Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hide and Seek

We like to play hide and seek with all of the things on the floor in our house.  Truffle really enjoys her crinkle tunnel and Mom Paula caught her trying to hide behind it in the picture below.  Mom Paula really likes this picture because Truffle is looking innocent (she usually isn't) and cute (she is)!

Brulee is still the little clown in our house.  Mom Paula never knows what she is going to do next, but she's usually adorable when she does it.  Mom Paula put a little nip in the boogie mat and Brulee just crawled right under it while Truffle looked on.

We also want to encourage everyone to participate in the Furrrz Mob at Baby Patches' store, Nip and Bones, and help out this weekend.  There are lots of things to choose from for both kitties and woofies.  Mom Paula ordered a few things for us yesterday and we're very excited.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday at the Movies

Mom Paula tries not to work too much from home since we've come to live with her, but because of the nature of her job, she ends up working at that big computer anyway.  We always like to make a grand entrance to get her attention so she'll play with us (or give us treats) instead of working and we're usually pretty successful!  Here's a short little video of Truffle and Brulee making their grand entrance into the home office.  

We want to wish our grandpa bean, Paul, a very happy birthday today!  We don't have a picture of him with us yet, but here's a picture of him making a silly face at Mom Paula this past Christmas (2011).  He's 79 years young today!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Working on the Diva

Truffle turns 10 months old next week and she's trying out her "diva" attitude to see how it fits!  I don't know if running your mouth is part of being a diva, but Truffle really has that part down!

 "I'm the diva around here, so get used to it."

 "I am diva, hear me roar!"

 I'm a tough little diva!

Even though Mom Paula says Brulee is her wild child, she doesn't have a diva bone in her body (yet!). 
Oh, get over yourself big sister!

Pee ess - It was this time last year that Sweet Praline was diagnosed with cancer and Mom Paula lost her just  a short month later.  Even though Mom Paula gets a little sad when she thinks about this time period a year ago, we want to celebrate Sweet Praline's life.  Stay tuned for our idea for celebrating the life of Sweet Praline.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspecting the Trashcan

We continue to  interfere help Mom Paula clean up and purge her stuff in the home office.  Our favorite part of interferring helping out is to make sure the trash can is clean after the empties it.  We think we're excellent snoopervisors and have fun taking turns with the inspections.

 Brulee inspects the trashcan first and Truffle looks on.

Truffle takes her inspection duties very seriously as she checks out the bottom 
of the trashcan as Brulee looks on.
Monday, March 26, 2012

Profile Portraits

Mom Paula is still experimenting with her cameras and lighting and she was very pleased with the two profile pictures below!  She can't believe she caught us both of us being so still.

 Brulee will be 7 months old tomorrow.

Truffle will be 10 months old next week.
Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're taking it easy today on top of Mom Paula's printer.  The problem is that we can't both get up there at the same time and Brulee is usually hogging it!

I grabbed the printer first and made sure I was spreading out enough where Brulee couldn't get up here.  

But, as usual, Brulee wormed her way up on the printer and scooted me out of the way.  She really knows how to "spread out" so she can claim the whole printer.

We like it up on the printer because we're very close to Mom Paula's head when she's working on her computer.  It's just not fair that there's only one printer.

Have a restful Sunday!
Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Hunt - Spicy

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "spicy".  We started to post using a play on words since we are hot, diva-in-training ladycats, but Mom Paula said we were still babies so it was still a little early for that.  Instead, we decided to check out the salsa that Mom Paula likes, even though it's mild, it's still to spicy for our tummies (and Mom Paula's).

We prefer our Wellness stinky goodness, anyway!

Speaking of "spicy", Mom Paula goes back to the doctor on Tuesday morning to find out the results of her colonoscopy and the biopsies that were done.  We have a feeling that her days of eating "spicy" foods are done.  We may consider sharing some of our Wellness with her if it would help heal her tummy.
Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday at the Movies

Sorry we haven't been visiting as much this week.  Mom Paula has been extremely busy at work and has been on the road three days.  A good friend of hers got her some tickets to the South Carolina baseball games this week and she's been getting home late every night since Wednesday.  Of course, she still finds time to play with us.  This week, we got to play with our Da Bird in the hallway.  We just love our Da Bird!

Brulee goes crazy when Mom Paula pulls out Da Bird.  Truffle tries to act dignified and tries to ignore it, but it doesn't last long.

Have a great weekend!  Mom Paula is going to try and get some more photos to send to Ann for our new header.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thank you to everyone for all of the advice and compliments on our photos and on taking pictures.  Mom  Paula isn't going to give up.  She agrees with everyone that you take 100s of pictures in order to get that one special one.

Here are a couple of more pictures of us this weekend looking right at the camera!
 Brulee with her cute little flat face!

Truffle with her beautiful eyes!  (Mom Paula really likes this picture!)
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

We're working with Ann to design a new header since we are getting older and our looks have changed drastically.  Mom Paula is trying to get some good, clear pictures of us to send to Ann but she's having a hard time since we are still kittens and we move around so much.  We'd really appreciate your input if you see a picture you really like!
 Beautiful picture of Truffle if it were clearer.  She's always moving when the camera comes out.

Love this head shot of Brulee but it could be clearer.

Mom Paula:  I really need help!  I have three great cameras (even the same type that Terri had when she sent me the glamour shots) but I can't figure out how to get good clear pictures of the girls!  For those of you who always have clear pictures, please feel free to email me (sweetpurrfections.blogspot.com).   I have a Canon Rebel EOS (6.3 Megapixel), a Canon PowerShot SX120 IS (10 Megapixes), and a Nikon Coolpix (14 Megapixel).  I know natural sunlight would be the best but my house doesn't face in the correct direction to get this light, so I usually have to depend on the flash.  Some of you really have the best and clearest pictures and I'm jealous!
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Trash

We're still working on purging all of the junk in our home office.  Mom Paula had just emptied the trashcan when she heard a noise behind her.

Brulee was looking inside of the trashcan, so Mom Paula got curious!

Looks like it's Trouble Truffle Tuesday again!
What, Mom?!?  I'm just checking to see if it was empty!
Monday, March 19, 2012

World Cancer Day

We're pausing today from our kitten play to be serious as we recognize World Cancer Day.  
We're sure this day is meant to remember those who've fought this terrible disease and lost and to celebrate with those who've survived.  Mom Paula has several friends who've fought the disease and won and she has a couple of close friends who are fighting the battle now.  We are also purring for Mom Judi as she fights her recent cancer diagnosis.

It was this time last year that Sweet Praline was diagnosed with cancer (mast cell tumor of the spleen).  Sweet Praline lived 15 1/2 wonderful years and we trust she is young and cancer free at the Bridge now.  

We also lost our little brother, Beignet, in August from cancer (vaccine related fibrosacroma) at the young age of 11 weeks old.  He was such a loving little mancat and we know he is being mothered and protected by Sweet Praline at the Bridge.

We're swatting and stomping on this nasty disease and purr that more and more cures will be found.  
 Take that, you nasty cancer bug!

I stomp on you, cancer!
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

We're taking it easy today.  We hope you have a very restful day.
Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We received an honorable mention our entries in the St. Patrick's Day Photo Contest in memory of Nimbus that Brian sponsored.  Even though our graphics aren't very professional looking, we're still excited to participate in activities on the CB.

Brulee's entry was to show everyone that she could be calm, cool, and collected even with a string in front of her.  If you look closely, you'll see her lovely green eyes!

Truffle was talking "blarney" for her St. Patrick's Day photo in hopes of getting the gift of gab to persuade Mom Paula to give her more treats.  Truffle also has beautiful green eyes.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday at the Movies

Usually Brulee is the one getting into trouble because she is so hyper.  Many of you will remember that Mom Paula used to post "Trouble Truffle Tuesdays" when she first came to live with her, but Truffle has calmed down the last couple of months.  However, this past week, Truffle was caught getting into trouble again.  You will notice in the video that Mom Paula had to raise her voice a little bit in order to get Truffle's attention.  I (Brulee) like it when Truffle gets in trouble instead of me!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

After we opened our box and saw all of our loot, Mom Paula pulled the packing paper out and put it on the floor.  We had a blast playing with the paper.  Truffle was the first one to jump right in the middle of the paper, making all kinds of noises!

Brulee followed suit, but crawling underneath the paper.  I think she wanted to see if there were any more Pure Bite treats.

We had a great time playing with the packing paper.  It made lots of noise and reminded us of our crinkle tunnel.

Mom Paula went to the back of the house for a minute and when she came back to the front, here's what she found.  The paper stretched all the way down the hallway.  

Why are you looking at us, Mom!  We didn't do anything.  Honest!

Pee ess - Mom Paula survived her prep and colonoscopy this week. The doctor removed a couple of polyps and sent them off to be tested.  Thank you for all of your purrs!
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remembering the Way We Were

Kizzie Cat is asking the CB kitties to post a picture of themselves as kittens just so we can reminisce and smile for a day!  We're still kittens, but we are so lucky that Mom Terri sent Mom Paula pictures of us as we were growing up, so we have pictures from the day we were born.  One of the things Mom Terri also did was start taking "glamour" shots once we reached three weeks of age (even before Mom Paula knew who would come to live with her).  We thought we'd share our first photos with you for today's event.

Here is Truffle at 3 weeks of age.  Mom Paula knew as soon as she received this picture that Truffle was probably coming to live with her.  This picture is an excellent example of a diva-in-training.

Many of you will remember Truffle's littermate, Beignet, who was scheduled to come live with Mom Paula.  Unfortunately, God had other plans for little Beignet and he's now playing at the Bridge with Sweet Praline.  He was such a special little boy and we just had to remember him today.

Mom Paula couldn't help but fall in love with Brulee's little round, flat face when she saw this picture. It took Mom Paula a few more weeks to decide that Brulee would come to live with us, but I'm so glad we have this little diva-in-training living with us.

We are approaching one year since the original Diva, Sweet Praline, left for the bridge, so we had to include her kitten picture.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goodies for Us!

Mom Paula took the paper stuffing out of the box and Truffle jumped out to play with the paper before realizing what was in the box.  Brulee just gave her big sister that look as if to say, "I can't believe you are ignoring what is in this box."
 Uh, Truffle, big sister - look what's in the box!

 Just look at all of this loot!  We don't think she got enough PureBites!

We KNOW she didn't get enough PureBites!
Monday, March 12, 2012

New Box

Mom Paula received some extra green papers from the government last week (of course, she paid these in first!) and a coupon code from Four Crazy Cats for a contest we won, so she ordered some more food from Mr. Chewy's website.  We've ordered from Mr. Chewy in the past and loved the products that were offered and the quick shipping.  This week we'll share our receipt of our surprise from our Mr. Chewy order.

We love the big boxes that Mr. Chewy uses to ship his items.  We enjoyed out box from our first order so much that Mom Paula hasn't thrown it away yet.  This package was twice the size of our previous order.  Truffle was the first one to inspect the box.

It's obvious Truffle smelled something special in this box!

All of the excitement captured Brulee's attention and it wasn't long before she was checking out the box.  She was asking Truffle to make room for her as soon as she realized what all the noise was about.

Now both of the dessert sisters are checking out what's inside the box.  Stay tuned . . .

Pee ess - Purrs appreciated for Mom Paula this week.  She's on a liquid diet today, will endure the prep tonight and is scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow.