Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We're thankful for all of the hidey places in Mom Paula's house!  It's so easy to play hide and seek with Mom Paula behind all of the papers or in the closet. 

 Brulee on the printer stand

Truffle in the linen closet

We're very thankful to Ann for our new look!  We appreciate everything she does for us and we're always impressed with the results!

Pee ess - Mom Paula had an endoscopy yesterday and won't know the results for a couple more weeks.  The doctor sent off two biopsies.  Purrs are appreciated.

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  1. Wow!! What cool pleases to hide!! We are sending lots of prayers and purrs to Mom Paula!!
    Your TX furiends,

  2. We were wondering about that endoscopy thing and purring just in case. We'll keep purring to we get the "all clear"!

  3. I am sending purrs your human's way! Paws crossed for a good report!

  4. Pawsome blog and those hidey places look great!

    Meow from Au, Target and Guido.

  5. The blog redesign looks terrific, yes, Ann does wonderful work!

    Purrs to your mom for good results, we'll keep our paws crossed.

  6. Those are such good hiding places. I got it right, that is Truffle in the closet.
    We sure are sending really strong purrs to Mom Paula. We just know the results are going to be fine. Try to stay positive.
    Love the header. That is terrific.
    Take care.

  7. Ann did it again! Your new look is simply so sweet and cute! Purrfect for two sweet little girls!

    We have our paws and fingers crossed here that everything turns out okay for Mom Paula and those biopsies! (((HUGS)))

  8. We are purring our best purrs for your Mom girls - we are sure she will get good results. We love your "new look" blog - we love Ann's work too she is so creative.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. You two girls have got it made! The hidey places are awesome.

    We are definitely sending purrs to Mom Paula for good results!

  10. You girls have the best hidey spots! We have fingers, paws, toes, and tails crossed for your mama!

  11. Oh man. I see all kinds of chances for trouble in those photos! But how cute those little ones are.

    Another new header? Way cute! Miz Ann is very, very talented.

    "The Boys" and I are purring and praying for good news for Mom Paula.

  12. We are glad you are helping to keep the house organized! Love the new header and purrs to mom paula!

  13. We will purr that everything is great for your Mum. I like all those hiding places.

  14. Careful not to find yourselves locked in a closet!

    Sending purrs for Mom Paula.

  15. WE love your new look. Ann is so good at making our blogs look spiffy! We are sending lots of purrs to Mom Paula.

  16. It's also nice when you are so small you can fit into those wee . Enjoy it while you can, girls!
    Purrrs to mom Paula!

  17. Hidey-holes are essential to a kitten's peace of mind! Efurryone needs a little PURRivate space now and then.

    And, we're purring for you Paula that the results of your tests show that nothing's wrong.

  18. Love the hidey holes..I remember looking for my babies! And the header is superb..as always.

    Got your back..prayers for you.



  19. We love the new look, too! Ann is so talented! Of course, look at those two purrfect little sweetie pies . . . easy to work with! xxoo Uncle Bhu

  20. Hiding is so much fun!

    We are purring for Mom Paula and hope she gets good results!

  21. Your blog looks lovely. We are sending purrs for your mum.


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