Thursday, March 29, 2012

Working on the Diva

Truffle turns 10 months old next week and she's trying out her "diva" attitude to see how it fits!  I don't know if running your mouth is part of being a diva, but Truffle really has that part down!

 "I'm the diva around here, so get used to it."

 "I am diva, hear me roar!"

 I'm a tough little diva!

Even though Mom Paula says Brulee is her wild child, she doesn't have a diva bone in her body (yet!). 
Oh, get over yourself big sister!

Pee ess - It was this time last year that Sweet Praline was diagnosed with cancer and Mom Paula lost her just  a short month later.  Even though Mom Paula gets a little sad when she thinks about this time period a year ago, we want to celebrate Sweet Praline's life.  Stay tuned for our idea for celebrating the life of Sweet Praline.

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  1. We miss Praline, but it's because of her we're on here. We'll never furget that. These two darlings keep us coming back! ((Hugs)) on this anniversary. xoxo

  2. Sweet little Diva!
    I was pretty new to the blogosphere when Sweet Praline got sick, but I remember her as such a pretty kitty, so sweet. Hugs too

  3. We miss Sweet Praline every day.
    We can't wait to hear what is planned to celebrate the life of such a sweet, special kitty.
    And we are so glad to have these two little cuties to visit.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & Mom ML

  4. If Truffle wants any supplemental diva lessons, she can take a few from me!

    That said, I think she is already doing pretty well on her own.

  5. All right, you're the diva here! That's an understanding. :D You are so lovely.


    Dog Fence

  6. Truffle, you sure do make such a good diva kitty. We just think you to are so darn cute.
    We also miss Sweet Praline and remember that time so well. What a great idea to celebrate her life. We can't wait because she was one of our favorites. Have a great Thursday.

  7. Haha! Looks like Truffle has really gotten that diva-act down! And jsut give Brulee a little time!

  8. My goodness we heard your roar right over here in the UK Truffle.
    Just wait until Brulee starts to roar too!! Maybe you should get some ear plugs ready Paula!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. We love your idea of celebrating Sweet Praline's life rather than focusing on the loss of her. Truffle and Brulee are both so beautiful.

  10. Diva...you gots it, Truffle! We want to join in the celebration of Sweet Praline's life too.

  11. Mommy loved Sweet Praline and she misses her too. We both would love to see a sweet celebration of her life.

    Girls..you're both beautiful divas. xoxox

  12. A Diva doll fur sure, and so pretty you both are! Sweet Praline was loved by.everyone and we miss that girl too.

  13. Ivy says celebrate being a diva any way you want!!!!

    We know how much Sweet Praline is missed....but we also know how happy she must be seeing the girls and knowing how happy they make you!!

  14. Just wait until Brulee finds her "inner diva"! There'll be trouble for sure!

    Can't wait to see the celebration of Sweet Praline's life! She was such a pretty a wel-loved kitty!

  15. I bet Brulee is a secret diva but she wants her own identity and doesn't want to have to be compared to her big sister when Truffle is obviously such a good one!

  16. Truffle must have absorbed some of that diva spirit from Sweet Praline! Brulee will probably not be a diva, as well, because usually there is only room for one is every household -- and that spot is taken!

    Looking forward to your celebration of Praline. She had a wonderful life and brought so much joy to so many.

    Sorry, I haven't been around lately. I took a blogcation and real life keeps interfering with my blogging duties even though I'm back.

  17. Precious! How sweet you got her mouth open in all her shots.

  18. Our Sweet Praline would have been so proud of the little Diva.. I remember so well the feeling when we heard and when we lost that gorgeous sweet girl.. Praline will be watching and approving.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. Diva kitty or not, you are still pretty Truffle :) Brulee too ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

    PeeEss: We always remember that Sweet Praline passed so soon after our dear Mickey. Two great,sweet kitties so close together!! That was hard!We miss them both.

  20. Truffle you are a diva in training.
    (((hugs)))to Momma Paula.
    We understand how you feel.

  21. You're definitely doing a great job learning how to be divas! :)

    We sure do miss sweet Praline, too, and we just know the celebration will be wonderful.

  22. Mom Paula is going to have her hands full with double Divas!!

    We miss Sweet Praline too. We're looking forward to the celebration of her life.

    The Florida Furkids


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