Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today we want to thank Mog from Mind of Mog, who stepped up to keep the CB going when Mom ML and KC moved to Maryland this past fall.  We know it's a lot of hard work to keep something like this going and we want to let her know how much her time, effort, and expertise are appreciated.  Thank you, Mog!
Truffle gives Mog "paws up" for all of her hard work.

Mom ML contacted Mog yesterday and said that KC was really sick with an antibiotic resistant URI.  We're so sorry to hear about this and we're sending special purrs to KC to get well quickly.
Please feel free to grab this graphic of KC for your blogs.

Some exciting news for the CB is that Mo from Purrchance to Dream will be taking over the CB.  Mo has been around the CB for as long as Mom Paula can remember.  A special event on the CB recognizing Mo was "Not the Mama Day" on  August 25, 2008.  This was right after Mom Paula started blogging with Sweet Praline.  We know lots of kitties and their humans don't like change, but we're looking forward to new and exciting things for the CB.  We're thankful Mo volunteered to do this huge job and hope everyone will continue to be a part of this special group.  Thank you, Mo.
This was the graphic on the CB for Mo on "Not the Mama" Day.

And we can't say it enough - we're so thankful for the CB and everyone in it!  Love you!
Now if we can just get Mom Paula to help us visit our furriends more often . . .

Pee ess - We're thankful to Mom Paula for designing our new blog header.  She's still playing around with Photoshop Elements, but we think she did a pretty good job.  We have a very special header coming up that was designed by Ann and we can't wait to show it to you in a few weeks.

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  1. What a special place the CB is. We are so thankful to Mog for keeping it up.

    Pee Ess - your blog looks so pretty!

  2. I am purring lots for KC. I'm happy to know that the running of the Cat Blogosphere has been sorted out! I was a little bit concerned. Mog did a great job helping out!

  3. We are purring for KC amd ML. We know how hard it has been for them for the last fer months.

  4. We think you are doing a great job with that header! And we are purring for KC. We were sorry to hear that. We are glad Mog was able to step up but that must have been hard to try and keep continuity and just be filling in... sigh. What a hard job. We are glad Mo is feeling up to a challenge and hope that everyone can help!

  5. Our purrs to Mog fer all the good werk!!! And more exclamations. !!!

  6. Myst and I add our purrs to everyone's for the hard work all of you do

  7. We don't full-time cat-blog anymore, but I can't wait to see what Mo does with the CB and the website!

  8. We're purring for KC too. We are also thankful for Mog, Mo and for everyone on the Cat Blogosphere.

    Please stop by our blog today, we gave you an award!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. We bet Truffle and Brulee love their new header - it's great Paula.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Truffle's got a really good stretch there.

    Mom Paul is getting things pretty spiffy with that PhotoShop Elements stuff.

    Yay for Mom Mos and Ml for their hard work with the CB.

    Prayers for KC, too.

  11. We love the CB and all our friends we've met there. So thankful Mo is stepping in and taking it over after a great job done by Mog for ML. We want to help him in any way we can.

  12. The new header looks terrific. Mom Paula is getting really good at doing that stuff. Good for her. Take care.

  13. We appreciate Mog for keeping the CB running in ML's absence. We are thankful to Mo for taking on the huge job of running it.
    We send our purrs to KC.

  14. We are thankful for the CB and all the wonderful friends we have made there=it's a very special group!...Beautiful header for you gorgeous girls=your awesome Mommy did a great job!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. You did a lovely job on your header, Paula.

    It's sad ML hasn't been able to return. Good thing Mog stepped up to keep it running. And now it's Mo's turn. We remember NTM day. Many thanks to all involved in keeping the CB going all these years.

  16. The CB is special because of the wonderful people who have run it, don't hesitate to step up, and those who are in it. We're thankful, too, for Mog who will be keeping things going.

    Purrs to all. Mom Paula and girls: your header is lovely!

    Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty
    Tinker & Anastasia

  17. Pee Ess..Oooopsie! Thanks to Mog for stepping in, Mo who's taking over. Got mixed up there!

  18. We are so very thankful that Mog was able to step in when KC and ML couldn't do it anymore.Thank you! We are also thankful for all the time and effort that KC and ML gave to the CB before their move; without them, we would never have found so many kind, funny and wonderful friends.Thank you! We hope things get better for them and that KC fights off the sickies and gets all better.And Mo, thank you for taking the CB on!! We know you will do a wonderful job and we appreciate every bit of it.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. We are also so thankful to Mog for stepping up to the plate and running the CB for so long in ML & KC's absence.
    We'd always hoped ML would be up for a full-time return, but it doesn't seem that can happen now. I am excited for the challenge, and so humbled by the support shown for me.
    We love the graphic that you did for KC, and pray for her to get better soon!

    I am interviewing Little Isis today about being the new lead reporter for the CB, with me as managing editor, and she's a bit nervous about stepping into KC's shoes.

    Thank you for your love and support! We hope to honor the legacy and traditions of the CB and help guide it into the future.

    Mo (aka NTM)

  20. It sounds like the CB is in good hands :)

  21. Your mum is learning to do your pictures into something sweet.

    We are sad about ML and KC, we will send lots of purrs.

    Happy Mo, Not The Mama, is willing to take on the running of the CB site. We give him ^5.

  22. We are so thankful that Mog kept the CB going! The CB has been such a wonderful part of our blogging. We are so happy that Mo is gonna take it over. We know he'll do a great job and all of us will help when and however we can.

    We purr for KC. We hope she gets better.

  23. Thanks all, appreciate all the support. I think Mo will do the CB justice and he also has ML's support. And the header looks great. I wish I could do as well.

  24. Pawz clapping for MLs dedication and to Mo for all the help in keeping the cat world together=^Y^=

    Purrz for KC

  25. Well done, Mog. The Cat Blogosphere site is the first site I look at each day, so thank you for keeping it going. And to ML: no one can replace you, merely succeed you. Each person who works on the site leaves their own imprint. I look forward to seeing how Mo will add to it.


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