Saturday, February 1, 2014

Through the Eyes of a Kitty

We posted on Thursday about how we were thankful to see our first snow and they how we were thankful  we had a warm place to stay inside.  Mom Paula was able to get some "natural light" and "bad light" photos depicting our reactions to our outside world turning white.  Mom Paula took over 50 pictures of our experience, but wanted to show a few here today and tell our little story of our experience.  One of these days, we're going to help get Mom Paula a new camera and send her to photography lessons.

The day started on Tuesday, January 28 with us laying in the bed with Mom Paula because the state government office where she worked had closed because of the threat of a winter storm.  We wish we could have her home everyday with us.
What are you still doing home?

To be honest, we spent most of the day in the bed because Mom Paula is still recuperating from the surgery and still has no energy.  For some reason, Mom Paula kept opening the door all day and that evening, Truffle noticed something highly unusual.  Her world outside was different.
Uh, Mom . . .  This doesn't look quite right.

Mom Paula then did something she never does.  She opened the back door and left it open!  We are indoor only kitties, so we were a little unnerved.  Truffle went to the door to investigate, but it was cold and a little scary AND Mom Paula quickly closed the door.
MOMMMM!  What is this?

We could sense a little excitement in the air because Mom Paula was walking around like a little girl and there was anticipation in her voice.  Of course, her office had already announced that they wouldn't be at work again.  When we woke up the next morning, Mom Paula opened the blinds to bird TV and our whole world had turned white.  Truffle immediately went to the window, which is her usual routine, but she just sat there and stared, and stared, and stared.  She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

We urged Mom Paula to get out of bed and get dressed so we could see what had happened to our usually green world that was now white like us.  To our surprise, Mom Paula got up, got dressed in multiple layers of clothing, went to the back door (which she usually never uses), opened the door and kept it open, and went outside.  The next series of photographs show our wonder, amazement, curiosity, and trepidation of our winter wonderland.  The expression on our eyes tell the story of two young ladycats experiencing their very first snowfall.  We hope you enjoy our story through pictures.

After we actually stepped into the cold white stuff, we wanted to explore, but Mom Paula shooed us back inside because she knew she couldn't catch us if we started running and we aren't used to the outdoors.  Mom Paula then had to go out the front door to get the mail and we waited for her inside where it was warm.

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  1. To bad you don't have harness so you could go out for a walk in the snow !
    Lovely pictures on your first experience of snow ♡♥♡

  2. We bet you loved your first experience with snow! We have not been out in the snow either. We can see from the snow Mom tracks in on her boots that it is cold stuff :o
    WE enjoyed watching you kitties .
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. Great pictures. We didn't like the snow either. It was way too cold. Glad it is all gone now. Have a great day.

  4. MOL! You like the snow about as much as WE do! Did you look at yer pawprints carefully? We did when WE stepped in that stuff.

    We're glad ya girls dint run off in it. Imagine how hard it would be ta SEE you on the snow.

  5. We love to watch kitties experience snow for the first time!

  6. You girls are so beautiful! We think you are brave too to actually put your delicate little pawsies on the cold snow!

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Love the hearts banner/backgound!

  7. We get snow alla time here, but I am not interested. Everything is better inside, trust me! xxoo Uncle Bhu

  8. How exciting to be able to go out and feel the snow!! Mom is squeeing at that paw print pic.

    We love your Valentines day look!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. You are lucky you only get that white stuff rarely. It has been on the ground here for the last 2+ months and we can't wait until it goes away.

  10. Seriously, stay in where it's warm pretty girls! I love how most of the pictures it looks like you don't even want to get more than your front paws out into that stuff! MOL Too cute!

  11. You girls look like you really don't know what to make of the snow! I wouldn't either!

  12. You look so cute and so careful experimenting snow for the first time ! Purrs

  13. those little pawprints in the snow were too cute and your expressions are precious

  14. Those are very cute pictures of you both checking out the snow.

  15. Girls, I LOVED seeing your faces and eyes and expressions. And I know your mom was just happy as could be to be home with you and able to rest a bit more. And snow!!!!

  16. What fun! Y'know we get snow here all the time and we've never gone out into it. We need to do that!

  17. How did we miss this?! Well humph! We don't like snow but you two sure were cute!

  18. I just love this post and loved your expressions wondering what it was. You got to step on it too which is lovely. Jasper actually hated the snow and wouldn't go out in it at all. x

  19. We love this kitty-eye view of the girls' first snow!

  20. It looked like you were ready to explore that white stuff. It's all over the place around here and it has been like that from the start of the new year! Ask your Mom to scoop some up in a tray and bring it in so you can better check that stuff out=^Y^=Thomas and the Boyz


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