Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday: PetBox Review

We are so thankful we were given the opportunity to review the PetBox.  Angie Bailey from Catladyland recommended our names and Lilli from PetBox contacted us. The box arrived from the man in the brown shorts and even though the box may have looked damaged on the outside, we immediately began to check it out as soon as Mom Paula put it on the floor.  Brulee immediately jumped on the box (unusual for her) and began sniffing and trying to open the box.  

Here's a little information from the company about PetBox.  PetBox is more than just a monthly delivery service that introduces its members to fun and healthy new pet products every month. Instead, they have decided to go the extra mile and personalize each member's monthly subscription by providing a better user experience that allows members to pack their own PetBox each month with products and supplies that actually make the most sense for their furry friends. The PetBox pet experts scour the planet looking for only the best products to offer its members. You won't find thousands of products to choose from, rather only products that make your furry friend's life more healthy and enjoyable. 

We are very curious kitties, but don't usually get into a box until Mom Paula starts pulling things out. As soon as the box was open, both of our noses went into the box.

There were lots of great things in there that both of us wanted . . .

Truffle found something that she really wanted and wouldn't let Brulee get near the box until she dug out a Nip Nanner and immediately began playing with it.

Brulee loves feathers and luckily for her, there was a feather toy.

In addition to these two favorites, there were other toys and even some treat bags.

There were Zuke's G-Zees Tender Grain-free treats for cats (turkey), Blue Kitty Yums treats (seafood), the Yeowww! Nip Banana, a tin of Yeowww! Stinkies Sardines, Kong Naturals balls, a Kong refillable catnip mouser, Supercat Catnip Markers, and a Kong interactive feather toy.

We like that you can either let PetBox choose the items or that you can select your own.  It's also great that the price is cheaper the more months you commit to.  An added plus is that each box that is shipped feeds a rescue animal.  We love that you can choose to buy the box by the month or select a long term purchase.  Shipping is free with each purchase.  We were really impressed with this box and look forward to the possibility of purchasing future boxes.

We received the PetBox free from the company to review.  The opinions are our own and we were not compensated for this review.

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  1. Oh look at all that stuff you guys got! That's amazing!

  2. Poor little Brulee! Mom Paula needs to open that box before she puts it on the floor. MOL!

    You kittehz got a lot of loot. Enjoy!

    We hope your weather doesn't get too bad.

  3. It looks like a lot of fun ! We're so sorry it's not available in Switzerland ! Purrs

  4. Wow! No wonder you girls got so excited! There was LOTS of good stuff in your PetBox!

  5. Wow, that's so cool! Looks like you got lots of wonderful things!

  6. That box sure looks like a big hit!

  7. We don't blame you for getting so excited about that box. It was chock full of pawsome stuff!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Oh yes, those are fun, fun, fun and we still play in the empty box too!

  9. We've seen a number of our kitty friends dive into those boxes, but Mom hasn't procured one for us. We can tell the contents are good when we see the smacky paws come out. Enjoy all your goodies girls! Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. That looks like so much fun!
    We hear so much about the nip naners and we have never seen one.
    Enjoy !
    the kitty brats

  11. That picture of you two with your noses stuck in the PetBox says it all! We'll hafta check this out.

  12. Looks like a purr-fectly fabulous box of goodies!!!
    I've got my eyes on that nip nanner!
    ; ) Katie

  13. hah! You got the same box we got! After I did my review, i noticed the ingredients on those catnip markers. Don't leave those out! They look a little unhealthy! Enjoy the naner! - Crepes.


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