Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photo Hunt: Mural

Today's Photo Hunt theme is mural.  Mom Paula remembers watching a painter paint a mural on their living room wall at her parents house when she was a little girl (1960s).  It was a beautiful mural of a southern antebellum scene.  Mom Paula loved horses then and she kept asking if he was going to paint a horse in the scene.  The painter asked for a picture and Mom Paula found a picture of a horse in one of her books and he painted it on the wall.  That mural stayed on her parents' wall until a few years ago when Grandma Faye decided she wanted a new look and painted over it.  Mom Paula admits she was a little sad when that happened.

In the meantime, here is our view of what a mural should look like.  We were able to do this mural from a cool website called Photofunia.

Our Gamecocks play their last home football game today against the Wofford Terriers.  This game is on Pay Per View in SC, but our furriends out of SC can watch it on ESPN3 on their computers at 1:00 pm EST.  Go Gamecocks!

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  1. YES! That is how a mural should look!

  2. That is a great mural. We didn't know your Mom was a fan of horses.
    Hope the Gamecocks win again. That would be fun, then the big game is the next Saturday. Have a fun week end.

  3. Gorgeous mural! Has Mom Paula decided which wall it will be going on?

    Have a great weekend...and...GO GAMECOCKS!

  4. She should have someone paint a mural like that in her home. The Woman remembers a paint by number mural in her home as a child!

  5. That is a beautiful mural and I think it is a must do!!!

  6. The mural is just so beutiful !
    Have a pawsome weekend :)

  7. ALL murals should have Cats (and horses) in them!

  8. Wow! That sure is a beautiful mural and we are going to insist our human do one of us and cover every single wall in the house with our beauty!

  9. Cool mural, I'll have to check out that website!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Your mural is a lot better than our lame attempt at "mural".

    The Florida Furkids

  11. You girls sure do make a pawsome mural!


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