Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Hunt - Oooooo

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "Oooooo".  We don't know what they really meant by this theme, so we decided to share more of our Pet Olympics entries and results since the Olympic symbols are Oooooos.  This year is so exciting because the woofies and kitties decided to participate in a joint Olympics this year, which has been so much fun!
Truffle was thrilled to discover she'd received a silver medal for the Balance Beam competition over at Cory Cat Blog.  Truffle's silver medal is another example of Oooooo.

We are both participating in the Team Lounging competition over at Daisy Mae Maus.  We're not sure if there will be voting from the CB or if the decision will be made by a panel of judges, but we're very excited to see how we do in this competition.

We're also competing in the Red Dot-a-Thon competition at Purrchance to Dream.  This competition was tough for us because it was difficult for Mom Paula to hold the camera while moving the red dot toy and watching us to make sure she didn't get it in our eyes.  Here is our entry for the Red Dot-a-Thon.

Brulee is competing in Competitive Napping at Huffle Mawson.  The winners will be announced on Monday, August 6.  We're keeping our paws crossed.  This picture is from Brulee's first day home with Mom Paula and is one of our favorites.

There are many more events happening for the Pet Olympics.  Check out today's events.

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  1. Brulee's Competitive Napping gets my vote! I love her floofy, flat, upturned paws... just begging to be disturbed by scritches and squeeling! srsly.

  2. Concats to Truffle on her silver medal for the balance beam! And good luck with the other events!

  3. Yay, Truffle winning that silver in Balance Beam. That is terrific. And Brulee, we love that last picture too of you doing the competitive napping. For sure you will win that one.

  4. Oooooo, you girls are sooooo talented!

  5. You did fantastic with the photo hunt! Do you know ahead of time what the hunt is going to be? The mom needs heads up on things. Isn't the Olympic events fun?! Wishing you luck in the Olympic events if you are participating.

  6. Brulee's tummy is ooooooo enough. Purrfect for tummy rubs!

  7. Your oooooo Olympic pictures inspire us! Next time we will enter too. Recently we've been practicing a sport that doesn't get much recognition - tag team hairballing.

  8. Brulee's tummy is worth a great big Oooooooooooooooooo.

  9. Brilliant to use the Olympics! I am surprised no one else did!

  10. That last nap looks ooh, soo good!! Congrats on your medal!!

    Gronk and Izzie.

  11. Wow, for being so young, you girls are great catheletes!


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