Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering Our Furriends

The CB is such a special place!!!  Mom Paula found the CB 3 1/2 years ago through Jasper McKitten-Cat's dad and began blogging about Sweet Praline.  Mom Paula has met so many people over the past few years and has become personal friends with many (actually meeting them in person).  The CB was there for Mom Paula when Sweet Praline became sick and ultimately crossed the Bridge in April and when Beignet died one week before he was supposed to come live with her in August.  Mom Paula has saved all of the emails that were sent to her and many of you called her and made contributions to various charities in Sweet Praline's name and even supported her financially with all of the vet bills.  We wanted to pay it forward to all of our furriends on the CB in someway and that's when we thought of putting together a Memory Slideshow of all of the CB furriends who've left us in 2011 (very similar to what you see on TV with all of the beans that go to Heaven each year on New Year's Eve).  Mom Paula literally went back to the CB post for January 1, 2011 and found every graphic that was posted for the year, so we hope we didn't leave anyone out.  Mom Paula has shed many a tear while putting this together and will probably shed more.  Thank you to all of you for your support to Sweet Praline, Beignet, and Mom Paula this past year.  We love you!

We want to pause a moment to also remember Sweet Praline in all of her glory and "diva-tude."  She was a very special ladycat and we are working very hard to live up to her standards.

And a special memory for our little brother, Beignet, who God called to Heaven to be by His side.

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  Once again, we love you!

  Goodbye 2011

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  1. What a thoughtful tribute. We luf that you ended your post wif the girls looking towards heaven. xoxo

  2. how can I add words to the tears that so freely flow...oh my sad heart...the price for loving is paid in tears and heartache one day...one dreaded day...would I change it knowing the love and sweetness a cat bring into our lives...I do not think so. memories live forever and comfort in the fog of sadness...
    your tribute collection will touch off those beautiful memories. thank you so much Paula for doing this for all of us who have cat shaped holes in our hearts...from cats known to all of us and for cats who went on well before an internet ever existed...
    Love and purrry hugs, Karla

  3. Wow, your human put so much love and effort into this video! Thanks so much for this tribute to our friends we said goodbye to this year.

  4. What a lovely gift to the CB. I'm sending you all lots of cuddles to last you throughout 2012 and beyond.

  5. This is an amazing tribute; the mom shed many tears watching it.

    We're sorry about the error re: Chumley, though: He had passed in 2007 and the mom had included his pic before she realized you meant only those who passed in 2011.

    We hope and purray for good health for everyone in 2012 -- FAR too many kitties and woofies passed in 2011, such heartbreak.

    Wishing you all peace and blessings in the new year.

  6. Aww mum Paula. I had to stop after the first song because I was so weepy! Thank you for doing this wonderful tribute to all these beautiful wonderful Angels now running free at the Bridge. When I compose myself, I'll watch the rest - but thank you thank you for this beautiful montage and gorgeous tribute! Take care

  7. What a beautiful tribute. Each picture representing such love and heartbreak. At this moment my heart is filled with the memories of all the kitties I have loved and lost.

    Eve & Gracie's Mom

  8. That was a beautiful tribute to all the friends we have lost this year. Thank you for including our Bro' Whicky, not a day goes by where we don't miss him.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Oliver, Gerry & The Apes xx

  9. Mom Paula, that is one terrific tribute to everyone. We really appreciate you including all of our angels. You really did a terrific job. It is fun also to see a picture of Sweet Praline. That was truly wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Paula - that was a wonderful tribute to our departed loved ones and friends. It must have been so hard for you having to include Sweet Praline. We still miss our friends but know they are in a special place where they are well once more and know we will all meet in the future at the gateway to Rainbow Bridge.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and Sue xx xx

  11. What a beautiful tribute, Mom Paula! We wish you and Truffle and Brulee a very Happy New Year!

  12. Oh wow, that was wonderful. We lost so many dear furriends this year. The music was purrfect and we are all leaky eyed here...so many furriends.

    Thank you for doing this.

  13. What a lovely tribute slideshow. It's unbelievable how many left us in just one year. Thank you for putting this together, even though it makes every viewer cry.

  14. Wow Paula what a great slideshow and a lot of work putting it together, thank you very much :-) Every single kitty a beautiful and beloved companion, it's so hard to see them go.

    Happy New Year to you !!!

  15. Oh my, there are so many. I don't know how you did it Paula, we are still crying. The most beautiful tribute.

  16. That is a very moving and beautiful tribute to all our friends who have left for the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for the memories.

  17. What a beautiful and bittersweet slideshow=it made cry to see all the wonderful souls that left us this past year...We will never forget your precious babies, Praline and Beignet=they were loved by all of us at the CB too...Wishing you three lovely ladies a very Happy and Healthy New Year, one filled with great love and tremendous joy, devoid of the heavy sorrows you endured in 2011, Paula=we wish you the very best...love and hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Oh what a lovely post!! Mom cried the whole way through!! Thank you so much!!!! Have the most Wonderful New Year!! And that last picture of Truffle & Brulee was the best!!
    ((((((HUGGGSSS))))))) from your TX furiends, and Mom, too!!

  19. Mommy was OK up until the end...then we had to cuddle her for a bit. This was wonderful. Thank you, Mom Paula.

  20. Have a very special and happy 2012!
    I mentioned you on my blog.

  21. Such a beautiful tribute ~ having to type through tears. xxxxxxxxxx

  22. THANK YOU for putting this together....it is sad, yet we get peace knowing they are together now across the Bridge. Mom didn't realize that someone had made badges for Baloo and Sultan and lost it even more when she saw those. (is there any way you could send them to us?) purrs for all the losses and cheers to a wonderful 2012

  23. Paula you did a beautiful job and we will remember all our friends that have left for the bridge with love.. Happy New Year Paula and thank you so much.. Hugs GJ and Carol and Barrie xx

  24. That was a beautiful tribute to all of our Rainbow Bridge friends. We had leaky eyes right from the start. It had to be a true work of love to put that together.

    The Florida Furkids

  25. What a beautiful tribute. We hope that this next year brings you only joy at watching those two little girls grow up.

  26. That was an awesome tribute to all of those poodins and woofies who have crossed over this year. Thank you so much for including our dear Annie. We miss her every single day. Thank you for putting this slide show together and for all of the work that you put into it. What a lot of effort on your part, and many tears from your eyes. Thank you.

    Luf, Us and Merceda

  27. Mommy cried and cried, but she was smiling through her tears. That was such a lovely tribute to all our dear friends who have gone over the bridge!
    I know mama is not looking forward to loosing me over the bridge, but I am getting older and older. I know I will be remembered and just hope it's as sweetly as all the others.
    Now as for saying goodbye to 2011, you two precious kitties are such lovely models! I love the picture!!

  28. Paula, that is a wonderful tribute to all those dear friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom didn't know a lot of them, but by watching your video tribute, she was able to think of each one and of the humans who loved them. It is a lot of loss! We miss Sweet Praline, and Beignet, and Admiral, and Annie, and other kitties who we did know, but we are glad they are now whole and healthy again.

    We love that last picture of Truffle nd Beignet and are wishing all three of you a wonderful year in 2012. We are glad you are our friends.

  29. Paula, that was simply beautiful. I still have tears streaming down my face. Thank you for doing this.

    Me and the kitties wish you and Truffle and Brulee a very Happy New Year and we hope 2012 brings you much happiness.

    Island Cats' mom Sue

  30. What a wonderful tribute to Praline, Beignet all the other feline friends lost this year, and supportive community of the Cat Blogosphere.

    We're glad we got to know you and your feline family a bit better in 2011, and wishing you a Happy 2012!

  31. That was a very touching slide show!!!

    Wishing you the very best for 2012; good food, treats, toys, soft beds, warmth, and attention!

    Ayla, Iza, and Marley

  32. We love you, too, sweet Paula and wish you the happiest of years ahead with Truffle and Brulee.

    Tom, mom Julie & Mittens

  33. Incredibly moving and touching. Thank you for remembering each and every one who are no longer here with us.


  34. That was beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to put this beautiful tribute together and including our Mac!

    Happy New Year and wishing you a prosperous, Healthy 2012!

  35. That was lovely. It makes us so happy to see you with your two new girls. Hope you have a very Happy New Year, filled with joy.

    Meg & Fin

  36. we know it has been a hard year for so many. we purrr for everyone who has gone to the rainbow bridge. we hope the new year brings you three lots of happiness and snuggle time!

  37. What a lovely tribute. We had forgotten that so many furries had gone to the Bridge this year. Thank you for including our Cornish Grandma's Scottie Barney, we were very touched.

    Dora and Kate

  38. What a wonderful and loving tribute to all the sweeties that crossed the Bridge this year. I watched it through tears.

    We wish you all a very Happy New Year. May nothing but wonderful things come your way in 2012. Hugs and nose kisses

  39. We are very sad to lose so many furrends, but hope to meet new furrends that get rescued from the shelters and the streets and get to live in loving homes like yours and mine. We will always love Sweet P and watch over the little southern belles, Truffle and Brulee in her honor. xxoo Uncle Bhu

  40. Mom Paula, thank you for a wonderful tribute to all our furriends who've gone to the Rainbow Bridge this year. And thank you for including our Bowie!

    Many of these little ones I had not "met"; you've compiled a very nice keepsake.

    Thank you.

  41. God bless you for all the love you have in your heart for the precious lives entrusted to you.

    Happy New Year from the Painter Pack and the Painter Pack Cats.

  42. We don't have any words. Such a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  43. A wonderful job Mom Paula. Mum got overly leaky eyed this morning when we watched. We just stopped now to say thank for remembering all our our furriends who past on in 2011.

  44. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
    Magnificent post!!! That was a lot of work and a labour of love :)
    So sad that so many beautiful babies have gone to the Bridge. At least they knew love and happiness :) It made us cry. We were lucky to have our Mickey for such a long time and we are happy for that.
    May 2012 bring you joy,health
    and good fortune :)
    Love and hugs,Nancy
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  45. This is such a special tribute to all our beloved Angels.
    Thank you so much.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & KC

  46. What a loving tribute to all of our angels and thank you SO much for that. Seeing all of the babies we have gotten to know and love and my own baby too was beautiful. And yes, al of you darlings, I will remember you. Always.

  47. Paula, your tribute was so awesome, I still have tears running down my cheeks. Thank you so much for all of your loving work to create and share this ...
    Jan (and Sabrina, San and Simon too)

  48. Wow!!!

    Remarkable, powerful, and moving.

    Thank U for this wonderful tribute.

    It's things like this that show the world that the Cat Blogging Community something not to be dismissed as a force in blogging.

  49. Mom Paula, what a beautiful tribute to all the Angels of 2011. The music you picked was very special too. Wishing you, Truffle and Brulee a 2012 filled with many blessings. Happy New Year!

  50. We love your tribute to all our furriends, who have left us this past year. Too many.

    We, too, love the choice of music, very touching,especially the first two by Sarah McLachlan who grew up in our city of Halifax.



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