    Today's Photo Hunt theme is "joy".  Brulee was full of joy to meet Cody last night.  Cody was Sweet Praline's special furriend and he also met Truffle in September.  Cody is the son of Mom Paula's best friend, Janet, and Cody has Down's Syndrome.  Last night was the first time Cody met Brulee.  

    When Cody first came in the house, Truffle was a little shy (she's in her "teenage" stage), but Brulee came right up to him.  Cody immediately emptied all of the toys out of the basket and Brulee and Cody played for a long time!  It was such a joy to see each of them enjoying each other's company.

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    Friday at the Movies

    Today's movie features us playing with one of our new toys that Jacqueline's Cat House sent us, the "spring".  Even though there were several springs in the bag, we both insisted on playing with the same one.  Brulee is so fast that she goes in and out of the picture.  I (Truffle) had enough of her playing with my spring that I just picked it up and carried it off.

    We hope we've brought a smile to your face today.  

    The CB was saddened to hear about Admiral's crossing of the Bridge yesterday.  Mom Carole is in our thoughts as she grieves over her loss.

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Thankful Thursday

    Mom Paula came in the house last night carrying in a package with our names on it!

    It was from Jacqueline and all of the kitties at Jacqueline's Cat House.  We were so excited that this was our first Christmas present that Mom Paula agreed to let us open it.  She said we will have to wait until Christmas to open our Secret Paws present when we get it.  Just look at all of this stuff!

    Of course, Brulee would like the string more than the stuff inside!

    We both received a Kong nip toy, some Temptations, bunches of balls, mice, crinkle toys, and some springs (those are fun!).  Mom Paula received two nice picture frames so she can display us in her office in style.

    Mom Paula was taking too long to get all of those toys out of the plastic bags.  Would you believe she only let us have a couple last night???

    One of the biggest surprises was the "crackle tunnel".  Mom Paula barely had it opened when I (Truffle) jumped inside.  I just love the sounds the tunnel made when I played inside of it with my spring toy.

    Can you guess what happened after this next picture?


    We kept Mom Paula awake all night playing in that tunnel.  We hope to share some videos of us playing with everything for tomorrow's Friday at the Movies post.  Thank you so much Jacqueline, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, and Daddy Cat!  That was so sweet of you.