Thursday, July 3, 2014

On the Look Out

We're on the look out for Mom Paula to get home because we have a 3-day weekend with her!
Hurry Home, Mom

Pee ess:  We're purring for our friends at Friends FurEver.  Their human dad is having a heart procedure this morning.

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  1. Enjoy your three days! I hope it doesn't get too loud for you girls!

  2. I wish my human would take a three day weekend - but she is probably going to be here the whole time, worrying about fires!

  3. Enjoy your 3 day weekend...and it's a holiday too!

  4. Yup! Extra Mom days are pawsome :)
    We had Mom on Tuesday because it was Canada Day :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ

  5. Waiting can be very frustrating sometimes!

  6. Enjoy your long weekend with your mum girls.

  7. Hope you all have a super week end and have lots of fun with Mom Paula. Take care.

  8. we're headed over there now to see how he did... and to give purrs! (Pee Ess, thanks so much for visiting while our humans were in Texas [with nooo cell signal except for the wifi in the hotel late at night!]. Our grandhumans are sorta moved in - much box-stacking - and the house is um, halfway to being ready to put on the market. WAAAAAIT, does this mean another TRIP?!GASP!?*wails*)


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