Friday, January 20, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries

Maggy and Zoey have asked us to participate in the Unsolved Cat and  Dog Mysteries today.  At first we were going to share a mystery in our house where Mom Paula caught the culprit, but we went back to the announcement about today and we have to share about a mystery that is still unsolved.  For this mystery, we must go back to the days when Sweet Praline lived with Mom Paula.

We hear such wonderful things about Sweet Praline, but Mom Paula says there is one thing she did really well and it's a major mystery to solve.  Sweet Praline never "threw up" a nice, tidy hairball and as a result, there are several carpet stains in our house.  The mystery is how to get rid of these stains without just taking up the carpet and putting new floor coverings down (which just isn't possible right now).  Mom Paula has tried almost every stain remover out there and we still have a couple of stains that just won't go way.  What makes this mystery even more suspenseful is that Mom Paula doesn't see the stains until she takes a picture with a flash!  Any help with solving the mystery of removing these stains are greatly appreciated.  

As much as Mom Paula hates to share these photos, here are a couple with the mystery stains.

Mystery stain to our left in the home office

Mystery stain on the right in the living room

Mystery Stains in the Hallway

Sweet Praline really knew how to do it right!
Sweet Praline relaxing right in the middle of some of her handiwork stains!

Pee ess - The biopsies were negative!  The doctor is trying some new medicine for Mom Paula and wants her to come back in a couple of months for an colonoscopy.  The doctor asked Mom Paula if she had been under any stress the past year.  DUH!!!!   In the meantime, Mom Paula gets results from bloodwork from another doctor next week and will probably be sent to an ENT to see why she is keeping a nagging cough!!!  Thanks for your purrs.

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  1. Heck, a home is not a home without a stain or two! And yours are super-subtle!

  2. We luf spot-not fur stains. It that doesn't work fur us, we figure it was meant to be there! Glad to hear the good news bout the tests. We'll purray the cough clears up soon. xoxo

  3. Congrats on the test results.

    I use Natures Miracle on stains. Pour it on like water, and use a washcloth or paper towel to blot or soak up the stain. Works pretty well.

    My home remedy cough palliative is cinnamon hard candy. When I lived in Chicago I would get a mild cold and a cough. The cold would pass but the cough would get worse for months, because the soreness makes you cough more. I keep a jar of the candy around for coughs, and in the pockes of my coats, even now.

  4. Forgive us, but why remove carpet stains? They are memories.

    TBT has a stain on the bedroom caret from LC. He tried ta remove it once, but then decided it was a remeberance.

  5. My human is no help with stains! She just does the best she can with whatever carpet cleaner happens to be around and leaves it at that. The carpets here need to be cleaned really badly anyhow! They USED to be sort of white.

    I'm glad the biopsies are negative! Purrs and paws crossed that your human gets some help for the other problems.

  6. First, we are happy about your test results :)
    As for the stains, well they may remain a mystery ! heehee
    Maybe you only see them because you know they are there. We like Mark's Mews comment :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. We're so happy to hear about your test results!

    What stains? We were too busy looking at those gorgeous furballs wrassling!

  8. First, that is great news that the tests came back negative.
    It is really hard to get those stains out, that is for sure. Just tell those two cute gals to be sure to lie on them when someone comes. Take care.

  9. What wonderful news those tests came back negative!!! What a relief!

    Mom says we have carpet that matches our mystery stains so they are very hard to find. hehehe!

  10. Those mystery stains are keeping the secret fur sure! Hooray, I am so happy for the negative test results!!!

  11. Shoot. We don't have mystery stains. We have tile floors! They clean up awefully well!

  12. "The Boys" and I are thrilled to know you had "negative" results on your biopsies! Woo hoo! The power of purryers, indeed!

    Now about those stains... Forgetaboutit!

    Love those two rolling furbies.

  13. Just keep those stains as memories of Sweet Praline!!

    And YAY for the negative results! That is good news!!

  14. We're glad to hear your test results were negative and hope the new medicine works for you.
    As for the stains - don't look down!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Thank heaven for the great results so far, Mom Paula. Mom and I are purring for you. Mom CAN purr..I hear her at night. I fink she purrs too loudly.

    xoxox Katie

  16. huh - we have that problem here and mom is baffled as well. MOL

    those darned people v-e-t-s....

  17. Those stains are just small reminders of your precious girl=it is really awesome to see gorgeous Praline again!...YAY for the good test results, we are keeping you in our purrs and prayers...Happy Friday lovely friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. We love seeing Sweet Praline again ~ and the stains. Every kitty home needs stains ~ 'cos that shows a loving relaxed attitude to animals. xxx

  19. Dear Truffle and Brulee,
    You can help your Mom a lot by doing what I do:
    When I feel a fur ball coming up, I run to my litter box and cough it up in there.
    (Don't forget to hug your Mom.)

  20. Yeah for the negative biopsies! Whoo hoo!

    Oh yes, we have stains in our house too. Lots of puke stains.

    Luf, Us

  21. I am so glad that the results are good and it could just be the stress as that causes lots of problems.Mum says she wouldnt worry about the stains because if they only show with the camera flash they are not so bad and a pet home always has stains of some sort. Hugs GJ xx

  22. Ghost stains? Wow, that is a mystery.

    Glad the biopsies were negative!

  23. Me is so glad to hears about your by-opsies! We is purring fur gud blood works too.

    Mine mommy finks that your dark spots aren't stains at all. Her finks that them is caused by the removal of the poly coating, they puts on the rug fibers, by the stain removers. Her finks they just not reflects back the flashy-box light acause them aren't so shiny anymores.

    Me not knows if that is right, her not very smart sometimes. But me finks you should just smiles when you sees them in the flashy-box acause they was left to you by Angel Praline.

  24. We are so glad Mom Paula got good news!

    Light gray carpet stains easily. Need to be very careful when cleaning up to not make the stain bigger or deeper. Might try Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Remover and their Pet Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner on the old stains.

    I've heard some people use white vinegar or a bit of baby shampoo in water initially. Always check in an inconspicuous spot and good luck!

  25. Mai mom sez the kind of carpet we have "repels stains" (yeah, right!). Usually, she picks up any of the "solids" and blots the liquids, but waits until it is dry. Then she pours a little club soda on the spot and blots with a rag made from an old white tee shirt. This almost always removes the stain. xxoo Uncle Bhu

  26. That is great news for negative biopsy results. We don't have a solution for the stains. We have them on our carpet too.

  27. Concatulations on your Mama getting a clean bill of health from the people vets! And getting rid of stains in the rug! Me thinks that is a eternal mystery

  28. My stains are worse because I go and eat grass then throw up - so the stains are GREEN!


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