Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Favorite Treats

We're very lucky that Mom Paula lets us eat treats and she's willing to try out lots of brands and flavors.  We received the Halo Liv-a-Littles freeze dried chicken treats from Chewy.com this month to review. We have to say that this is our most favorite treat.
 Brulee guarding her treats

Just look at these treats.  As soon as you open the jar (Mom Paula loves that they come in a jar), you can see that these treats are different.  They are 100% pure chicken breast  and are grain-free.  What's even nicer is that they are delicious treats for both cats and dogs.  
Halo Liv-a-Little Treats

Brulee will even "fight" Truffle for these treats.  All Mom Paula has to do is unscrew the jar and we come running.  Mom Paula will break the larger pieces into little pieces for us to eat.  When the treats are all gone, Mom Paula saves the "treat dust" to sprinkle on top of the canned food when Brulee decides to be a little finicky.  
Truffle eyeing the treat before she nabs it.

The Halo Liv-a-Little treats come in three flavors:  salmon, chicken, and beef.  The ingredients for the chicken breast are freeze-dried chicken breast and a marinade that is made up of sodium phosphate, salt, and carrageenan. The chicken treats are currently on sale for $8.92 on the chewy.com website.  We know this may sound a little expensive for a treat, but it does last a long time by breaking up the pieces and using the dust to sprinkle on food.
Brulee opening her little mouth wide to eat the Liv-a-Little treats.

We will definitely order more of the treats and keep them on our shopping list.  We like ordering from chewy.com because we can get great prices, the shipping is extremely quick, and there are discounts for orders $49+ and for autoship.  

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  1. We got da salmon ones and dey wuz tasty!

  2. We love these treats too. The mom will used them as a food topper and crumble a few up on top of our stinky goodness to make it extra good.

  3. That's a great idea about saving the "treat dust" to sprinkle on top of the canned food when Brulee decides to be a little finicky.

  4. I should get some so I don;t have to keep baking chicken breast to sprinlke on Lucy's food :)

  5. We love those yummy treats too!

  6. Would you believe Truffles will not touch these??? She's the only cat I know who doesn't go crazy over freeze-dried treats!

    1. Truffle and Brulee say to send them to us! We love them!

  7. We LOVE those treats too!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. I must be the only kitty who didn’t like these. BTW, watch out for carrageenan. It’s a known carcinagen.


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