Monday, January 13, 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

We are very excited because we received The Versatile Blogger Award from The Kitty Corner. We've received some other awards recently, but unfortunately we haven't been able to participate or post because of Mom Paula's injury, surgery, and recuperation.  However, we decided to sit in our office chair and stare at Mom Paula until she helped us this time.

The Versatile Blogger Award has some rules we must follow in order to accept and they are as follows:
  • Accept the nomination: Thank the person from whom you received the nomination and provide a link to their blog
  • List 7 things about myself
  • Nominate 15 blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award
A special thank you goes to  The Kitty Corner for sending us this award.  We'd never met our new furriends from The Kitty Corner, so this was a wonderful way to make new furriends.

Seven things about us that you may or may not know.
  1. We're half sisters.  We have the same daddycat, Jayden, who is so handsome.  He has recently been retired and is looking for a one-cat home to live in.  We know Mom Terri will find him the very best home to live in because she loves all of her kitties.
  2. We're Silver Shaded Persians, which is recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association.  The exquisite silvers are considered the most ethereal of all Persians. The chinchilla is a sparkling white cat with black tipping scattered as evenly as stardust, ever so lightly, on the face, legs, tail and body. Shadeds show a mantle of black on the back, shading evenly down the sides. The tipping on the legs and face should match and is darker than the chinchilla. Goldens are either chinchilla or shaded. Their ground color is a rich, warm cream tipped with black. Silvers and goldens have green or blue-green eyes rimmed with black, black paw pads and brick red or rose nose leather.  The Fancy Feast Cats are silver shaded and chinchilla Persians.  Truffle is more shaded and doesn't have the red nose.  Brulee is lightly shaded with the red nose and almost qualifies as a chinchilla.
  3. We are born very dark and turn white as we get older.  The picture below is Truffle and Angel Beignet with their mom kitty, Chloe. 
  4. Brulee's momkitty, Mikayla, is a Golden Shaded Persian.  Mom Paula was hoping for a little golden kitten, but there can only be a golden kitten if both parents are goldens.  Isn't Mikayla beautiful?  The picture below is Brulee with her littermates and momkitty, Mikayla.
  5. We are registered kitties with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and we have fancy names. Truffle is Crystalpurrs Truffle Blanche and Brulee is Crystalpurrs Creme Brulee.
  6. We came to live with Mom Paula a little over 2 years ago, after our sister-before-us, Sweet Praline went to the bridge.  Sweet Praline started blogging in 2008 and was known as the Diva of the CB.  Sweet Praline is still a part of our lives and has introduced us to so many kitties and she brought us to Mom Paula.
  7. We live with Mom Paula in South Carolina.  The three of us are true Southern ladies and also consider ourselves to be Steel Magnolias.
We know a lot of our furriends have already received this award, so we're just going to let anyone who hasn't received the award to feel free to take it.  We hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about us.

Pee ess - Many of you are asking about Mom Paula's shoulder and foot.  Her shoulder is getting better each day (the range of motion) with the help of PT, even though it still hurts.  Her foot is much better since she's been elevating it.  Thank you for all of your purrs and purrayers.

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  1. You two are looking furry good. half sisters, huh? pawsome!

  2. Concatulations on your award, and I loved seeing photos of your moms - they are beautiful! And Truffle, you look SO much like your mom Chloe!

  3. Oooo we sure love seeing so many photos of you ladies. Hammy is in swoon heaven!

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos dear ladies! And we will keep purring fur Mom Paula too. Until her foot and shoulder am all better.

    Lil Bear.

  5. My mom-person is hopeless to when it comes to help me post about awards *sigh´s*

    ConCATulations to the award , ladies !
    It was fun to see all the pictures and learn a bit moore about Silver shaded Persians and Chinchilla Persians :)


  6. Concatulations on your award. We're always glad to hear more about you!

  7. Great pictures of everyone.And congrats on getting that award. Great stuff all about Truffles and Brulee. Have a great day.

  8. Congrats on your award! We find it amazing that you two started out as such a dark color as babies.

  9. You three "Southern Belles" are just gorgeous and so photogenic.

    We're glad to know Mom Paula is slowly but surely on the mend.

    Love the 7s about you.

  10. Concatulations on your award! We are glad your Mama is doing better, especially her foot! Can she lie down yet? And can you lie upon her?

  11. Girls,concatenations on ALL of your awards and I love seeing anything about you and your heritage. I would love more when and if the occasion comes. Sweet Praline. Love and miss you beautiful girl.

  12. Oh how cute you both are!! We are so sorry to have missed so much with the stupid computer being on the Blitz!! So Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year, too!
    Your TX furiends,
    Samantha & Clementine

  13. Concatulations on your awards ! It's very interesting to see how your fur has changed as you grow up. You were both cute dark kitties, and you're now beautiful silver cat ladies ! Purrs

  14. Concats are your award. We really enjoyed learning so many things about you we didn't know previously. Glad both Mom Paula's shoulder and foot are improving. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  15. Concats on your award. Those are lovely photos of you all.
    I am glad mom Paula's shoulder and foot are improving.

  16. Concats on your award! Glad to hear everything is going well with Mom Paula's shoulder and foot.

  17. Wow, we learned a lot about silver Persians. A former neighbor had two and they were small kitties, even when full grown. That is a very cute picture of you three. We are glad mom Paula is doing so well! Shoulders are very painful things, and they take time. We are purring for you!

  18. Thank you for telling us about different types of Persian kitties! And we love the picture of you girls with your Mom Paula!

  19. Mom said thanks tons for the info on you guys! It is stuff she never knew before! We think you are two beautiful lady cats and the kitty that came before was beautiful too! Had to say 'hi'
    Marty the Manx


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