Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mischievous Brulee

Uh, little sister, I don't think you are supposed to be up there.  You better get down before Mom Paula turns around from working on the computer and sees you.

Oops!  Too late!  I think I'm caught "red pawed".

Mom Paula quickly grabbed Brulee when she saw her up here (as if that's going to stop her in the future) because there are a lot of collectibles on this book case.  Sweet Praline was around this book case for over 8 years and never got on the shelf.  We love to keep Mom Paula on her toes.

Special announcement:  We want to do something special to celebrate Sweet Praline's life as we approach the anniversary of her journey to the Bridge (April 25).  We know it's normal to be a little sad as we remember our sister-before-us, but we want to do something special for Sweet Praline to help Mom Paula (and all of our furriends and beans who loved her) smile.  We want to have a "Show Your Diva" theme day on April 25, 2012.  We want to encourage all of our furriends to post pictures, videos, stories, etc. about how you show your "diva" attitude.  We'll send more information to Mom ML as a reminder.  We want to thank Jan of Jan's Funny Farm for the graphic below.  Please feel free to post this graphic on your sidebar.

Would you like to comment?

  1. We were wondering if you would like fur us to share the graphic on that day? Let us know.
    To Brulee: It's a good thing efurryone knows that cuteness cancels out naughtiness! MOL!

  2. We cannot wait to show off the diva!!!

  3. This sounds like an awesome way to celebrate Sweet Praline's life!

  4. Now that's a great way to celebrate Diva Praline's life!

    Brulee, you make a great duster for those shelves for Mom Paula. But be very careful you don't knock anything off!

  5. Brulee, you are a little silly girl.
    That looks like fun to do that 'diva' day for Sweet Praline. We sure will join in as long as our Mom has a reminder. Take care.

  6. It seems Brulee is rather adventurous! She looks like she belongs on that shelf with all your other treasures. She is very PURRecious after all. As is Truffle, too, of course.

    Your idea about celebrating Sweet Praline's life is one I can certainly embrace. I have my own little diva, as well.

    Sweet Praline was, and is, surely one of the best LOL-Cats ever, and she is immortalized forever through laughter.

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet girls -- all three of them!

  7. Brulee, you tell Mom Paula that there's just too much fun stuff up there on that shelf...and you gotta explore!! We still don't think she's gonna like you up there!!

    We would love to pawticipate in remembering Sweet Praline!

  8. I don't know...that little Brulee's middle name must be "Trouble"!

    what a cutie, she is. And Truffle is "such a good little girl"!

  9. Why is it that forbidden places are always the most interesting ones. We think you looked cute on that shelf Brulee and you were sitting very quietly.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. "Show Your Diva" is a great idea, a lovely way to remember Sweet Praline. We're sending your mom lots of purrs and kitty kisses at this time, as the day draws closer. We know the lead-up to Annie's first Bridge anniversary was particularly difficult for our own human.


    P.S. We like that you're (both) getting into things that Praline didn't. Shows your creativity! Ha!

    Anyway, a very happy Easter weekend to you all.

  11. You really are something Brulee! Maybe I can talk one of my sisters into showing their Diva!

  12. Yep - nothing like a little shelf jumping to get your mom to move. MOL

    We will get Ivy to set up a photo shoot and get her diva on.... we think that is a great way to remember Sweet Praline. :)

  13. Our own little diva went to the bridge before we got here, so we'll just enjoy everyone's pictures. That's a great way to celebrate Praline's life!

  14. You really keep mum on her toes and we know that she loves every minute of it. The celebration in rememberance of Praline is a lovely thing.. HUgs GJ xx

  15. You must have been very careful Brulee because you haven't caused any chaos.
    We think it is a lovely idea to have a celebration in memory of Praline.

  16. Two things:

    1. Can ManCats be diva-esque, or is it just a LadyCat dealio?

    2. Uh, if your Mom doesn't want you playing on that shelf, she really shouldn't let you SEE that shelf. See how simple that is? Let me state the rule again: If the kitteh can SEE the shelf, the kitteh can play in that shelf. What could be clearer than that?


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