Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tower of Trouble

Just how long do you think this tower of books and boxes is going to last around Truffle?

Pee ess - Mom Paula's surgery was a success yesterday.  The doctor believes he got all the cancer.  Because of the location of the incision on her abdomen, she is limited what she can do for a week.  Thank you for your purrs!

We update this post to wish Marg of Marg's Animals a Happy  Birthday!  Marg works tirelessly helping animals and giving her time and efforts to the Furriends of the CB auction.  Our mom considers herself very lucky to have met Marg in person.  We hope Marg has a wonderful day today.

                          Marvelous Marg of Marg's Animal's
                                 Awesome for Animals [She has 24 of her own!]
                                 Really Real In all Ways
                                 Generous & Giving to One and All

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  1. We hope that Truffle doesn't go knocking things down if you mum can't do everything she needs to do. I think even though everything went well she probably needs some purrs. I shall come and sit upon her and purr my big old rumbly Chey purr...

  2. We should all teleport over and have a purr party for your mom! All the warmth and vibrations will have her healed up quick!

  3. Ordinarily, we would tell Truffle to leave that stack alone, and go cuddle with her Mom Paula. But it looks like Mom Paula will have trouble with lap kitties for a while, so maybe Truffle should just find a nice pillow and purrrr from there.

  4. We see the tower, but no trouble at all. Heh-heh!

    Sending pawsitive vibes for a quick recovery to Mom Paula!

  5. Now girls, your Human is slightly damaged, and it would only be ladylike and considerate of you to behave yourselves so that she doesn't have to.....

    Oh, heck! Who am I kidding! It's a chance to do whatever you want & she can't stop you! Go for it!

    We are furry glad her surgery went well!

  6. Thank you Thank you so much for your kind purrs to Michico, she gets better :)

    And I am happy for Mom Paula's surgery went well, we will keep sending our purrs!

  7. That pile looks like something my human would create... and it is up to us kitties to destroy such abomination!

    That is great that the surgery was a success - I am purring that you heal fast!

  8. 3... 2.... 1.... Avalanche!

    We're glad to hear that the surgery was a success. We're purring for a quick recovery for Mom Paula.

  9. Imagine ! If that is a tower of treats !!!!! Will be so wonderful ; )
    I'm so glad your mom is safe and surgery went well. Sending lots of purr for her healing
    Please Take Care

  10. WE are so glad that the surgery went well. Sending purrs that she feels better soon. Take care.

  11. We don't think that tower lasted much longer after the picture was taken.

    So glad Mom Paula's surgery is over. Sending purrs and prayers for quick healing.

  12. We are so pleased the surgery was successfulfor your Mom. Now be good girls and don't go jumping on her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. I think they are about to fall over. You take care of mum and so glad it went well.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. That is good news for Mom Paula. SHe probably should not be picking you girls up!

  15. We are so happy that Mom Paula's surgery went well. We hope she is back to full power soon...so she can pick up that stack that Truffle is gonna knock over.

  16. Oh, dear! Be careful!
    I'm always knocking things over.
    Sending hugs to your Mom.
    My Mom has her 2nd cataract surgery tomorrow.
    Busy week--Sunday I will be 4 years old.

  17. About 5 seconds?

    We are purry pleased Mom Paula's surgery went well, now you girls help her heal up.

  18. So glad to hear your Mommy's surgery was a success=we are keeping her in our purrs and prayers...You girls are gorgeous as always=we know you would never topple anything over, Truffle and we loved Brulee's post yesterday too...Happy week ahead, sweet friends...kisses...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Take it easy Mom Paula, and let the girls put the lovin' on you xox

  20. sending ALL of our healing purrs and love your way!
    Feel better soon!

  21. Hmm, Truffle.

    That looks like an accident waiting to happen.

    We're thrilled to know Mom Paula's surgery went well and was successful.

    Happy Birthday to special Marg.

  22. That is such good news about Mom Paula. We purr she heals quickly.

    And Happy Birthday to Marg! We love her lots!

  23. I'm glad the surgery went well =)
    Truffle, try to be quiet when you knock things over!

  24. Our mom and us kitties are so happy that your mom's surgery was a success. And we beg you Truffle not to knock that pile over 'cause Mom is not going to be able to pick them up. More prayers, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  25. We're sending healing vibes and purrayers to your human Mom for a fast recovery.

  26. That is great news about your surgery! We stopped by cause we were wondering how she felt. Here's to being 100% soon!

  27. Big Tomcat home Purrs for Mom!
    Dad long ago stopped making piles that kitties could demolish.


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