Saturday, June 2, 2012

Debutante Ball - Happy Birthday Truffle!

It's finally here!  Truffle is one year old today.  She was born at 1:35 pm on June 2 and weighed just 2.9 ounces.  She is only a little over 5 pounds now and won't get much bigger.  We also want to take a moment to remember her little brother, Beignet, who was born at 1:53 pm.  Unfortunately, he is at the bridge with Sweet Praline, but he'll always be part of our family.

In honor of Truffle's first birthday and entry in to ladycathood, Mom Paula is hosting a Debutante Ball for Truffle and all of the CB has been invited.  Even though Brulee is still a baby (she won't be a year old until August 27), she is allowed to come to the ball under the close supervision of Mom Paula.

Before entering the ballroom, Truffle pauses in the beautiful southern garden for her official portrait for the ball.

Truffle and Brulee walk up the master stairway into the grand entrance of the majestic ballroom.  Truffle is wearing a beautiful jeweled crown for her grand entrance.  Little sister, Brulee, has a crown of pink flowers on her head.  Both have been to the Purrfect Persian Salon to have their silver floof groomed to purrfection for the occasion.

The grand ballroom is exquisite.  As she enters, the orchestra begins  playing and the cats of the CB begin to arrive in style.

The first to arrive is Mahoney of Marg's Pets and boy does she arrive in style on her golden carriage wearing a crown fit for a queen.  We wonder who she is saving that second crown for . . .

The second guest to arrive is very mysterious about his/her identity.  Can you guess who this is?  In his/her own words:  "I'm wearing a mask to the ball, so no one will know who I am (though the toof might give me away).  I have dressed as a Southern gentleman cat because I'm sure I'll have many more dances on my dance card with the lovely Miss Truffle is she doesn't know who I really am.  Happy Birthday!  P.S.:  I apawlogize if I should offend anyone's sensibilities by my manner of dress.  Miss Truffle isn't offended at all.  
Zoey from Zoolatry

The first couple to arrive are Abby and Sammy Meezer.   Abby is also from the south and is definitely a southern belle!  Sammy Meezer describes his lady love as a "petite dynamo, like Scarlett O'Hara."  

Next to arrive are brother and sister, George Clooney and Neytiri from Clooney's Num-Num Fund.  Neytiri is setting off her beautiful blue eyes with a diamond necklace to "die for" and George is a dashing gentleman in his black tie and tails.  The dance card for this this sibling pair is sure to be filled tonight.

"Look, Mom!  Brian's arrived and he's brought me flowers." Brian is such a nice southern gentleman. Did you know he only lives a couple of hours away from us?  Doesn't he look dapper in his fancy shoes and white hat and bow tie?

Madi, a ladycat from North Carolina, honored us with her presence this evening.  Madi tells us that being a Southern girl, she knows pearls are a must have for a proper debutante ball.  Her tiara is loaded with the precious pearls.  Doesn't Madi look a lot like Laila?

The next ladycat to arrive is Katie from Glogirly.  Katie insists that diamonds are a ladycat's best friend and she comes to the ball drenched in the most magnificent diamonds one can find.

Kozmo and Callie arrive at the debutante ball next.  Kozmo's Sweet Pea is wearing her Lady Belang Belang Tiara and a Dolce & Gabanna silk wrap.  Callie's Sweet Ba-Boo is wearing his top hat and a daring purple bow tie.  Both are sharp dressers for sure!  They are looking forward to a magical evening of romance and fun.

The next to arrive is the grandest dame of them all, Cheysuli.  Would you believe she let Ichiro come with her?  We don't know if Chey allowed him to come with her or if he was a stow away in the carriage. Either way, we're glad to see them both.  Chey explained that Gemini was staying home, probably hiding under the bed, hoping that Ping will come comfort her.  You see, Gemini is very shy.

The next group to arrive are the famous cats from Wendy's 3-D cats - Dante, Dylan, and Domino.  They have each dressed in their finest and are bringing gifts and good wishes to the tiny diva.  Being the magnificent mancat that he is, Dante arrives dressed in a tuxedo ready to dance the night away with Truffle.  Dylan is escorting his ladycat, Halle to the event.  They are such a handsome couple.  Of course, Domino is escorted by the equally handsome Milo!  No one can wear a fancy dress like Domino.

Dylan and Halle

Milo is incredibly excited to be taking his beautiful Domino to such a romantic occasion and are thrilled to be helping Truffle celebrate her birthday.  Milo is going to ask Truffle and Brulee to dance - with Domino's permission.  But most dances will be saved for Domino.  Milo and Domino are very much in love.

Ellie and Allie from Friends Furever are arriving in their coordinating Hello Kitty ballgowns.  Allie chose the blue and Ellie chose the more girly pink.  Cousin Trooper joined the girls and is escorting Lexi and boy do they look like they just stepped off the red carpet.  Who knew Lexi was such a stunner and Cousin Trooper is a very handsome tuxie in his tuxedo.  Tamir will be arriving at the ball a little later with his special ladycat.
Allie and Ellie

Lexi and Cousin Trooper

The inimitable Hansel (formally known as Ludwig Van Hansel) arrives next.  Hansel is known worldwide for his melodic voice and his masterful command of the keyboard, causing all the lady cats to swoon.  Attending Truffle's Coming Out party and Debutante Ball, he plans to perform several of her favorite tunes, and will feature the never-before-heard piece, ODE TO TRUFFLE, a composition created especially for her on this special occasion.

Breaking news!!!  The official photographer caught Miss Truffle in the lounge, sharing a private and quiet moment with the handsome and dashing Master Rumblepurrs, her escort for the evening.  Being the ultimate gentleman and setting his hat to the side, Rum has just presented her with two new fur-bows to complement his silk tie, and is about to pin a matching corsage on her furry, fluffy ruff.  But wait - we spot two very small, gold ribboned boxes - what can they be?  What secret lies within?  Chocolates?  Rubies and pearls?  Aaah, perhaps they will soon exchange Friendship Rings . . . only time will tell for this sweet pair.  Now, off to the ballroom for their first official dance . . .

Hannah and Lucy arrive next, showing off their fabulous dresses for the Ball.  Wait a minute!  Is that a bottle of the bubbly catnip?  Is it time for Truffle to have her first niptini?

Alfie and Lola are looking forward to a fun time at the Ball.  Alfie is a bit shy about being romantic but he adores Lola.  Lola is wearing a special hat that Judi-bug made for her - so it has extra special meaning right now with Judi-bug being ill.  Alfie and Lola will dance together but also Alfie wants to ask Truffle to dance too, as she is the birthday girl.

Cory is stepping out for the first time as a single ladycat since her boyfurriend and love of her life, Whitey, went to the Bridge.  She is a bit nervous . . . so escorting her are 3 of her brothers . . . Nigel, Figaro and Madison.  Of course, they will keep a watchful eye over their sister and also hope for a dance with all of the ladycats.
Cory in a beautiful pink ball gown!

Nigel, Figaro and Madison

Baby Patches arrives on the paw of the debonair, Minchie.  When these two Turkish Angora cat step on the dance floor, it immediately clears as they perform a very graceful waltz!  We think Minchie wanted to do a tango, but Baby Patches said she couldn't do those moves in her southern ball gown.  Laila also arrived with her brother and was ready to meet all of the eligible mancats at the ball and dance the night away.
Baby Patches and Minchie


Chester is one of our newest furriends on the CB.  Chester is an Exotic Shorthair mancat from New York City, who is a little aloof, but a proper gentleman.  Shester doesn't know many of the cats from the CB, but he would like to have one dance with Zoey, if she will let him.  (We wonder if she'll take off her mask!)  Chester is quite the ladies' man, having been a former breeder and thinks he can win Zoey over with his catitude.  You wouldn't know it, but he was actually a terror in the cattery, starting fights with the Persians, so Zoey might have met her match in Chester.  Chester doesn't like wearing hats, so after he makes his entry, he will be removing his hat, just like a proper gentleman should.

The Prancer Pie family is the next to arrive.  Aren't Princess, Precious, Prancer, and Princeton spiffy in their southern attire?  We think Prancer and Princeton and laying low because someone found a bottle of nip near the punch bowl!

Mozart and Junior, from Random Felines, drop in to wish Truffle a very special birthday!  Of course, they also add their names to Truffle's ever expanding dance card.

Katie Isabella arrives at the ball dressed in red, which offsets her beautiful black and white fur purrfectly.  

Esme, from the Critters in the Cottage, quickly joined Katie Isabella at the top of the stairs.  She stops at the entrance of the ballroom, waiting for her escort.  We wonder who he could be . . .

Look over in the corner of the ballroom!  We can't believe it!  It's Uncle Bhu!  He took a little time to drop in and check on Truffle and Brulee.  Bhu was one of Sweet Praline's (our sister-before-us) special mancats and he feels it is his responsibility to watch our for Truffle and Brulee.  We are so happy to see Uncle Bhu.  Unfortunately, we're afraid little Brulee is wearing him out with all her chatter.  But Uncle Bhu is being very patient with Brulee, telling her stories of Sweet Praline and their special times together.

The notorious pair and furriends of Father Tom are delighted to attend the ball.  Tinker and Anastasia (she should really take these events more seriously, sheesh!).  They refused to have their picture taken together since they ::ahem:: don't exactly get along.
 Anastasia is the town gossip and she just can't believe what some of the cats of the CB are doing!

Tinker just sits quietly aside and watches his date in action.  After all, this is their first date.  We think Tinker may have been in the nip-spiked punch with his bow tie askew!

The siblings from the New England area arrive together and are having a blast at the bell.  They aren't used to the humid South, so they stay near the air condition and fans.  We're so happy to see Lilly Lu, Mikey, Maxie, and Callie Rose.

Now it's really time for the fun to begin!  King Spitty has arrived with Nellie on his arm.  Even though Spitty has a date for the evening, he is over asking Mom Paula's permission to become a gentleman caller for Truffle.  Nellie doesn't look too happy about this conversation.  But, Spitty will be Spitty.

JJ, Treasure, Tiger, Georgia, and Tillie are huddled in deep conversation over by the orchestra.  JJ brings a beautiful red rose for Truffle and Treasure has designed a very special birthday card for our diva-in-training.

Tiger, Georgia and Tillie went all the way to Paris to find the latest in fashion for an old fashioned Southern Debutante Ball!  Aren't they gorgeous?

DaisyMae Maus (aka DMM) Fairy Princess and Formalwear Lucky Charmz (aka Charmee) couldn't miss the opportunity to visit with all of their furriends at the ball.  It was really nice to see them at the ball (their brother Sparky Fuzzypants went to the bridge this week).



We can't believe it!  Sparkle the Designer Cat has arrived at the ball wearing a stunning strand of pearls that any Southern Belle would be proud of!  Sparkle explains to the local society reporter that she opted not to wear her tiara because she didn't want to wear something gaudy that would take the attention away from Truffle.  We wonder what type of report Sparkle will take back to the West Coast . . .

Sparkle takes a moment to stop and interview Master Samuel (aka Sammy) and Master Moose (aka Moosey .  Sammy is resplendent with his monocle and checkered bow tie, while always-dapper Moosey makes a bold statement with his fashion-forward  peacock feather boutonniere.  Both gentlemancats expressed great delight at attending Truffle's Debutante Ball.  "Truffle is such a sweet young ladycat and we are both so happy to be here with so many of our friends to celebrate her coming out," the brothers said.

We do believe we see a distinguished gentleman all the way from across the pond talking to Uncle Bhu in the foyer.  Ginger Jasper is another one of Sweet Praline's special beaus and he also feels a connection to Truffle and Brulee.  GJ and Bhu reminisce about their co-starring roles in As the Paw Turns with their favorite diva, Sweet Praline.  

The boys from Cat's Cats decided to have a little fun and made this special greeting for Truffle.  We think they've been in the nip, too!  
Ben, Casper, Kip, Jimmy, Archie (in order)

Tamir and Gracie arrived at the ball in style.  Tamir surprised Gracie and rented a Cinderella Coach to get them to their destination.  He's such a gentleman.  Gracie leans over and whispers in Tamir's ear, "Oh, Tamir, unlike Cinderella, I don't have to be home by midnight!!!"

Gracie and Tamir pause a moment to have their photo taken on the Grand Staircase.

Derby and Ducky are the last to arrive at the ball.  They are hoping it's not too late to get on Truffle's dance card.

Well, what do you know?  Diego Hamlet Moonfur (Hammy) pestered his brother, Rumbles, to come along to possibly escort Miss Brulee.  He went out and bought a hat and everything.  Mom Paula says Brulee is still a little young to be dating yet, but Hammy and Brulee sipped some lemonade and chatted on the loveseat beside Mom Paula.  Is there another romance in the air?

We hope you've enjoyed a little Southern Hospitality at Truffle's Debutante Ball.  She had a blast being the center of attention (what diva wouldn't?).  We wish you safe travels back home and look forward to seeing you in  August at Brulee's birthday party.

Happy Birthday Dear Truffle.  We love you!

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  1. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Truffle!! It was such a honor to attend, and thank you for letting pesky Hammy come too (Rumblemum said I'd get extra Greenies if I let him attend, I shall share them with you!)

    You look ever so lovely, and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! You're a perfect little ladycat now!

  2. Happy Birthday! Everyone looks just purrfect. Too bad my SS is away, otherwise I could be a guest too! Never mind, I gate crash just to wish you a happy day.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Truffle (and Bridge-Angel Beignet).
    Thank you so much for inviting us ~ everyone looks so glamorous. We are all going to have a Ball! xxxx

  4. Happy birthday Miss Truffle. We are sorry we weren't able to attend your ball, as mom is out of town this weekend. We hope your birthday is as special as you are. We are thinking of Sweet Beignet and Praline and know they are with you in spirit.

    Cody and Gracie

  5. Happy Birthday Truffle and think you look very glamorous in your beautiful gown. You have quite a full dance card with all these mancats queueing for a special dance on your first birthday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Happy birthday Miss Truffle. You look beautiful.

    Sorry we ar esneaking in late. I had to wait till mom was asleep to steeal her tiara. And well Samba is a tuxy and is always dressed.


  7. Hi there!!! We are just popping over from Zoolatry to say Happy Birthday!!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  8. Happy birthday sweet Truffle! I hope you have the most wonderful birthday.

  9. Oh what a fun time to be had here today on your special purrrthday dear Truffle...I am so glad to be able to share your day with you.
    Love Miss Hunny Bunny

  10. Mmm ... a dance? a niptini from the bar? a stroll in the garden?
    Where oh where does one begin ...
    ah-ha ... The Receiving Line!
    One by one to compliment and give a paws up to each and everyone attending. And a special tail swish to the hostess and of course, the Guest of Honor. Happy, happy Miss Truffle, you are now an Offurcial LadyCat!
    (PS note to Chester, I'd love to dance with you, thanks from Zoey)

  11. Happy birthday, Truffle! We're sneaking in for just a moment to wish you a glorious, fabulous day! Our mom was too lame...er, busy, to get us ready, so we won't intrude. But this surely is *the* ball of the decade! We hope everyone has a wonderful time.

    Wishing you many more birthdays to come!

    -Nicki and Derry

  12. Fabulous fabulour party and so fitting for a gorgeous kitty turning 1 today... Have a great day and party sweet darling.. Love and hugs GJ xxx

  13. Happy Birthday, Truffle and Angel Beignet! We're sorry we missed the ball but we hope to attend Brulee's birthday party in August.

  14. Happy Birthday Miss Truffle. Sorry I missed your ball, but I'm looking forward to hearing all about it the next time we chat.

  15. Happy Birthday Truffle. Wow what a grand ball this is and everyone sure looks terrific. We love the picture of Rumbles and Truffle sitting together. That is so purrfect. Thanks for inviting us. We know we are going to enjoy this. Happy Happy Birthday.

  16. Khake!

    What a purrrrrfekht way to spend the weekend!!!!

    Khome on Merdie...let's shake up this ball!!!!

    Happy Purrday Truffle!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  17. Happy Birthday Truffle!!!!!!

    We are so sorry we didn't make it to the ball, but know you understand why.

    Scylla is swooning over the picture of Brian.

  18. Happy Birthday dear Truffle. You look fabulous, and all of your guests do as well. What a Gala! A celebration of Southern beauty and charm. Thank you for inviting me to this most happy of events and one of the most spectacular I will see until Brulee has her birthday. I can hardly wait.

  19. No birthday girl ever looked finer, Truffle!! You are a beautiful young ladycat, now!

    We're honored to be have been invited to one of the biggest events of the season. Happy First Birthday, Truffle!!

    Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Anastasia and Mitty xx

  20. Dear Truffle,
    Mom said it was proper to write a note after suh an event. This is my first Deb party so here goes..
    It is I,Madi, writing to thank you for a letting me a part of you most delightful Deb gala! The venue was purrfect, the attendees wewr dressed to the nines and the foodables...OMC they were simply melt in you r mouth divine!, happy happy birthday and may you hundreds more wonderful parties.
    Thank you again for a lovely, magical evening,

  21. Happy Birthday, sweet Truffle! Oh my, what an elegant affair! We had so much fun and you looked absolutely gorgeous!

  22. Happy Birthday Truffle! What grand affair Paula arranged beautifully. We got waylaid with our own birthday plans and any party stragglers are welcome for a our more wild version. We have prizes and catnip cake!

  23. Deew Twuffle
    You awe a vision of booty in yoow gowgoos gown and tiawa. I know you will have a most memowably special and vewy wondewful Biwfday. Yoow guest look so elegant
    happy fiwst Biwfday sweet floofy giwl
    Smoochie kisses

  24. oh how fun! we is having a very good time! - Sammy

  25. Happy Birthday, beautiful Truffle! It looks like you are going to have a fabulous time at your ball with such wonderful furriends there to celebrate your big day with you!!!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  26. Happy Birthday Truffle! You look stunning and the guests are all amazing! Your Mom sure knows how to throw a pawty!!!

  27. What a grand time!! Your guests look stunning and elegant.
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Truffle!!
    ~ The Bunch

  28. Happy Birthday, Truffle. And it was such a glamourous evening! Everykitteh was so well dressed and elegant.

  29. This is definitely THE bash of 2012! Happy 1st Birthday, Truffle!
    We hope you have a marvelous time dancing the night away. You certainly don't lack for willing dance partners.

    Watch out for Dante and his big feet, though -- especially in those steel-toed shoes of his!

  30. Wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many returns of the day to sweet Truffle! That looks like quite a ball!

    The Chans

  31. Happy Birthday & we wish you many more happy & healthy ones for future...

    Jade, Myst & Blackie

    Mom Paula - do you think you could help me talk my Mom into giving me a party too? I have birthday later this month ~ Myst

  32. amazing party amazing guests. what a super duper idea. love them ALL and have a wonderful and very Happy birthday, Truffle. I came over from Lady Madi's blog.

  33. Happy Puurthday, Miss Truffle!Our beans have been spazzy lately with Annie being sick and all. They did not bother to tell us about your ball/party. Howeffur, we still wanted to wish you a happy purrthday. Looks like you had a great par-tay!
    Alexi and the Castle Ctas

  34. Happy First Birthday Truffle and Happy Birthday at the Bridge to Beignet! You look stunning in your beautiful crown and Brulee is adorable in her flowers! All of the guests look fabulous. We think there are a few romances blossoming too. We know Tamir is smitten with Gracie!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  35. What a grand birthday party Truffle! You look stunning and we really enjoyed meeting all the guests at your ball!

    Happy Birthday wishes from the Zee & Zoey gang - Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

  36. Happy Birthday beautiful Truffle!!...This post is awesome!!...We are having a wonderful time at your incredible party=we've never seen anything like it before!!...Everyone is so elegant and lovely=what fun!!...Wishing you great health and much joy, preciious friend...xoxoxoxo...Halle and Dylan

  37. What a super party!!! Happy Birthday sweet Truffle :-)

  38. Happy, Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Truffle! Your ball is the talk of the blogosphere! Have a lovely time!

    smoochies from alla us Gs!

  39. WOW! We are just overwhelmed! A very happy birthday to you, sweet Truffle. We would love to do an avatar of you and your sister, as a birthday gift. What a beautiful ball! Have fun sweet one!

  40. Happy Birthday sweet Truffle, wishing you many, many, many, times many more years of birthdays to come.
    I am so honored to be invited and attending your beautiful ball! It is so nice to see so many of our dear friends and wow I will say we clean up very nicely. I am having a fun time visiting with our friends and getting to know Tamir better, my date. He is such a mancat!!!! I hope you don't mind but we will be staying as long as we can. I don't want to miss a moment of this wonderful event!!!

  41. Happy Birthday Miss Truffle. What a wonderful Ball this is.

  42. Happy Birthday dear Truffle! The Blogsphere will be meowing about this party for years to come! Thanks for inviting me and my family.



  43. Amazing ball!!!! It was SO fun to see everyone all decked out in their royal outfits!!!!
    Thank you so much got having us! Some steamy couples too!
    Happy Debutante Ball!!!
    xoxo Katie

  44. Dear Miss Truffle, Happy 1st Birthday! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws going for you and wish you a wonderful Birthday! We are so happy to be part of your special day. Your pictures are all beautiful, how special! Everyone attending also looks their best. What an event!

  45. Happy first birthday Truffle. You sure do know how to throw a party! And thank you Ms. Zoey for accepting a dance with me.

  46. well well well! look at this! i managed to make it! i bugged mommeh all week to make sure i would arrive at the ball in a timely manner!!!

    Loving everyone's outfit! i hope you have a lovely time miss truffle!

  47. HAPPY HAPPY 1ST BIRFDAY, MISS TRUFFLE! We very much regret not being able to attend...

  48. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS TRUFFLE!!! It is a great party and we are so glad that Mo and Junior could attend for us.... we took a minute to purr to Beignet and we know he is partying too. :)

  49. Oh, Miss Truffle, what a wonderful celebration. Happy birthday! I hope you don't mind that this woofie crashed your party!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  50. Happy Birthday, dear Miss Truffle. I was so sad to not be able to attend your ball.
    But did you see me in the corner, peeking out from behind the grand staircase for a bit??
    I wanted to see all the pretty kitties.
    Oh, my! Gorgeous beyond my magination!
    Wish I could have dressed up and stayed.

  51. What a wonderful ball! I do hope that you'll have a great birthday Truffle! It is purrfect!

  52. Happy Birthday Truffle! What a wonderful ball you're having. We are coming in our own tuxies. hehe Well, Pepi will stop by and he's in black, but that goes with everything.
    Luv and purrrrrrrs,
    Alls Us Hotties

  53. Lots of glitz and glamour - loved it!

  54. Happy FIRST Birthday, Truffle!!! We are sorry we were unable to attend you debutante ball, but we are there is spirit! We hope you have a wonderful day and are looking forward to many more wonderful birthdays with you!!!

  55. I am having the best time at your debutante ball, Truffle! Happy first birthday - your human is amazing to put all this together! (And you know I do not praise humans lightly!)

  56. Wow, looks like Truffle's ball is a success. Her little paws will be sore tomorrow from all the dancing. But what fun.

  57. Happy Birthday Miss Truffle! It appears that your ball is "quite the crush"! Mommy couldn't get us dressed up as she's been feeling under the weather, but we're loving everybody's fancy duds...

    Have a wonderful day and party!

  58. Happy birthday to Miss Truffle! What a wonderful party ... Everyone looks lovely in their best outfits!

    Thank you for inviting us.
    DMM and Charmee

  59. Happy happy happy 1 Year Old Birthday, beautiful Truffles!! Your pawty is totally pawsome!! Such handsome mankitties and utterly gorgeous ladykitties!! Enjoy! Take care

  60. Happy Birthday Miss Truffle!! Looks like you are having a wonderful party!

  61. Happy Birthday, Truffle! Sorry we could not make it to the ball but mom had grandkids graduating.

    Have a wonderful time at the ball!

  62. OMC! What a wonderful party!! We're sorry we could not attend, but we have a lame mom and she just couldn't get her act together. Everybuddy sure looks elegant!!

    Happy Birthday, Truffle! We know you are the Belle of the Ball!

  63. Happy 1st Birthday dear Truffle!!!!
    You are a very beautiful young ladycat!!!!!!
    We are so happy to be here to help you celebrate :)
    Everyone look so good too!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  64. StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty says, "Happy Birthday my dear Truffle. ::kisses her paw:: Do excuse us for arriving without an RSVP. Our mother hasn't been feeling well lately and so I don't always have good access to the computer. I must say that you look gorgeous! Almost as lovely as my darling Katie Isabella! May I introduce to my oldest brother Zaphoid Beeblebrox? ::kisses her paw:: And here is my youngest brother Mister Knives. ::bows:: And my twin sister of another mother Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher. ::curtseys and then kisses both cheeks:: Thank you so much for having us. Do save a dance for each of us!"

  65. We wish you a very Happy 1st=^Y^= Birthday Miss Truffle. Smoochyz and Huggz from all of us...we wuv you, Tinker, Toy, Tang, TyGr, Teak, Thomas, Setzer, ICE and Mom Holly

  66. Never have we seen such a great success!!! Happy Birthday sweet Truffle and many, many sweet returns!

    We are taking a moment to think of Praline and Beignet today, too. xoxo

  67. Happy birthday sweet Truffle! You are definitely the Belle of the Ball in your beautiful crown and furs :) I brought you some nice wild salmon as a birthday present and you don't have to share!
    I am having so much fun dancing the night away :)

    ton amie Esme from the critters in The Cottage xo

  68. Happy Birthday Truffle!!! What a lovely ball you are holding! Such exquisite surroundings, and the glorious cats who are here! This is stupendous! What a debutante ball indeed!

    Luf, Us

  69. This is a furry grate party. We are so happy to be here to cellybrate with Miss Truffle on the first anniversary of her birth.

  70. Mom Paula, you are the GREATEST HOSTESS EVER! Many thanks for being such a lovely hostess at one of the grandest parties this year! Many birthday hugs for sweet Truffle! xxoo Patty & Bhu

  71. Hi Truffle! Are you in bed yet after such a big day? You can stop by our website for your avatars. Let us know if there is anything that needs to be fixed, or you don't like.

  72. Happy Happy 1st birthday, Truffle! Sorry we were not able to come to the Ball, but our Mom is still away and even our Dad spent the last week visiting the new baby, so we had an impossible challenge to get suitable attire and transport. However we were with you in Spirit for sure.

  73. Oh wow! What a partee! :). Happy birfdee!

  74. Darling Truffle! Nellie and I had a most excellent time at your wonderful Ball! Do you know, I have been to a lot of Pawties in my time, but I think this was my verreh FIRST Ball and it was sensational! I could hardly believe the scores of attendees and the wonderful noms and drinks. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing the Birfday Girl on her very Big Day! Thanks for inviting me--I can't wait for the August reprise! XOXOXO Sleep well, girls!

  75. Dearest Truffle,
    Yous looks so beauteoud what a ball! Mes never been to a debutante ball before! All the mancats is so handsom and they all paid attention to yous the way they shoulds. Me had a marvelous time with Spitty, and Eric and Flynn and George Clooney and Brian and Ichiro and Dylan and Ichiro and Rumbles and Minchie and Prnacer and Father Tom and Tamir! \Now me will sing yous the birthday song!
    ♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸
    ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*
    •.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Truffle!!!!! ♪♫•*
    ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


  76. Herman: Happy Birthday, Truffle. Sorry that our stupid Mom didn't get our RSVP in, but I hope you don't mind if we show up for a little while. I am wearing my gray tuxedo.

    Spyro: I am wearing my striped tuxedo. Mom calls me her tabby tuxedo cat. This is a great party.

  77. Happy birthday, Miss Truffle! We are so happy to be here with you to celebrate your special day! And it's so nice to see so many of our friends here, too!


    Sammy and Moosey

  78. Happy First Birthday Truffle!!! I can't believe it's been a year!

  79. Happy Birthday to you, beautiful girl!

  80. Happy birthday, Truffle! It's a lovely party. We just dropped in for a moment to give you good wishes for the coming year. We can't stay as we have nothing to wear to such a grand affair.

    Laura & Taffy

  81. Happy belated birthday! Our mama has been busy with work, so we couldn't cone, but we wanted to send birthday wishes!

  82. Aww, Truffle, we missed your birthday and your ball, as the mom was out of town.

    It looks like you had a wonderful party and a great time.

  83. Happy Purrthday Truffle!! efurreybody looked so great, what a fun day for you!!

  84. Happy Purrthday sweet Truffle!
    What a wonderfully elegant extravaganza you had. We were sorry we not could attend. (We not knows it was going to be like this, or we might have been able to come!)

    You are truly beautiful sweet girl, i bet you danced the night away!
    Love, TK


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