Saturday, February 28, 2015

February PetBox Review and Discount Code

We were very excited to become PetBox Brand Ambassadors this year.  This means that we will share our monthly PetBox with you and may even offer a giveaway or two.  We were jumping for joy when we received our first PetBox this month because we love surprises and we could tell by the smell that it belonged to us.  PetBox is a monthly subscription for pets - both cats and dogs.  Each monthly box is filled with wonderful goodies such as toys, treats, good, grooming and hygiene products, and lots more.  Subscribers can opt to receive a "surprise" box or choose from a wide selection of pet products.  Monthly subscriptions plans range from $9.95-$59.95.    
Brulee is impatient for Mom Paula to open the box

You'd never guess who was the first one to climb into the box when Mom Paula opened it?!?   Surprise! Surprise!  It was Truffle.  As if any of you didn't know.  MOL!

Just what did we get in our February PetBox?  As you can see on the carpet in the photo above and in the action photo below, we got one of the Yeowww! Heart Attack Catnip Toys.  Truffle goes wild (literally) over Yeowww! toys and was very excited to see a Valentine Heart in the PetBox for February.  Mom Paula tried her best to get a photo of Truffle playing with the Yeowww! Heart Attack Catnip Toy, but Truffle was rolling and rolling and this was the best we could do.  She did let Brulee lick it a little bit after she was finished playing.
Truffle claimed the Yeowww! Heart for herself.

Brulee's favorite toy was the Petnips Wobble Nip Cat Diffuser Toy filled with Priscilla's 100% Natural Cat Nip.  She batted it around the living room and didn't give Mom Paula an opportunity to capture it on film.  Next month, we'll make sure we have the video camera ready!
Brulee prior to whapping the wobble nip cat toy around

The Petnips Wobble Nip Cat Diffuser Toy dispenses a potent catnip aroma as we cats whap it around.  It also has a feather on top, which always attracts Brulee.  She LOVES feathers.  The toy has a cavity that is filled with catnip, which entices cats through an aroma that emulates through a series of small holes.  The toy is shaped like an egg, which keeps it moving, which is something we can't ignore.l  There is a small bag of catnip that comes inside the toy, but we chose to fill it with the potent Priscilla's 100% Natural Catnip.  This catnip is 100% organic and we really liked it.

What else did we get?  Here's a preview of the remaining items in our box.  We're sure we'll share additional photos as we try out each toy and eat the treats and food over the next couple of weeks.
Both Truffle and Brulee loved the Petlinks Scratcher

Petlinks Carpet Clawz Hanging Scratcher with Catnip Feather Ball Toy.  We haven't even hung this on a doorknob yet, but both Truffle and Brulee were immediately on it scratching away, so we're sure we'll use it a lot when we can stretch and scratch away.

A Sample of Royal Canin Indoor Adult 27 Dry Food.  We know Royal Canin is a good brand of cat food.  Our breeder was already feeding the kitten food to us and our vet highly recommends it.  We've been eating the Persian Formula, but are very excited to try the Indoor Adult 27 formula.  This formula is designed for us indoor kitties and aids in good dental health and management of those pesky hairballs.

Wellness Kittles Tuna and Cranberry Recipe Crunch Cat Treats.  We haven't tried these yet, but you know we love treats.  Truffle tends to have a little sensitivity to fish products, so we'll probably donate these to one of our kitty friends near us or take them to a local cat shelter with some other fish products we've received.  We do know the Wellness products are excellent because we eat their canned food all the time.

We were very happy with our PetBox for the month of February.  You can get your own PetBox and receive a 10% discount if you use the code sweetpurrfections when you check out.  You can click HERE or on the graphic on our sidebar to go the PetBox website.

Disclaimer: As PetBox Brand Ambassadors, Truffle and Brulee (Sweet Purrfections) receive one PetBox each month free of charge in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions expressed here are our own.  Receiving the free PetBox did not affect our opinions in any way.  We are an affiliate of PetBox and we do receive a small commission from PetBox when our discount code is used.  

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  1. You girls had a LOT of fun with your PetBox delivery!

  2. Cool! Something to look forward to every month.

  3. So much fun in a pretty blue box!

  4. Great review ! And let's have fun every month ! Purrs

  5. We are now Brand Ambassadors as well. Our February box just came today, and we haven't opened it yet, but if it follows all those we have seen for this month, we know what we are getting. Enjoy all those goodies!

  6. That looks like a great box of goodies for 2 cuties!

  7. Christmas in February!
    Lots of fun stuff in that box =)

  8. We all would like to get our paws on that Yeoww heart!

  9. I has a Yeoww heart and sent some to my boy cat furriends. xxoo They are nice aren't they Girls?

  10. What a great way to try different products and see if you like them!


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