Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Secret Paws, Day 4

It's finally time to show you all of our special items from our Secret Paws package from Sparkle.

Truffle immediately went for the Tickle Gherkin (a smaller version of the Tickle Pickle).  As you can see, Truffle grabbed the gherkin while it was still in the package and in Mom Paula's hands.  This reminded Mom Paula it was time to trim Truffle's claws!
Truffle attacking the gherkin

Our next toy was a Nylabone "Chase 'N' Pounce Punk Rock Mouse.  We've always heard about Nylabones because our grandma Faye buys them for our woofie cousin, Bandit.  This will be really good for Truffle because she loves to chew on stuff.
 Brulee checking out the Punk Rock Mouse

Yummy!  Our favorite treats are the Whole Life Freeze Dried treats, especially chicken and turkey.  Sparkle was so nice and sent us two packages; one for each of us.
As usual, Truffle already has her teeth marks in the treat bag.

We also have a Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick.  Sweet Praline always loved mint, but we haven't had any yet, so we are really looking forward to trying this out.  Mom Paula said something about helping our breath.  We don't know what she's talking about because we smell wonderful!
 Truffle and Brulee:  Hmmmm . . .  this smells different.

Yippee!  We have a new tin case of Yeowww Sardines.  We don't know why they have a clothes pin on the cat on the canister and why Mom Paula pinches her nose when she opens this.  We love the smell.
 Brulee and Truffle sniffing the potent aroma from the tin.

The small red package got Truffle's attention in a hurry.  Of course, everything gets Truffle's attention.  Before Mom Paula could even open it, Truffle had her teeth marks in it.
 Truffle putting her mark on this smaller package.

Once Mom Paula got the package away from Truffle and opened it, Brulee jumped right over.  Everyone should remember when Brulee claimed the feather ball for her own before sending our Secret Paws package.  This small package contained two small feather balls.  As you can see, Brulee loves it.
 Fevers! Fevers! Fevers!

This unique toy is a Categories Tropical Feathered Friends and it's specially designed for "chasing".  We love the multiple textures of these birds and Brulee is especially fond of the feathers.
Brulee checking out these tropical fevers!

We also received a coupon for a free can of Fancy Feast Mornings.  Mom Paula promised she'd use it on her next trip to the pet supply store.

Sparkle also remembered Mom Paula with this delicious box of Godiva Truffles!  What was so unique about this box of chocolates is that it represents both of us.  The chocolates are truffles and one of the flavors is Creme Brulee.  There are six flavors:  chocolate lave cake, chocolate eclair, strawberry creme torte, red velvet cake, tiramisu, and creme brulee.  We don't know how we feel about Mom Paula munching of truffles and brulee, but she assured us we have nothing to worry about.
 Truffle:  What's so special about this?  We can't have any of it!

Thank you so much Sparkle!  We are so honored you (and your mom) chose these special gifts for us this year.  

Tomorrow, we'll share a short little video of the toy that was a "hit" with both of us.  Stay tuned . . .

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  1. The feather balls are my favorites! I make the most frightening sounding meow when I catch one! And Ichiro, well we've won 3 tickle pickles and he always opens them before the Woman gives them to us. In fact, she tried to give one away but he opened it (fortunately our friend was understanding). He opened the third one and lost it before that one could be donated...

  2. oh my Cat!!!! I am so excited for you Truffle and Brulee...I so hope my Secret Paws package arrives soon!...rubbing nervous paws together...(what if they forgot me, left me behind...couldn't find me...worried, worried...)

  3. I am so glad you girls enjoyed my presents! I had lots of fun picking them out... and I was quite relieved that Binga did not get into any of them!

  4. You girls hit the "mother lode"! What an exciting Secret Paws package! We know you will like all those goodies and can't wait to see you enjoying them.

  5. You sure hit the Jackpot there :)
    Sooo many great stuff that Sparkle sent to you girls !

  6. Nippy toys, fevver toys, treats and choccies! That is a lovely package of toys and treats that Sparkle sent you and your mom.

  7. Wow, what a nice package!

    I have set up tent for a kitty high tea if you would like to join me in my lilac garden. Bring your new toys too, so we can all play.

  8. Thanks for sharing everything in Sparkle's package with us all! We see many hours of fun for you two! And we can just picture Mom Paula nibbling on her truffles while watching her Gamecocks in Florida.

  9. Wow, that was a great Secret Paws package!! You two are gonna have SO much fun with all those toys. The mom didn't know Nylabone made kitty toys so she's gonna look for that mouse for Ernie since he loves to chew stuff too.


  11. That looks a really great package from Sparkle and her Mom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. That is one terrific package of goodies. Looks like you both had such a good time. This Secret Santa was sure fun this year. Thanks to Mom Paula for doing all the work.

  13. You two made a killing with all that loot! What a treasure.

  14. Oh boy oh boy oh boy that was a very special SP!

  15. That Sparkle really knows how to give prezzies that is for sure! That's cause she knows kitties so well...cause she IS one :)

  16. You got some really good toys and treats!

  17. You girls sure got lots of mighty fine stuff! That Sparkle sure knows how to shop!!!

  18. Wow! We never even HEARD of most of those great toys! You are both so lucky to have a great Secret Paw!

    Disclaimer: We haven't been allowed to open our Secret Paw package yet...


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