Friday, February 13, 2015

We're Smitten

We received a new treat from chewy.com to try out and review recently.  We'd never heard of  Honest Kitchen Smittens, but we're here to tell you that they are delicious.
Brulee is ready for the box to be opened.

Honest Kitchen Smittens are pure, dehydrated Islandic haddock.  The only ingredient is dehydrated haddock.  These treats are not only good to eat, but they are purrfect for this time of the year because they are shaped like little hearts.
Truffle can't understand why the bag isn't opened yet.

Smittens are made from pure, wild, line-caught Haddock from the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland.  They are all-natural and grain-free treats.  The treats are high-protein, low-fat, and low-carb.  The best thing is that they are only 1.1 calories per treat, which is great for our ladycat figure. The interesting thing about these treats is the reaction they received from Brulee.

Brulee jumping in front of Truffle for her Smitten treat.

Usually Brulee sits patiently to the side while Truffle grabs the treats, but as soon as Brulee smelled the haddock, she jumped in front of Truffle to get to the heart-shaped treats.  We don't get too much "fish-flavored" food and/or treats because Truffle's tummy doesn't handle fish too well, but she didn't have a reaction to these fishy treats.
Brulee and the Smittens Treats

The Honest Kitchen Smitten treats are currently on sale at chewy.com for $13.71.  This is a little more expensive than your average treats, but in our honest opinion, these aren't average treats. As always, you can combine these treats with other delicious treats and food at chewy.com for great prices and free one-two day shipping (for orders of $49+).   We give these treats 4-paws up.
Truffle endorses the Smittens treats.

*Disclosure: Chewy.com gave us these treats for free in exchange for a review, but this did not influence our opinions. All opinions expressed in this post are our own, and we only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. 

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  1. Great review, ladies! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Truffles wouldn't touch them, but the Persian we're cat sitting for the last two weeks has polished off the whole bag!

  2. Thanks for the great review, we have never even heard of these. They are definitely on our wish list now!

  3. Those must be really good treats if Truffle jumped ahead to get them! :) I'm glad they did not upset Truffle's tummy, and I'm glad both Truffle and Brulee are enjoying them. Carmine cannot have any fish, so he asks that you please eat a few extra for him and enjoy!

  4. Yummy fish? Mum had fishy for dinner tonight and she didn't bring me any home!

  5. Oh wow dat's so pawsum. Weez wanted to twy those, but they never came. glad yous enjoyed them.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. We had not heard of those either. We probably would like them as most of us like fishy foods. Thanks for the review. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty may, Giulietta, Fiona, astrid, Lisbeth ad Calista Jo


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