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Purrfect Food for Persians #RoyalCanin

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Persians are one of the oldest and most popular breeds of cats.  They are known for their luxurious coats and sweet personalities.  Owning a Persian is a full-time commitment, but the results are so worth the time and effort.  Persian cats should be indoor kitties.  RoyalCanin® has developed a unique formula of feline cat food that is breed specific for Persians, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and Siamese cats because of their specific nutritional needs.  Jean Cathary, a veterinarian from France, founded Royal Canin in 1968.  His vision was a pet food company that was grounded in science that made cat food to fulfill the needs of the pets, not the pet owners.  All of the pet food is made in company-owned plants in the United States and Canada.
Brulee chooses Royal Canin Persian formula over other brands

We’ve been eating Royal Canin feline cat food since we were kittens.  Our vet highly recommends the Royal Canin formula because of their research into the unique nutritional needs of felines.  Brulee has the unique Persian jaw that makes it difficult for her to eat kibble.  We've tried numerous other brands, which she tends to like, but it's so sad to watch her try to get the small kibble into her mouth.  The almond-shape of the Royal Canin Persian kibble helps her enjoy her daily meals without a struggle.
Truffle helps to show the unique almond shape of the Royal Canin Persian formula.

There are three characteristics that are specific to the Persian formula:
  • Hairball Reduction:  Persians swallow a lot of fur during grooming because of the length and density of their coats.  The Persian formula contains fibers to help stimulate the passage through the intestinal system and also to naturally limit the formation of hairballs.
  • Digestive Health – Persians have a sensitive digestive system and this formula has highly digestible proteins, prebiotics and fibers to support a balance in the intestinal flora.  This also helps with the stool quality.
  • Special Brachycephalic Jaw – Persians eat differently because of their jaw structure.  They will grasp their food with the underside of the tongue to bring it into the mouth.  Smaller, round kibble is difficult for the Persian to pick up and chew.  The Royal Canin Persian formula has an almond-shaped kibble which makes it easier for the Persian to pick it up.
We started out with the basic Royal Canin Kitten formula and switched to the Persian Formula when we became adult ladycats.  Royal Canin has now developed a Persian Kitten Formula to help meet the needs of the growing Persian kitten. 
One of our local PetSmart stores

You can find the Royal Canin Breed Specific Formulas at your local PetSmart®.  We found a complete section of the Royal Canin feline food in the cat aisles and there was a specific display for the Breed Specific formulas.  We’re very lucky that we have two PetSmart stores within 10 miles from us.  You can locate your closest PetSmart here.
Special display of the Royal Canin Breed Specific Formula

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  1. How cool that you have a food that's made especially for you!

  2. They should put you ladies on the package, I would TOTALLY buy that! *swoon*

  3. Great post, Paula! I love that Royal Canin makes breed-specific foods to meet the specific nutritional needs of different types of cats. I'm so glad that Brulee is able to enjoy her kibble without struggle now. :)

  4. Wow, that food sounds good. We kinda wish we were Persians now. :)

  5. I always wondered how breed-specific foods (especially for cats) was created so I find this really interesting. Truffles is wondering why there is no special food for torties ;)

  6. Great Post, but it's Mr. Jean Cathary

    1. Thank you for the information. It's been corrected.

  7. This was so interesting! We never realized how differently Persians eat their food from other breeds. Brûlée you look so very beautiful in your review too!
    : )

  8. It's so good that Brûlée has a food that is easy for her to eat and that she likes it. We are having a giveaway for a great book. Stop by our Friday post to enter. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. Angel Hercule and Angel Isis were Persians, and it's true that the shape of kibbles is important. Purrs

  10. Whoa! I didn’t even know these posts started cos I forgot to follow the thread. Great post and I learned a lot about Persians. So cool they could review the food they normally eat.


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