Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday at the Movies: Brulee's Missing Fur Horns

Because of Brulee's little flat face, she gets tear stains pretty bad, so Mom Paula has to wash her face on a regular basis.  Brulee hates it!  In this short video, Brulee is embarrassed that her fur horns appear to have disappeared while Truffle just watches her from above.

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  1. It's bad enough when the woman tries to get rid of an eye goober! You are far more patient than I!

  2. How adorable! You can tell exactly what both of the girls are thinking.

    Brulee is thinking, "why me?" and Truffle is thinking "thank goodness that's not me!". MOL!

  3. Truffle looks pawsome and Brulee looks cute. hmmm. pawsome? cute?
    which to pick? Oh Dey am both adorable!

    Katie Kat.

  4. Brulee is so cute - and yeah, she is not happy in that video!

  5. Truffles, good job of snoopervising. Don't blame you Brulee for not wanting your face washed. Take care.

  6. Brulee you don't look like a happy lady at the thought of a face wash.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. That really must feel so much better, Brulee. Not to worry, those fur horns will pop back up real soon.

  8. You look adorable-with and without your fur horns!

  9. Truffle looked very interested watching Brulee.


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