Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday at the Movies: Going Wild Over Catnip

A few months ago, we were contacted by The Natural Pet Company about reviewing some Catnip and of course, we said yes.  Unfortunately, that was around the same time Mom Paula injured her shoulder and ultimately had shoulder surgery.  She then fell on the ice and re-injured her shoulder and now she's been in a brace since February because of a wrist injury.  We finally convinced Mom Paula to let us try out the The Natural Pet Company 100% Natural Catnip. 
Truffle checking out the nip

Just as soon as Mom Paula opened the bag we both checked it out.  Truffle gave it a sniff, but Brulee stuck her entire head in the bag, so the first test was a huge success!

The next step was to try out the catnip in our boogie mat.  Truffle noticed there was something different about the mat, but couldn't quite figure it out.  

Mom Paula then decided to pour the catnip on our scratcher and Truffle immediately responded.  She rolled and scratched all in the catnip.

Overall, we'd say the The Natural Pet Company Catnip is a huge success with Truffle.  Brulee never has really reacted to catnip much, except to lick catnip toys, but Truffle loves it.  This catnip is currently on sale at Amazon for $9.95 and qualifies for Amazon Prime.  There is a 30-day "no meow" money back guarantee offered.  This premium catnip is fine cut with no stalks, which makes it safer for us kitties.  The 4-oz bag was loaded to the top, almost making it difficult to close, which is wonderful because it will last us a long time and we can use it with lots of toys.  The Natural Pet Company also has a Facebook page.
Brulee approves!

We received The Natural Pet Company's 100% Natural Catnip free to review.  We were not compensated for our review and our opinions are our own.

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  1. That nip looks like being a good one ! Purrs

  2. We have some of that nip, and it is pretty amazing!

  3. Brulee made us smile when she put her head in the catnip bag!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Oh my, that looks like some fun with some good nip!

  5. Looks like that nip was a hit with you both.

  6. Glad, you two enjoyed that catnip. Looks like fun to us. Have a great week end. We sure hope that Mom Paula can get fixed up so her wrist doesn't hurt any more..

  7. That looks like some mighty fine nip, Truffle and Brulee!


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