Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brulee's Vet Visit

It started out as a typical morning yesterday.  Mom Paula's alarm clock went off and she kept hitting the snooze button.  Truffle and I stayed sleeping on the bed and Mom Paula unwillingly got out of the bed early on her day off.  That should have been my warning sign.  The first clue was the PTU being moved from the bedroom to the living room last night.  Truffle tried to warn me about resting in the PTU, but I didn't pay her any attention. 
Truffle:  I don't think you want to stay in there.

Mom Paula got up and quickly got dressed.  She didn't even take the time to put on her usual makeup.  That should have been my second clue.  Next thing I know, She grabbed picked me up and shoved put me in the PTU and closed the door.
Truffle:  I tried to warn you!

Mom Paula then put me in that sporty metal machine she drives off in every morning without us.  It's a tight squeeze because there are only two seats, but it was plenty for the two of us.  
Did you have to close the door?

Mom Paula was prepared for the PTU Blues (as sung by Truffle) but I surprised her and just laid down quietly in the PTU.  I was so calm that she actually opened the door on the way to the vet.
There's enough room in this PTU for Truffle, too!  Why didn't you bring her?

We arrived at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Clinic and didn't have to wait long to be escorted to the back examining room.  These rooms aren't as fancy as the Cats Only Clinic that Sweet Praline used to go to, but we can be at this vet within 10 minutes and they have a state-of-the-art facility with numerous vets with great office hours.  

Ashley put me on the scales and I weigh a whopping 7.19 pounds (Truffle only weighed 5.75 pounds).  Ashley (the vet assistant) took me to the back room to give me for a Benadryl shot.  Mom Paula wasn't too happy they took me from the room for this, but I was gone before she could say, "where are . . .?"  Ashley brought me back in and said I did very well and Dr. Keisler would be in soon for the exam.  While waiting for Dr. Keisler, I decided to explore a little bit.
 Checking out the floor

 Checking out the x-ray viewer

Talking to Angel Sweet Praline while sitting on the scale.  She used to explore all the time, too!

Dr. Keisler came in and said I was doing great.  She even told me I was one of the sweetest cats she'd ever examined.  She talked about my beautiful floof (as she discovered yet another mat!  MOL).  Dr. Keisler only gave me the Rabies vaccination this time and will give me my FVRCP vaccination in about 3 weeks.  I had a bad reaction to the combination vaccinations last year and we're trying to avoid that again.  
Just look how relaxed I am while getting my shot!

Mom Paula ordered some more Revolution to put on us because since the weather is turning cold, those nasty critters may come inside to get warm on us!  Dr. Keisler then gave me some loving.
You are such a sweet little girl!

Dr. Keisler told Mom Paula that she recommended a special blood work up on both of us.  She could tell from our paperwork that all of our parents had tested negative for everything, but she always like to play it "safe."  She also said she likes to stay on top of the Persian breed because we do tend to have some "typical" problems/illnesses.  Mom Paula asked about microchipping and Dr. Keisler said all of her animals (we think she has 9 cats) are microchipped and they stay inside.  She asked about the chance of us getting outside and Mom Paula told her that she watches out for us very carefully, but she's read some horror stories from the CB about indoor only kitties getting outside.  Dr. Keisler said if Brulee (me) were to get outside that someone would definitely pick her up because of her beauty and her personality.  (Truffle would probably hide if she ever got out.)  We're going to think about both options for a long time.

Mom Paula scheduled another appointment for January 16 when I'll go back for the second shot.   The ride home was as quiet as the ride to the vet.  Truffle greeted me at the door and didn't hiss the first time when I came back in the house.  I went around the house meowing a little more than normal to make sure I was back home.  I did great yesterday.  No fever, no lethargy, no loss of appetite, no stress.  Either it wasn't the Rabies shot I reacted to or the Benadryl did the trick!

Now to go to sleep on my Peggy Blankie with my silver vine toy from Baby Patches' store.

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  1. Well I am glad to hear that is over. We are microchipped as well. Even our naturopath said there are few problems with the chip (the biggest one being that it can migrate so it's not where it should be for the scanner) but she hasn't had any problems with it for cats. And it's a good idea in case we get out-because you know everyone would want ME. And Brulee. They can HAVE Ichiro....

  2. Calla is microchipped, the boys are not. I've thought about having Julie chipped, because he goes out more, but haven't done it yet.

  3. I'm glad Brulee did so well at the vet and that she is not reacting to the Rabies shot.

    Both of my kitties - Carmine and Milita - are microchipped. The first year I had Milita, she apparently scratched open a screen, and as carefully as I watch both my babies, I didn't notice she'd gotten it open in the night. When I woke up, she was gone and I was an absolute mess! I called in to the chip people who said they'd keep an eye out and let me know if someone brought her someplace. Thankfully, after searching and putting out flyers offering a rward, Milita made her way back home on her own.

    Since then, I always keep my windows shut at night!! LOL. I don't want to chance anything like that again.

    Carmine came microchipped, but if he hadn't, I'd definitely would have chipped him, too. The kitties can be quite sneaky and might get out if someone comes to work on my apartment when I'm not home or something.

    If you ask me, it's an incredibly good investment - even if you never ever need the chip. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I know you love your babies like I do and that you watch them, too, but my vote would be to get them chipped anyway.


  4. Brulee, you did handle like pawfessional ! Cool !
    Look like you have a good time there.
    Now have a good rest, and tomorrow will be PURRFECT for you.
    You are sweet heart, Miss Brulee : )

  5. Brulee, you really did not look happy about your vet visit, but I am glad to hear that you did so well! It sounds like they take very good care of you there - paws crossed that when you have your second shot, that it does not bother you either!

  6. Oh that is such good news that the vet visit went so well. And glad you had a good report Brulee. Hope you have lots of naps today. Take care.

  7. Oh, poor baby. I hope everything is ok with you now.

  8. Brulee, we're glad all went well for you at the v-e-t....aren't you glad that's over...for now. We usually get our shots like that separate too to avoid bad reactions.

  9. We think you were very brave Brulee - we are always as quiet as mice in our PTU too in the hope Mum forgets we're there! A snooze on your Peggy blankie will make you forget all about it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Such a brave little girl you are, Brulee! Glad to hear you got a good report and lots of lovin' from the v-e-t.

  11. Whew, what a big day! We hope you had a nice nap after all that excitement.

  12. We is glad it isn't a horror story about being put in a PTU and going to THAT place. So happy you are feeling well, too!

  13. Brulee, you coped very well with the v-e-t trauma!!! Well done xx

  14. How brave of you, Brulee, to be quiet in the PTU like that!

    All of us are microchipped, even though we are indoor-only cats. Cousin Nellie was nine years old when she got her chip this year. Our humans think it's an extra safety measure "just in case" of escape either from the house or in case of a broken PTU in transit.

  15. The human had me microchipped because I'm high strung and nervous--the one most likely to dart out of the door if frightened. I also have long fur. Sissy has a collar and tag since she's calm.

    The human sez there is an annual charge (<$20) on our brand--something they don't always tell you about :(

  16. We are glad your vet visit went well Brulee. I, Eric, am always quiet in the metal monster, but Flynn sings his warrior songs at the top of his lungs.

  17. Good job Brulee.

    Mom says, being in rescue, she recommends all pets be chipped and registered (the important part). She has seen some great reunions that might not have happened if not for having it done. We all have them - and the only issue is that Ivy's went from between her shoulders when she was little to over one shoulder as she grew. MOL

  18. I'm glad that everything went fine for you. Sorry you have to go back so soon though.

    My gang hates the vet. Some hiss and turn into unknowns and others just growl.

    Happy New Year,

    JC and Meredith Ann
    (she's napping on the chair)

  19. Such a good girl you were and we are all so proud of you!!!

  20. I am super glad that everything went well. What a brave girl! I have often thought of microchipping Cody but never have. He is also an indoor only cat and never shows a desire to go out. The only reason I often think of it is in the case of an emergency. Pls let us know what you decide to do

  21. Wow! I am never as patient and relaxed as you were, at the vet.

  22. Brulee, you are starting to be a big girl. But you gotta hassle your Momma Paula a little. Going to the V*T two days after Christmas is just wrong.

  23. Glad you had a good checkup. Sorry though you have to make a second trip for the other shots. I love to explore at the VET office too.


    PS we are both microchipped, just in case we get out. Mum is super careful when she opens doors to the outside.

  24. Thank you for your kind words and prayers for Rachel. They mean a lot to us.

  25. We hope all yer bloods pass their tests! Oh we hate seein the PTUs on the table...


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