Monday, December 31, 2012

House Trashing ???

Anybody want to join us for a little house trashing party while Mom Paula is away.  After all, we ladycats need to have a fun New Year's Eve!
We've already started with some socks and nip toys.
Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're going to take it easy today in the guest bedroom with the boxes and wrapping paper.  Mom Paula is heading to the Outback Bowl to see our Gamecocks play Michigan.  Since Grandma Faye is going with Mom Paula, our pet sitter, DJ, will be watching us again.  We hope she gives us lots of treats!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photo Hunt: End

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "end".  We're sure this theme was meant to coincide with the end of the year, but we're taking a different perspective on "end."
 Truffle's floofy end

Brulee's floofy end
Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday at the Movies: Rasslin' on the Mattress

We love helping Mom Paula change the bed sheets.  Last weekend it was time to change the sheets again and as usual, we jumped on top of the mattress and had a blast.  Before Mom Paula could put clean sheets on the bed, we had a little rasslin' match.  Don't worry, we don't hurt each other.  We usually stop once one of us gets a mouth full of floof!  The video is a little dark because the switch on our light/ceiling fan broke and Mom Paula can't turn on the overhead light.
Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brulee's Vet Visit

It started out as a typical morning yesterday.  Mom Paula's alarm clock went off and she kept hitting the snooze button.  Truffle and I stayed sleeping on the bed and Mom Paula unwillingly got out of the bed early on her day off.  That should have been my warning sign.  The first clue was the PTU being moved from the bedroom to the living room last night.  Truffle tried to warn me about resting in the PTU, but I didn't pay her any attention. 
Truffle:  I don't think you want to stay in there.

Mom Paula got up and quickly got dressed.  She didn't even take the time to put on her usual makeup.  That should have been my second clue.  Next thing I know, She grabbed picked me up and shoved put me in the PTU and closed the door.
Truffle:  I tried to warn you!

Mom Paula then put me in that sporty metal machine she drives off in every morning without us.  It's a tight squeeze because there are only two seats, but it was plenty for the two of us.  
Did you have to close the door?

Mom Paula was prepared for the PTU Blues (as sung by Truffle) but I surprised her and just laid down quietly in the PTU.  I was so calm that she actually opened the door on the way to the vet.
There's enough room in this PTU for Truffle, too!  Why didn't you bring her?

We arrived at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Clinic and didn't have to wait long to be escorted to the back examining room.  These rooms aren't as fancy as the Cats Only Clinic that Sweet Praline used to go to, but we can be at this vet within 10 minutes and they have a state-of-the-art facility with numerous vets with great office hours.  

Ashley put me on the scales and I weigh a whopping 7.19 pounds (Truffle only weighed 5.75 pounds).  Ashley (the vet assistant) took me to the back room to give me for a Benadryl shot.  Mom Paula wasn't too happy they took me from the room for this, but I was gone before she could say, "where are . . .?"  Ashley brought me back in and said I did very well and Dr. Keisler would be in soon for the exam.  While waiting for Dr. Keisler, I decided to explore a little bit.
 Checking out the floor

 Checking out the x-ray viewer

Talking to Angel Sweet Praline while sitting on the scale.  She used to explore all the time, too!

Dr. Keisler came in and said I was doing great.  She even told me I was one of the sweetest cats she'd ever examined.  She talked about my beautiful floof (as she discovered yet another mat!  MOL).  Dr. Keisler only gave me the Rabies vaccination this time and will give me my FVRCP vaccination in about 3 weeks.  I had a bad reaction to the combination vaccinations last year and we're trying to avoid that again.  
Just look how relaxed I am while getting my shot!

Mom Paula ordered some more Revolution to put on us because since the weather is turning cold, those nasty critters may come inside to get warm on us!  Dr. Keisler then gave me some loving.
You are such a sweet little girl!

Dr. Keisler told Mom Paula that she recommended a special blood work up on both of us.  She could tell from our paperwork that all of our parents had tested negative for everything, but she always like to play it "safe."  She also said she likes to stay on top of the Persian breed because we do tend to have some "typical" problems/illnesses.  Mom Paula asked about microchipping and Dr. Keisler said all of her animals (we think she has 9 cats) are microchipped and they stay inside.  She asked about the chance of us getting outside and Mom Paula told her that she watches out for us very carefully, but she's read some horror stories from the CB about indoor only kitties getting outside.  Dr. Keisler said if Brulee (me) were to get outside that someone would definitely pick her up because of her beauty and her personality.  (Truffle would probably hide if she ever got out.)  We're going to think about both options for a long time.

Mom Paula scheduled another appointment for January 16 when I'll go back for the second shot.   The ride home was as quiet as the ride to the vet.  Truffle greeted me at the door and didn't hiss the first time when I came back in the house.  I went around the house meowing a little more than normal to make sure I was back home.  I did great yesterday.  No fever, no lethargy, no loss of appetite, no stress.  Either it wasn't the Rabies shot I reacted to or the Benadryl did the trick!

Now to go to sleep on my Peggy Blankie with my silver vine toy from Baby Patches' store.
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trip to Vet

If the weather isn't too bad today, Brulee is scheduled to go to the vet for her first annual checkup.  The weather people are calling for some really bad weather (hail, wind, and tornadoes  today.  Mom Paula says if she wakes up early this morning and the weather is bad that she will call the vet and reschedule.

In the meantime, Mom Paula pulled out the PTU in the living room so Brulee would be used to it.  As usual, Brulee shows no fear.  She went right in it!
What's this thing doing out in the living room?

Looks like a comfortable ladycat cave to me.

Come look at my new ladycat cave, Truffle!

 Truffle:  Little sister - do you realize where this PTU takes you?  You don't want to know what awaits you at the end of the road trip.

Pee ess - we'll post an update once Brulee gets back from the vet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Brulee, Truffle, and Mom Paula

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas Eve.  We've really tried to be good this year (at least as good as kittens can be) so we hope Santa Claws won't skip our house even if the only Christmas Tree Mom Paula put up was this one.
Truffle:  Is this the best you can do?

We received a package with our name on it last week and it wasn't from our Secret Paw.  It was from  Mom Jacqueline and all of her kitties at Jacqueline's Cat House.  Jacqueline and her girls (and DaddyCat) became friends a few years ago when Jacqueline was following Sweet Praline's blog but didn't have a blog of her own.  She sent an email to Mom Paula introducing herself and her cats and Mom Paula convinced her to start a blog.  We're so glad she did.  Mom Paula hasn't met Jacqueline in person (yet), but they've communicated through email and on the telephone.  Just look at what she sent us.
Truffle:  Just look at all of the stuff in here, Brulee

Truffle:  Brulee, you can have that fev-ver toy.  I'm going for the Temptations!

A PINK nip cigar!  And she sent two of them.  How cool is that!

Thank you Jacqueline's Cat House for the wonderful gift!

We've seen the Cat Dancer on other blogs and always thought we'd enjoy it.  Just as soon as Mom Paula took it out of the package, we were all over it!  We moved so fast that Mom Paula couldn't get a video, but she captured a couple of photos of us "dancing."  Boy that Cat Dancer moves fast!
Brulee dancing after that Cat Dancer while Truffle searches for it.

Look how fast Truffle caught it when it came near her.  Don't you love our dance moves?

Brulee still looking for the Cat Dancer when Mom Paula put it away.

Mom Paula said something about us being spoiled and having too many toys laying around, so she was going to put some of these away until we've worn out our current toys.  We don't know what she's talking about.  A kitty can never been too spoiled or have too many toys.

Some of you reading this will already be celebrating Christmas by the time you're reading this so we want to wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Mom Paula was talking to Mom Peggy (Laila and Minchie) last night on the phone and turned around and here's what she saw.

We don't usually sleep side-by-side, so this was unusual.  We don't know what it is about this black leather chair, but ever since Mom Paula finally cleaned it from all of the papers, we love it!  We stayed like this for a long time until Mom Paula's cell phone rang (which is pretty loud).

We hope you have a wonderful Easy Sunday!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photo Hunt - Kindness

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "kindness".  Everyone in the CB has shown kindness to Mom Paula and to us since she started blogging back in June 2008 with Sweet Praline.  

Mom Paula has met some of the CB moms and dads in person in her travels and they've shown nothing but kindness to her.  Jasper McKitten-Cat's dad, Dean, was the first cat blogger to introduce Mom Paula to the CB.  Dr. Dean was treating Mom Paula for some back problems and Mom Paula was facing a foot surgery and she was a little down.  Dr. Dean told Mom Paula about the CB and once Mom Paula started, she hasn't stopped.  Dr. Dean shows so much kindness to Mom Paula and to others in the CB.
Dad Dean and Mom Paula

The very first CB person she met was Renea who was Tybalt's mom and they lived in Atlanta, GA.  Renea met Mom Paula at the hotel for a quick dinner before Mom Paula drove back to SC from Atlanta (about a 4 hour drive), but they enjoyed each other's company so much that Mom Paula didn't leave Atlanta until about 9:00 pm that night.  Unfortunately, Tybalt doesn't blog anymore because Miss Renea is now Mrs. Renea and has two little humans.  Mom Paula still communicates with her on FB.
Mom Paula and Renea (September 2008)

Mom Paula traveled to Washington, DC in June 2010 and had the honor of meeting Auntie Deb from the Taylor Catsssss.  Auntie Deb and Mom Paula became fast friends and talked on the telephone constantly.  Auntie Deb helped Mom Paula name us!  They sat on the phone and researched New Orleans/French desserts that had a white/silver coloring.  Mom Paula spent a few days with Auntie Deb in June 2011 right after losing Sweet Praline.  They spent hours talking to each other and Auntie Deb's family showed so much kindness to Mom Paula.  
Auntie Deb and Mom Paula

In August 2010, Mom Paula traveled to Providence, RI.  While she was there, she was able to meet Laure Jones (The Misadventures of Me) and Laura Fritz (Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxie).  Mom Paula had just had shoulder surgery a few weeks earlier, so she wasn't able to get out too much, so Laure and Laura met her for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  They didn't get any pictures though!

April 2011 brought Bonnie (Chey's mom) to South Carolina. Mom Paula met Bonnie and her husband  (aka The Male) at a steak house and spent a few hours getting to know each other.  Mom Paula recently traveled to Seattle, WA this past summer and Bonnie showed much kindness to Mom Paula by showing her around the area after her meetings.  Mom Paula and Bonnie talk on the phone frequently, too.
 Mom Paula and Bonnie

Mom Paula loves to go to cat shows.  There used to be a cat show every year in Columbia, SC, but for some reason, they stopped.  In July 2011, right before we came to live with Mom Paula, the TICA cat show came to Columbia, SC.  Mom Paula was lucky to meet William and Carol McRee (Krasota Castle).  William and Carol breed and show Russians and Nebelungs and live about 1.5 hours away from us.  They have some beautiful cats and gave us our first present from members of the CB:  our Gamecock bandanas.  Mom Paula had her camera that day, but forgot to take a picture.

Mom Paula traveled to San Francisco in August 2011 and was able to meet several of the "old timer" cat bloggers at a local restaurant.  There was a major flight delay and everyone had been at the restaurant almost 2 hours before Mom Paula made it.  The food and company were delicious and Mom Paula appreciates the kindness that was shown to her.
Susie Barnes McGavin (Cat Banter with Kimo and Sabi), Amar Chaudhary (CatSynth)Michelle Calvo (Diva Kitty and the Fluffies)Karen Nichols (Skeezix the Cat), and Mom Paula.  Amanda Sava from PB&J was there but had to leave before the picture was taken..

Chicago was the next stop for Mom Paula and she finally met Laila and Minchie's mom - Peggy.  Laila and Minchie were the very first Secret Paws that sent a package to Sweet Praline.  Mom Paula and Peggy began talking through email, which led to telephone conversations, which led to a visit in Chicago.  Mom Paula was able to spend a couple of days with Mom Peggy and once again, the kindness of the cat bloggers was evident.  Better watch out when Mom Paula and Mom Peggy get on the telephone because they talk for hours!
Peggy and Mom Paula

Mom Paula enjoys meeting all of the humans behind the cats and hopes to meet many more.  She's scheduled to travel to Florida in a few months and is crossing her fingers she gets to meet a few more.  The kindness of the CB is amazing and we love all of you.  Just in case you thought we'd forget to show a picture of us today - here you are!

Oops!  We totally forgot to mention that Mom Paula met Marg of Marg's Animals.  It was another one of Mom Paula's overnight business trips to the upper part of the state.  Mom Paula and Marg went to eat at a local restaurant in Anderson, SC and spent a couple of hours together.  They could have chatted lots longer, but Mom Paula had to get to her meeting.  They also forgot to take pictures, but that doesn't make the visit any less important or memorable.  Mom Paula and Marg continue to chat through email and on the telephone.  
Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday at the Movies: Tickle Gherkin

We hope you've enjoyed our week of sharing our Secret Paws with you.  Sparkle and her mom did a wonderful job of selecting the appropriate toys and treats for us and we are so thankful.  Mom Paula has coordinated the Secret Paws the past 3 years and even though it's a lot of work, she doesn't mind giving back to the CB.  

Those of you who follow our blog closely know that Truffle loves the toys and goes crazy with the nip.    Brulee tends to just lick the nip, but usually  ignores it and prefers Mom Paula's socks and recently expressed an interest in feathers!  The one toy Sparkle sent us that was a hit with both Truffle and Brulee was the Tickle Gherkin.  The Tickle Gherkin is a smaller version of the wildly popular Tickle Pickle.  The video you see if of Truffle going crazy bunny kicking and rolling around with the Tickle Gherkin.  Mom Paula turned off the video camera and the next thing she knew Brulee was playing and bunny kicking her Tickle Gherkin, but we didn't get a video of it.  This is the first time ever that both Truffle and Brulee really liked the same toy and it's a good thing there were two of them in the bag.
 Brulee hugging her Tickle Gherkin (notice her Christmas sock in the background)

Truffle nipping out with her Tickle Gherkin while Sparkle watches in the background.

Here's a short little video of Truffle playing with the Tickle Gherkin.  At this point Brulee hadn't shown any interest in it.  Wish we could have gotten a video of Brulee playing with it.

Mom Paula knows Truffle and Brulee are still playing with their Tickle Gherkins because she's finding them all over the house.

Thank you Sparkle!!

Pee ess - Don't forget to post about your Secret Paws on the special Secret Paws 2012 blog.  If it's going to be a few days before you can post, please consider sending a thank you email to your Secret Paw.  If you need their email address, you can find it on the "participants" tab on the Secret Paws 2012 blog.  Mom Paula is keeping a spreadsheet noting when everyone receives their package (we all know she's a little OCD).

Pee pee ess - We received a special package from our furriends at Jacqueline's Cat House.  We hope to share this with you this weekend!
Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Secret Paws, Day 4

It's finally time to show you all of our special items from our Secret Paws package from Sparkle.

Truffle immediately went for the Tickle Gherkin (a smaller version of the Tickle Pickle).  As you can see, Truffle grabbed the gherkin while it was still in the package and in Mom Paula's hands.  This reminded Mom Paula it was time to trim Truffle's claws!
Truffle attacking the gherkin

Our next toy was a Nylabone "Chase 'N' Pounce Punk Rock Mouse.  We've always heard about Nylabones because our grandma Faye buys them for our woofie cousin, Bandit.  This will be really good for Truffle because she loves to chew on stuff.
 Brulee checking out the Punk Rock Mouse

Yummy!  Our favorite treats are the Whole Life Freeze Dried treats, especially chicken and turkey.  Sparkle was so nice and sent us two packages; one for each of us.
As usual, Truffle already has her teeth marks in the treat bag.

We also have a Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick.  Sweet Praline always loved mint, but we haven't had any yet, so we are really looking forward to trying this out.  Mom Paula said something about helping our breath.  We don't know what she's talking about because we smell wonderful!
 Truffle and Brulee:  Hmmmm . . .  this smells different.

Yippee!  We have a new tin case of Yeowww Sardines.  We don't know why they have a clothes pin on the cat on the canister and why Mom Paula pinches her nose when she opens this.  We love the smell.
 Brulee and Truffle sniffing the potent aroma from the tin.

The small red package got Truffle's attention in a hurry.  Of course, everything gets Truffle's attention.  Before Mom Paula could even open it, Truffle had her teeth marks in it.
 Truffle putting her mark on this smaller package.

Once Mom Paula got the package away from Truffle and opened it, Brulee jumped right over.  Everyone should remember when Brulee claimed the feather ball for her own before sending our Secret Paws package.  This small package contained two small feather balls.  As you can see, Brulee loves it.
 Fevers! Fevers! Fevers!

This unique toy is a Categories Tropical Feathered Friends and it's specially designed for "chasing".  We love the multiple textures of these birds and Brulee is especially fond of the feathers.
Brulee checking out these tropical fevers!

We also received a coupon for a free can of Fancy Feast Mornings.  Mom Paula promised she'd use it on her next trip to the pet supply store.

Sparkle also remembered Mom Paula with this delicious box of Godiva Truffles!  What was so unique about this box of chocolates is that it represents both of us.  The chocolates are truffles and one of the flavors is Creme Brulee.  There are six flavors:  chocolate lave cake, chocolate eclair, strawberry creme torte, red velvet cake, tiramisu, and creme brulee.  We don't know how we feel about Mom Paula munching of truffles and brulee, but she assured us we have nothing to worry about.
 Truffle:  What's so special about this?  We can't have any of it!

Thank you so much Sparkle!  We are so honored you (and your mom) chose these special gifts for us this year.  

Tomorrow, we'll share a short little video of the toy that was a "hit" with both of us.  Stay tuned . . .