Monday, September 8, 2014

Week of Changes

We've had a lot of changes in our household the past two weeks and many of you are very curious. Of course your curious, we're cats!!!  Anyway, we thought we'd take this week to share what's been happening around our house, so stay tuned...

Uncle Bill and Mom Paula in 2012

It all started two weeks ago when Mom Paula was pleasantly surprised to receive a small inheritance from her Uncle Bill, who passed away in October 2013 at 89 years old.  This was truly a blessing from God because we've really been struggling financially for the past 5 years because of all of Mom Paula's illnesses and surgeries.  We haven't shared our struggles because Mom Paula is very private about these things and tries to keep our blog positive and happy.  Thankfully, we've been able to pay off almost all of our bills except for the mortgage, the car payment, and Mom Paula's student loan. There was a little set aside to get a few things for the house and to take care of us.
Brulee in car

The first expenditure was to get Brulee to the vet for her very late annual checkup.  She was due for this checkup in January, but we just couldn't afford the visit.  Brulee went to the vet on August 27 and had a great checkup.  On the way to the vet, she did not sing the song of our kitties.  Instead, she was calm, cool, and collected the entire trip.  She didn't even begin singing when several woofies in the waiting room started barking and whining.  (Truffle:  I think Brulee is an alien).
Brulee in waiting room

The vet technician took Brulee back to an examination room, which has a Feliway diffuser plugged in.  Mom Paula opened the PTU door and Brulee just walked right out (Mom Paula had to turn the carrier upside down with Truffle) and made herself home exploring the room.  Brulee volunteered to get on the scale to be weighed and weighs 8.3 pounds.  She'd gained around 1.5 pounds since her last visit in January 2013, when she was a little over a year old.  The vet said Brulee's weight was just right and that she wasn't overweight at all.  In fact, she was just purrfect for a Persian.
A lady isn't supposed to tell her weight

Brulee's temperature, teeth, eyes, and ears were all normal.  The only problem was that she had evidence of fleas.  Mom Paula was suspicious of this because we were scratching a lot lately and when she'd come home, she'd see evidence of a cotton ball war in the hallway with all of our floof. Because we had the extra green papers, Mom Paula was able to buy some Revolution to get back on us (we hadn't had a treatment in 6 months).  That stuff is really good because we stopped scratching within a day!  We never go outside, but Mom Paula must have brought in those aggravating little buggers on her feet because of our hot weather in the the South.
How dare you bring fleas into our house!!!

Brulee received a Rabies vaccination, which is required by law in South Carolina.  She had to be pretreated with Benedryl because she had a reaction to her vaccinations the first time.  The vet recommended that she separate the Rabies vaccination and her other vaccination by 2-3 weeks to keep her from reacting.  Brulee is scheduled to go back in another week for a second vaccination.  Mom Paula talked to the vet about their food (wet vs. dry and brand names and formulas) and the vet encouraged Mom Paula to feed us both, as long as they are high quality.  She even encouraged Mom Paula to feed us the wet food twice a day, although Mom Paula hasn't followed through with that yet.  The vet told Mom Paula that she was doing an excellent job with grooming Brulee because her coat was exquisite.
A totally relaxed Brulee on the examination table

Dr. Keisler informed Mom Paula that Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital was going to become more cat friendly.  They were going to have cat specific examination rooms and planned to schedule appointments in such a way that cats would be taken directly back to the rooms instead of having to wait in the waiting room.  She also said they are considering separate waiting rooms.  Mom Paula was very pleased to hear this.  All in all, the day went quite well.

A rear view of Brulee's gorgeous floof!  (Truffle:  Can you believe she's so relaxed on that table?)

Stay tuned for more changes in our lovely household...

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  1. We have been very excited for your Mum and wondered if that was part of the reason she was able to change things up! But we look forward to what else has changed!

  2. We're so excited for ya'll! We can't wait to hear more.

    So glad the vet visit went well, too.

  3. What a blessing that Uncle Bill remembered your Mom! We bet he is very pleased to be able to help.

    Brulee, we echo Truffles...you are some weird Alien Kitty...to be so good at the vet!

    We can't wait to see what other nice things you were able to do for yourselves.

  4. How nice of your human's Uncle Bill to leave her an inheritance! It sounds like she is making GREAT use of it!

  5. It sounds like the inheritance was a welcome surprise and helped a lot. We are happy to hear that it gave Mom Paula some relief from financial worries.

    And Truffle, we agree, Brulee must be an alien, being so quiet in the car. We all sing the song of our people.

  6. That was a lovely surprise for your mom. I am glad your vet visit went well Brulee.

  7. We're so happy that your mom received this gift to help pay off bills and take care of you. We, too, will look forward to reading about the other changes!

    Purrs and peace.

  8. What a good girl you were, Brulee! Like Mom Paula is the Goodwill Ambassador the the CB, you are the Goodwill Ambassador for vet visits.

  9. We are happy to hear all the good news!

  10. We're so happy that Uncle Bill was able to continue to take care of you and help out in so many ways. We are glad you are out from under some of the worry! Glad Brulee and Truffles got such an outstanding checkup!

  11. we are glad that Uncle Bill was able to help you guys in some way. can't wait to hear about other changes! Brulee - we have no doubt they were charmed.

  12. I am sorry about your mom's Uncle passing, but I am glad that your mom is able to get caught up on her bills. Escpecially happy you
    kitties are set with the vet.

  13. it's rather exciting all the changes going on, but I agree with Yruffle that Brulee is an alien! Mol

  14. All these changes are so exciting ! We're glad to read such good check-up reports ! Purrs

  15. I'm sorry about your Mom's Uncle Bill, but I'm glad you were able to pay some bills. Glad the vet visit went well, too.

  16. These are all good changes!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  17. We're so glad Brulee's vet appt went so well. And how great that there are good things coming your way. :)

  18. Your Mom sure deserves less stress and I am so happy the Vet visit went well.

  19. What a gift and blessing it was for Uncle Bill to remember Mom Paula in his will. We are glad ya'll are able to do some overdue things there.

    Yay for good vet checkups! Boo for fleas. Yay for revolution! :)

  20. It's nice to hear that you had such a low-stress trip to the vet and that you are very healthy. I had a few fleas once before and I'm an indoor kitty too. They are annoying little nasties so I'm glad you were able to get rid of yours so quickly. Those new flea spot-on treatments are amazing.

  21. Ducky here, I don't mind the VET either. I am all cool and calm during my visit.

  22. We are happy for your Mom and know some extra money will make life a little less stressful. We look forward to seeing the changes at your place :)
    WE are also happy the Vet visit went well.
    You are brave Brulee!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  23. Could Brulee's demeanor have something to do with the Benedryl? She certainly was calm, cool and collected. Glad she had a good appointment. Sorry about the fleas. Our vet has been doing the same thing for the cats, with separate waiting area and cat specific exam rooms. "'Bout time," we say. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. how furry kind of uncle bill! we're sure he's smilin' down at y'all.

    what a sweet angel miss brulee was on her trip to the v-e-t. it sounds like you haf chosen a winner for your vet needs--many more of them need to go "cat furriendly!"

  25. Kitties Blue - Brulee was that calm BEFORE the Benedryl. I've never had a cat that was so calm at the vet.

  26. We have that exact same cat tree model. One difference is that it is by our stairs so you can walk onto the top level without climbing. Also, there is a sofa next to it so jumping down to it is closer and softer.

    My vet is 100 pct cats, so there is no dog area at all.


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