Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Truffle Tuesday

Well furriends ...  I figured out how to get out of the human litterbox room thanks to Uncle  Bhu, but ended up trapped in this fancy PTU that we won from Cody (Cat Chat with Caren and Cody) last year.  I love getting into this fancy carrier when it was on the floor in my house, but this time Mom Paula zipped me in and carried me out to a moving metal monster and took me to the vet!
You won't trick me into getting in this thing again!

Don't worry, everything is okay.  I was just way past due for my annual check-up because of Mom Paula's health issues and green papers, but the vet sent us a 50% off of the vet fee coupon and we had to use it by the end of the month.  I fussed sang all the way to the vet and even figured out how to get out of the PTU in the car by pushing my head against the velcro closure at the end of the zipper.  You should have seen Mom Paula trying to grab me while driving.  She held me in her arms since we were almost at the vet and I was just shaking all over.  Don't worry, Mom Paula knows this isn't safe, but we were about two blocks away when I got out.
I want out!!!

We got to the vet and all of the technicians and assistants were oohing and aahing, telling me how pretty I was. When the Deedee took us in the back, we went to a totally different room and Mom Paula asked if there was a Feliway diffuser in the room.  There wasn't, but Deedee quickly brought one back in.  I weighed 7.06 pounds (up 1.31 pounds from October 2012).  I was a very good ladycat when she stuck the thermometer up my back end.  I didn't even hiss.  We'd been waiting for quite a while for Dr. Keisler when DeeDee came in and said the doctor was running late because of a problem with another patient and would we be willing to see Dr. Strom.  Mom Paula was a little hesitant because we hadn't seen him and said he'd have to come in and get Truffle's approval first. Dr. Strom was very good with me, but he sure was young!
Ashley and Dr. Strom

Dr. Strom said everything looked great.  Unfortunately, I did need two shots:  rabies (required by law in SC) and the FVRCP/Chlamydia booster (good for 3 years).  Dr. Strom was very gentle when examining me and even picked me up to cuddle a little bit.  He said my insides sounded good, my teeth and ears looked good, my weight was good, and that I had a beautiful face!  I wasn't as relaxed as Brulee last year, but that Feliway diffuser really does work to relax a kitty.  Dr. Strom said they don't see too many purebreeds in their office.  He wasn't too bad for a vet!  MOL!

Mom Paula put me back in my fancy PTU and zipped it up securely and really pinched the Velcro together. Hopefully, this is the last time for at least another year before I  have to travel in it again. Our coupon saved us $26.25.  Mom Paula keeps hoping we'll get one for Brulee to use.
Let's go home!

Here's a short little video of me fussing singing in the car on the way to the vet.  You can see my head pushing up against the edge and hear the Velcro starting to move.

Pee ess - Mom Paula goes back to the human vet this morning to check out her wrist.  He will probably do another x-ray.  We hope he finds something definitive today and can figure out how to treat it.

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  1. You got to see Dougie Houser for your vet?!

    I am glad all was well and I hope your Mum gets as good of a report from her vet visit!

  2. Truffle! We see you know all the verses in the Song of Our People!

    You have quite a robust ME-OW!!!

    Paws and fingers crossed for Mom Paula...xoxo

  3. We're glad that's over fur you!
    Maybe Mom Paula will have a good vet, er, doctor visit, too!
    (paws crossed)

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. OMC!!! Dr. Strom looks like he's in middle school!!!
    So glad he was nice and even cuddled! Sorry about the jabs...but at least it's all behind you now.

    Purrs and good luck to Mom Paula!

  5. I had a funny reaction to the video - I came into the office, all concerned, when I heard Truffle, and then my human picked me up and put me in front of the computer and I began purring, like I was trying to make her feel better!

  6. Glad your Vet visit went well :)
    When Mom played the video, Julie went looking for you! heehee
    We purr Mom Paula has a good visit with her Doctor too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  7. Dr. Strom really does look young! That must make it harder for him to establish credibility with clients, but it sounds like Truffle liked him, which is important.

  8. Aren't you glad that's over now, Truffle?? And we're glad you checked out good...'cept for those shots.

  9. You've got such a sweet meow, even when you're not a happy kitty!! We're glad your VET visit went well and we hope Mom Paula's Dr visit does too.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. So sorry you had to go to the vet, but we is glad everything is okay! We hope the human doctor can help your mommy!

  11. Mum said Dr Strom looked like a school boy but it seems he charmed you Truffle. Purrs to your Mom for her human vet visit.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. I was in the other room, but I came running in to help you sing, sweet lady! Really. Not making this up. Sing it, sister, I like being in the choir!
    Mommy played your movie a couple of times for me to join you.

  13. Truffle, your beautiful singing voice, just like Mom Paula's, woke Minchie up out of a sound sleep and he was looking all over for you.

    Glad you got a good checkup. And great job escaping out of that pretty PTU!

  14. glad you got a good report - mom Paula may have to invest in some pins for that carrier though. And that vet...he may have the right equipment but mom suggests asking for id next time....(or it may just be that our mom is getting old - MOL). purrs for Mom Paula and her appt

  15. oh no! I hope the carrier wasn't defective! Glad you are ok!

  16. We think Truffle has a beautiful singing voice.
    That vet dude looked so young. He sounds nice, though.
    Hope Mom Paula is doing O.K.
    the kitty brats

  17. Glad your vet visit went well Truffle. Hope your mum's human vet visit goes equally well.

  18. Truffle you sing a very good song of our people's suffering! Glad you did well at the vet. He looks very young for sure. Hope your mom gave you yummy treats and extra loving for all of your suffering.

  19. Truffle! You sure a great singer! We know all the words to that song, too. Glad you got a good checkup, and we hope Mom Paula gets a good one from the human v-e-t, too!

  20. Glad your young VET guy did OK with you. All healthy and such.

    Also, that had to be scary to your mum with you out of the carrier.


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