Monday, May 18, 2015

#VetOnDemand for On Call Paw Care

This post is sponsored by Vet on Demand, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Vet on Demand App, but Sweet Purrfections only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Vet on Demand is not responsible for the content of this article.

VetOnDemand™ is a brand new iPhone app that pet moms/dads can use to determine if they should make a trip to the vet, for getting advice after the regular vet office is closed, and prior to that expensive trip to the emergency vet hospital in the evening or on the weekend.  VetOnDemand is a mobile application that allows you to get personalized, real time access to licensed veterinary care through the capability of "telemedicine".  This app allows pet owners the opportunity to video chat with a licensed vet for help answer general questions, obtain help for taking care of a sick pet, or to get advice on whether an emergency vet visit is needed.  The price of a video chat with an actual vet will cost $2.50 per minute.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to talk with Dr. Phil Baxter to try out the iPhone app.  It was very easy to download the app on our iPhone from the Apple App Store. Would you believe this was the first time Mom Paula had used the video chat on her iPhone?  The process is very easy.
  1. Download the App - currently through the AppStore on an iPhone.
  2. Create Your Profile - credit card information must be entered prior to the first call.
  3. Add Your Pets - profiles can be created for as many pets as needed.
  4. Make the Call - all you do is click on the CALL NOW button on the app where you'll be placed in a queue for the next available vet.  We only had to wait a few minutes.
  5. Chat With Your Vet - even though you provide a short description in the profile, the vet will ask for an overview of what is happening.  
  6. Call Notes - call notes are automatically provided after the call.
Actual screen shots from my iPhone

Mom Paula wanted to talk to Dr. Baxter about treating Brulee's constant eye drainage and staining. He explained the drainage was a problem for Persians because of their brachiocephalic faces.  Persians tend to experience excessive ocular discharge because their tear ducts may not be formed properly and can result in an excessive amount of tear production, which causes that reddish-brown stain underneath the eyes.  Usually the stain is only cosmetic, but if not cleaned regularly, it can become uncomfortable and possibly cause a skin infection. Dr. Baxter explained there were many tear stain remover products and recommended looking for homeopathic products.  He said to try a eye irrigation solution that contains saline or boric acid and after washing the eye area to use a tetracycline powder on the fur below the eye.  He recommended using a fine tooth comb, such as a flea comb, to comb through the crusty residue before cleaning the fur.  Mom Paula already uses an eye wash and powder on our eyes, but Dr. Baxter recommended filling a cup with hot water and sitting the solution down in it to warm it up before use.  Dr. Baxter also recommended that Mom Paula look for possible eye lashes touching the eye.
Dirty eyes prior to VetOnDemand video chat.

Cleaner eyes after VetOnDemand video chat.  She looks a little messy because 
her face is still wet from the eye wash, but her eyes look so much better.

Recent data shows that one in four families can afford veterinary care and that 21.5% of cat owners didn't take their cats to a vet because of the expense.  We were shocked to find out that nearly 1/2 of cats didn't visit a vet during the past year.  The VetOnDemand app is a convenient and affordable way to talk to a trusted, licensed veterinarian.  We want to stress that pet parents should not let this be a substitute for actually visiting a veterinarian in an office for regular checkups and when there are obvious problems with your cat's behavior or actions.

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  1. We agree - there's no substitute for an in-person, hands-on visit. And a good relationship with a local vet! But in a pinch...

  2. Brûlée looks so pretty with her beautiful, clean eyes! We also agree there's no substitute for a hands-on visit and exam. But if you can't get a hold of your regular vet's office and have a general question like you did, this works nicely. It was probably a quick call too which would be affordable.

  3. What a lovely girl. I enjoyed my Vet on Demand and will be using it on trips and weekends when my vet isn't available.

  4. This makes sense as an adjunct to regular vet care.

  5. This sounds like a really good supplement to regular vet visits - my human could have used this a few times with Sparkle when she had questions, or wanted more ideas for her care.

  6. This seems like a great way to get answers to quick questions that don't require a hands-on vet visit, like yours.

  7. What a great idea for when you have questions that need answers but don't really need a vet visit.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. What a great way to visit the vet without actually going. :)

  9. Brulee is such a cutie :) Her eyes do look a lot better. It sounds like the vet gave you some great tips. I would use that as a second opinion if I ever want one.

  10. Brulee how did you like getting all that done for you?

  11. So glad to hear that Dr. Baxter was able to help you get your tear staining issue dealt with. Your eyes certainly do look cleaner already. I think I am going to try using a warm wash cloth to clean up the girls eyes before we head over to the conference. They have been dirty lately nothing chronic I think it is because they insist on eating dirt in the yard when we go out to play and some gets in their eyes. Silly dogs!

  12. Oh, those clean eyes are beautiful! Dr. Baxter gave you some great advice! You gotta love that Vet On Demand app!

  13. We agree with above : there's no substitute for a real vet visit, but it can help and it's a good idea. Purrs

  14. Very cool!! I may Just download the app myself! Never know when you might need it!


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