Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday at the Movies - Secret Paw Package

We shared yesterday that our Secret Paws was Katie and Waffles.  As soon as Mom Paula helped us open the box, we jumped right in to see what was inside.  Truffle was quite excited because she identified some Katie floof on the bag and Truffle claimed the bag as her own.
Truffle checking out the Glogirly bag while Brulee eyes the pink wand toy!

Katie and Waffles (and probably Glogirly) had each of our packages wrapped in pretty holiday tissue paper (which is also a special gift).  We're not sure what you call our wand toy (help Katie and Waffles), but we LOVE it!  The video below is just a short little view of us checking out our box.

We'll share more of our Secret Paws package this weekend.  Special thanks to Katie and Waffles.
Brulee takes the opportunity to grab the pink wand toy while Truffle watches on.

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  1. When you guys first look in the box it's almost like Katie is looking out at you! Maybe to get away from Waffles...

  2. Oooo... bootiful ladycats getting a gift from the bootiful Katie...

  3. FUN!!!
    The video is so funny...it DOES look like Katie is peeking out at you!
    ...Love the thorough investigation of the box too!

    You know, we're not really sure what the pink wand toy is called. It's from a little specialty pet boutique in our neighborhood. They've always looked super fun and the colors are so pretty. Fluffy ball wand toy???
    ; )

    Have fun! ...easy on the catnip, girls.

  4. For a moment there, I thought Truffle was going to take up residence in that box! It looks like Katie and Waffles got you loads of fun gifts!

  5. We have never seen a wand toy like that one. It looks like it was a big hit!

  6. That's a fine box girls but we love your wand toy - the pink is just so your colour.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh! We love gifts too! Enjoy sweeties!

  8. MOL, it looked like Katie was playing peekaboo wif you from inside that box!

    That pink thingy's making Allie all excited. She wants one too! MOL!

  9. That package looks brim full with goodies. Looked for a minute as if Truffle was going to camp inside and claim efurrything for herself. We can't wait until we get to see efurrything you received. Please stop by our most recent post to pick up an award from us. Hope you don't already have it. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. Looks like you have lots of exciting things in there. I thought Truffle was going to claim the box and everything in it.

  11. How lucky that you had Katie and Waffles! What a fun video!

  12. We have the pink wand, too =)
    It's lots of fun.
    You are so lucky to get such a fun box o'stuff.
    the kitty brats

  13. Wow! What fun stuff! We can't wait to see more!!

  14. Cool wand toy! We can't wait to see what else you all got :)

  15. Oh you two are so precious! Love seeing your spectacular floofiness on video! What fun you will have with your Secret Paws stuff! (Healing purrs to Mom Paula.)

  16. Oh how mom and I loved seeing you two exploring your Christmas box! Seeing you get IN there with the presents was such a treat, You girls are soooo beautiful too. Extra treat for mom and me to see. xox

  17. That box is purrfect size for one of you. You better ask for another one from Santa so you don't have to share!
    Mommy said, two boxes full of fluffy is just the right present for your mommy!


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