Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truffle and the TV

It doesn't matter which room we're in, Truffle is fascinated with the TV.  Mom Paula has an old-fashioned TV in her home office where she can watch games and her favorite shows while on the computer.  However, lately, Truffle gets up close and personal with the TV.  Here she is below watching a basketball game.

Truffle likes to look at all of the athletes and their stats when they are on TV.  She even looks away from the game on FB that Mom Paula likes to play.

Of course, when the commercials come on, Truffle focuses on the FB game and sits right in front of the monitor so Mom Paula can't see to play.  

Truffle really likes the big TV in the living room.  She thinks the shelf the TV rests on is her on personal seat.

 Truffle even likes to watch TV from our cat tree.  Me (Brulee), I prefer playing with the blinds.

Pee ess - Mom Paula goes back to the doctor today to find out the results of her medical test and biopsies.  We're being pawsitive that she's okay, just under a lot of stress.  

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  1. Purrs for your mama! Lots and lots of purrrs and (((hugs))).
    I'm not a fan of tv. But I do snoopervise the reading of the blogs!

  2. We is keeping lots of good purry thoughts for your Mommy. XOXOXO

  3. Truffle you just make sure all that tv is G-rated! Purrs fur Mom Paula. xoxo

  4. The only TV I ever watch is Bird TV, or sometimes my human puts on the cat sitter DVD, but I get bored with it after about 10 minutes. I'm sending lots of purrs to your human - paws crossed for good biopsy results!!

  5. Star watches TV when there are animals on. Leo occasionally takes a peek, but isn't too interested. He was afraid of it when he first arrived! He'd never seen one before.
    Purrs for your mommy!

  6. Sending purrs for good results! Some kitties like TV bit we do not! Maybe it is what Mom is watching that we do no like!

  7. We are certain your Momma will pass all her tests. I think you are getting up close to smell all those stinky guys on the television.

  8. Lots of purrrs and prayers for Mom Paula and we pray for a good report!!
    Your TX furiends,

  9. Truffle, you silly little girl! Positive purrs for the results today!

  10. Lot of purrs to Mom Paula that the test all come back A OK.
    Truffle, you are too cute watching the TV. Do you have a favorite program?? That is one way to get your Mom's attention, sit in front of the TV and the monitor. Have a great day.

  11. Truffle you are a sweetie.Im new here so I cant wait to follow and join in your adventures.All the best to your mom.I feel purffectly positive things will be good, dont worry.Meow hugs!

    Pretty page and kitties here.

  12. Trufle, you're gonna hafta get your own TV to watch!!

    We are purring real hard for Mom Paula and hope her results are good! And we gave you both an award today...because you're so sweet...stop by sometime to pick it up!!

  13. Keeping all of our fingers and paws crossed here for Mom Paula today! We love that little personal size tv in the office!

  14. I have got my purr motor running for your mum's results to be good. I also like to watch tv but usualy the animal shows with birds and fishes. Love the pictures of you watching.. Hugs GJ xx

  15. When Nicki first was adopted he paid a lot of attention to the TV, seemed fascinated by it for a short time. Didn't last long, we both ignore it.

    We're sending lots of purrs and kitty kisses to your mom, for excellent results!

  16. MOL Truffle sure does like TV! We see she likes Bubble Witch Saga too!!

    We're purring for good reports for your Mom.

    The Florida Furkids

  17. We are purring our bestest purrs for your Mom today and hope her results are good ones. We don't like the TV too much but we are very kind and let Mum watch it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Go Truffle go! We are all sending tons of purrs to your Mom!

  19. Me (Clarissa) and Sable were both fascinated by the t.v. when we were kittens. Sable like nature shows, especially if wolves were involved. He'd hear them howl and go park himself on the floor and watch the t.v. Mom always thought it was kind of odd since he is a cat!

  20. we think the blinds might be more fun...just don't get the tv thing. Purrs to mom paula.....

  21. "The Boys" and I are pawsitive, too, that Mom Paula's tests are all right. We think the Dr would have called you if they were not okay...paws crossed.

    Now about those little girls and the TV and the blinds.

    Truff, surely you don't need glasses yet. You're sitting up close there.

    Brulee, sure hope those blinds are fastened down tight.

    Yep, you two are settled in just swell. It's so nice when family takes an interest in each others activities.

  22. Great pics! Your mommy is in our thoughts and prayers....

  23. Goodness Truffle! You really like the TV!

    We are sending tons of purrs and purrayers that your Mom's biopsies are negative and that she is fine!

    Luf, Us

  24. Our beloved Tabitha luffed to watch the television, too. We hope your human gets good news today. We will keep our paws crossed and send purrs.

  25. How cute are you Truffles! Maybe you can gets a stripey shirt and bes a ref!

    We continues to purr fur your mommy. Mine mommy knows how stressful waiting for results can be. Her always sais that the greater the stress, the better the happy once everything is good.

  26. Dad and I have been watching a lot of Westerns on the TV. Nothing but horses, horses, horses. I try to keep Dad company. His foot still is sick after 5 months. Hope your Mom gets better soon!
    Love, Mandu

  27. I've never seen a cat so interested in TV before! Maybe even more interested in the humans of the house... hmm.. well a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do! Enjoy your favorite programs Truffle! You deserve it :)


    All4UrPet Representative


    Check out the App store for Android and iPhone to download our mobile application! Simply search All4UrPet.

  28. You are a real TV addict Truffle. We are purring for your mom to get good results today.

  29. Truffle enjoy your TV shows!
    We are purring for your Mom!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and warm purrs. I am back from the Vet, resting, still not eating but doing better. Momma is praying I will eat tomorrow so I don't have to go back to Vet Jail.

  30. We are praying all goes well with your mom and the test results are good. That is so cute sweet Truffle that you like to watch TV and you are a basketball fan. Both of you look so cute in the tree. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. ::sneaks in::

    Brulee, you weren't supposed to let your mom find out that I've been visiting and teaching you how to play with socks.


    Next I'll teach you to sing!

    Purrs to your mom!

    xoxo Cory


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