Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truffle is Home

Truffle came home last night around 8:45 pm (Mom Paula had a meeting after work).  She's doing great and so far there have been NO hissy fits between Truffle and Brulee.  Mom Paula actually separated the two of us for a little bit because I (Brulee) wanted to play with my sister and Mom Paula was afraid I'd hurt her.  At the time of this writing, Mom Paula still isn't sure what she's going to do overnight because both of us usually sleep with her on the bed and she has a tall, four-poster, rice bed.

 Truffle walking through her tunnel.  Look at the bright pink bandage on her foot.  The vet knew we loved pink.
Truffle settling in under the Ess while Brulee looks to see if Mom Paula is watching before she pounced on Truffle.
Monday, January 30, 2012

Becoming a Ladycat

Update:  Truffle is out of surgery and doing fine.  I won't be able to pick her up until later this evening because of a meeting I have after work.  (Thankfully, the vet stays open until 9:00 pm).  I received this picture and text message from Truffle this afternoon.

"Just saying "hi"!  C u this afternoon. Love, Truffle"

There comes a time in a kitten's life when she must make the transition from a babycat to a ladycat.  I guess today is my time.  I'm scheduled for my lady gardenectomy this morning.  Mom Paula must take me in the PTU to the vet at 7:30 am.  Please purr that everything goes well with both the surgery and my recuperation.  Thank you once again for all of your support with the auction and donations  - Truffle
Why do have have to travel behind bars to become a ladycat?

Good luck big sister!  Please hurry home!
Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're settling into our Peggy Blankie to take it easy today.  We hope all of you have a restful day!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo Hunt - Fluffy

Today's Photo Hunt theme, "fluffy", definitely describes us!  Here are some pictures in all of our fluffiness!

Truffle - just look at that fluffy tail!
Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday at the Movies

We weren't being too cooperative with Mom Paula this week for an "action" movie.  Mom Paula's former boss, Gail, came over last night to visit with us.  Gail's two cats went to the Bridge this past year, too.  Gail now has two Ragdoll kittens:  Minka and Max.  Anyway, she played with us nonstop with daBird and we were exhausted.

Mom Paula caught us on the digital piano and tried to see how we'd react to actually playing the piano.  Once she turned it on, we weren't too happy with her.

As you can see from the video, we just wanted to be "glamorous" this week.  We don't know how active Truffle will be next week since her lady gardenectomy is Monday.  The vet tech said Truffle did great today getting her bloods stolen, but Truffle sang very loudly to Mom Paula all the way there and back.
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We are very, very thankful for all of our CB furriends and their beans today.  It appears that the mini-auction for Truffle's lady gardenectomy is a success and there will be enough funds to cover her surgery (unless the estimate from the doctor was incorrect) with a little to put into savings to help with Brulee's surgery in a couple of months.  The kindness of the CB is so amazing and we don't have enough words to thank everyone for their thoughtful contributions and support.  

Truffle goes to the vet this morning for her blood work.  She may not like that new cave too much once she see where it will take her today.  Truffle made a liar out of Mom Paula this week.  The hammick has been out since September when Truffle came to live with Mom Paula and she has totally ignored it.  That is, until Mom Paula donated it for the auction and look who decided to test it out!  Truffle only stayed in it a couple of minutes and has ignored it since.  I think Truffle just wanted to send her scent to the winning bidder.  Mom Paula said she'd wash it before mailing it out.

Me (Brulee), I prefer relaxing on Mom Paula's dark blue wool coat.  That way she takes a little of me with her every day.

Pee ess - Mom Paula said she had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know Marg, from Margs Pets yesterday.  Marg even sent us a special surprise.  Thank you, Marg, for our surprise and for running the auction.
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

De-Cluttering the Closet

For those of you who used to visit Sweet Praline all the time, you know about the junk closet in Mom Paula's home office.  A couple of years ago, Sweet Praline shared a couple of pictures of one of her favorite hidey holes and it was in the junk closet.  Here is a snapshot of the embarrassing junk closet.

We admit that we love this junk closet because just like Sweet Praline shared two years ago, it's a great hidey hole.  However, for some reason, Mom Paula has started de-cluttering lately.  She said something about a fresh start.

Here are some photos of our supervision of the de-cluttering of the junk closet.

Yep, I still see several places to hide.

Truffle and Brulee checking out the progress of the de-cluttering of the closet.

Mom - we're impressed with your progress.  Where will we hide now?

Pee ess - Mom Paula is on the road today and tomorrow, but she has plans to meet Marg from Margs Pets for lunch on Wednesday since she is going to be visiting in that part of the state.  How exciting.  Hi Marg!!!
Monday, January 23, 2012


As you read on Saturday's post, Brulee has now become a sock-o-holic.  Cory, from Cory's Cat Blog, has admitted to secretly teleporting over and showing Brulee the joys of socks.  The pictures below show just a few of the socks Brulee has taken all over the house.  She never brings a matching pair!

 Brulee playing with a white sock (kind of hard to see it with her floof)

 Brulee has the white sock tucked under her chin playing with it.

 A few of the "single" socks Brulee has brought into the living room.

Some of Brulee's additional stash of socks!

Truffle checking out the new "cave" in the house to see if any of Brulee's socks are in there.  Little does she know she'll be traveling in this new contraption next week.  More on that later.
Sunday, January 22, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're taking it easy today.  How about you?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo Hunt - Bliss

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "bliss" and we're going to let  Brulee be the focus for today.  When Brulee is awake, she's usually going at 100% all the time and still squirms like a worm when Mom Paula tries to hold her, brush her, or trim her nails.  However, when Brulee gets sleepy, she is totally at "bliss".  Here is one of the first pictures Mom Paula took of Brulee when she came to live with us.  If this isn't blissful, I don't know what is!

Truffle is the one who carries toys all over the house.  Everywhere she goes, she carries a toy and Mom Paula never knows where she will find one (even in the litter box).  Last week, Mom Paula walked into the living room and was confronted with individual socks and knee high hosiery all over the place.  Mom Paula thought maybe she dropped some when she was folding the laundry until Miss Priss - Brulee, walked in front of her carrying one of her socks.  Brulee even fell asleep holding onto the sock as can be seen below.  We love how her little pout turns into a smile when she sleeps upside down like this!

Mom Paula is accusing Cory is sneaking into the house to teach Brulee about the "bliss" of socks!
Friday, January 20, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries

Maggy and Zoey have asked us to participate in the Unsolved Cat and  Dog Mysteries today.  At first we were going to share a mystery in our house where Mom Paula caught the culprit, but we went back to the announcement about today and we have to share about a mystery that is still unsolved.  For this mystery, we must go back to the days when Sweet Praline lived with Mom Paula.

We hear such wonderful things about Sweet Praline, but Mom Paula says there is one thing she did really well and it's a major mystery to solve.  Sweet Praline never "threw up" a nice, tidy hairball and as a result, there are several carpet stains in our house.  The mystery is how to get rid of these stains without just taking up the carpet and putting new floor coverings down (which just isn't possible right now).  Mom Paula has tried almost every stain remover out there and we still have a couple of stains that just won't go way.  What makes this mystery even more suspenseful is that Mom Paula doesn't see the stains until she takes a picture with a flash!  Any help with solving the mystery of removing these stains are greatly appreciated.  

As much as Mom Paula hates to share these photos, here are a couple with the mystery stains.

Mystery stain to our left in the home office

Mystery stain on the right in the living room

Mystery Stains in the Hallway

Sweet Praline really knew how to do it right!
Sweet Praline relaxing right in the middle of some of her handiwork stains!

Pee ess - The biopsies were negative!  The doctor is trying some new medicine for Mom Paula and wants her to come back in a couple of months for an colonoscopy.  The doctor asked Mom Paula if she had been under any stress the past year.  DUH!!!!   In the meantime, Mom Paula gets results from bloodwork from another doctor next week and will probably be sent to an ENT to see why she is keeping a nagging cough!!!  Thanks for your purrs.
Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truffle and the TV

It doesn't matter which room we're in, Truffle is fascinated with the TV.  Mom Paula has an old-fashioned TV in her home office where she can watch games and her favorite shows while on the computer.  However, lately, Truffle gets up close and personal with the TV.  Here she is below watching a basketball game.

Truffle likes to look at all of the athletes and their stats when they are on TV.  She even looks away from the game on FB that Mom Paula likes to play.

Of course, when the commercials come on, Truffle focuses on the FB game and sits right in front of the monitor so Mom Paula can't see to play.  

Truffle really likes the big TV in the living room.  She thinks the shelf the TV rests on is her on personal seat.

 Truffle even likes to watch TV from our cat tree.  Me (Brulee), I prefer playing with the blinds.

Pee ess - Mom Paula goes back to the doctor today to find out the results of her medical test and biopsies.  We're being pawsitive that she's okay, just under a lot of stress.  
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Helping Mom in the Kitchen

Between traveling for her job and going to various doctors, Mom Paula is really busy lately (and tired).  Truffle decided she wanted to help out in the kitchen.  We don't think Mom Paula appreciated this type of help.

Brulee didn't care too much about helping out.  She just wanted to see if there were any crumbs on the floor.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top of the Tower

There's nothing like feeling like a queen in the top of the tower!  That is, except when you have to share it with a little princess.

Truffle looking very regal

Get over it big sister, I was here first!
Brulee wouldn't budget an inch.
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're going to try and take it easy today and this week.  Mom Paula was on the road 3 days last week and she's only on the road 2 days this week, but she does go back to the doctor to find out the results of her biopsy on Thursday.

We think if Mom Paula just takes it easy with us that it will heal anything that ails her!
Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Hunt - Circular

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "circular".  We love this circular toy with two balls in it.  When we're not busy chasing each other, we chase these balls.

Brulee and our circular toy

Truffle still loves our circular tunnel!  She's always playing in it or hiding her head in it, especially after Mom Paula has to give her bottom a bath!  The price of a floofy bottom!!!

Truffle after her impromptu bath this week!
Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday at the Movies

We love our spring toy that Mom Jacqueline sent us a few weeks ago.  We also love the box that our food came in.  What's the best of all of playing with our spring toy inside our box!  Mom Paula hasn't thrown away our big box yet and we get to play in it.  One night Mom Paula heard all of this "paper" noise and thought we were in her junk closet.  When she got up from the computer to see what we were up to, she saw us in our box playing like crazy.  When she looked closer, she saw that we had brought our spring toys inside the box and that's why we were making so much noise.

Here's a little video of us playing with our spring toy inside our box.  The first part is Brulee playing in the box and the second half shows Truffle inside the box with Brulee going crazy outside the box!  Watch for my reaction towards the end of the video when Brulee jumps in the box with me.  I'm like, "What was that?"

Have a great weekend!

Pee ess - we just realized today was Friday the 13th!  We hope everyone has a very lucky day!
Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paper Towers

Mom Paula is still working on her home office.  She is amazed at some of the things she is finding.  You may see some of these items on a future auction!  We don't care about all of those things; we're just worried Mom Paula will get rid of our paper towers!

 Mom Paula holds her breath every time Truffle climbs on this paper tower!

Brulee likes the paper tower on top of the music stand.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glamorous Tuesday

Mom Paula was able to get a couple of pictures of us this weekend being "glamorous" and we wanted to share them with you today.

 Brulee at 4 months old

Truffle at 7 months old

Can you still tell us apart?