Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby Truffle

Truffle has been a little stinker ever since the first time Mom Paula saw her.  She's still a stinker, but such a beautiful one.  This photo was sent to Mom Paula when Truffle was 10 weeks old.  Mom Terri said her daughter was getting ready to go to college and was throwing away a bunch of stuff and when she looked around, Truffle was in the bag.   Isn't she adorable in her Victoria's Secret bag?

Grandpa Paul is still in the hospital, so continued purrs and prayers are appreciated.

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  1. OMC, I think my human is about to faint from the cuteness!

  2. What a sweetie pie!
    We will be purring very hard for Grandpa Paul.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Oh, that's such an adorable baby picture!

    We haven't been keeping up and are sorry it's been a difficult time. Purrs to your Grandpa Paul and to your mom (and to you both too of course).

  4. so cute....all wrapped up and ready to go

    purrs to Grandpa Paul and all of you

  5. Oh squee. What a cutie. Even Ichiro is up here at the monitor taking a look!

  6. Thank you for giving us that cute squee moment! Keeping Grandpa Paul in our purrs.

  7. Such a cutie-pie and now such a gorgeous gal! Purrs and prayers to your Grandpa from all of us.

  8. OMC! Baby Truffle was just adorable!

  9. Ditto SQUEEEEEE from here .... that's the Staff!!!


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