Thursday, July 30, 2015

Playing and Eating - A Chewy Review

We were thrilled to receive a double treat from chewy.com this month for our review.  We were sent a KONG Active Cat Play Mat and the BFF Variety Pack canned food.

KONG Active Cat Play Mat

Image courtesy of chewy.com

The KONG Active Cat Play Mat has two sides:  a soft plush side for sleeping and a sisal side for scratching.  A unique thing about the mat is that the middle is filled with material that makes a crinkle sound, so it gets our attention when we walk on it.
Brulee waiting for Mom Paula to turn around before getting on the mat

The mat comes folded in a sleeve, so when you open it, it isn't very flat because of the internal material.  Mom Paula put some heavy books on top of it to try to flatten it for us.  This could be a design flaw with the packaging, but it doesn't deter from the fun we had on it.  We weren't very cooperative with Mom Paula for the photo shoots this month.  Everytime we'd get on the mat and Mom Paula would grab the camera, we'd move around or get off.  Truffle was so comfortable on the mat that she brought her toys in the living room with her to enjoy playing on the mat with her toys.  If you have a kitty that may be a little resistant to getting on the mat, you can sprinkle some catnip on it and it should work.
Truffle checking out the smells of the mat

BFF Variety Pack Canned Food

Brulee modeling the BFF Variety Pack Canned Food

We've tried the BFF Cat food in the past in the pouches and really liked them.  We were very interested in trying the BFF canned food because of the quality and taste of the previous food we've eaten.  What's really nice about this package is that you are able to try four different varieties (Tuna Too Cool, Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine, Tuna & Salon, and Tuna & Chicken 4Eva) to decide which you like the best before buying a big case of one food.  Mom Paula likes to alternate our cat food flavors and brands so we don't become too finicky.
Truffle anticipating the delicious flavors of the BFF Canned food

The B.F.F. canned food is grain-free and made in a human food facility.  B.F.F. is made by Weruva, which is one of our favorite brands of cat food because of the natural ingredients used to make the food.  Mom Paula doesn't give us tuna on a regular basis, but this food is so healthy and delicious that she will give it to us once a week in between our feather-diet food (chicken, turkey, and duck).  All we know is that we like this food.  You can't go wrong with anything made by Weruva.
Brulee says, "Yum, Yum"

We received the BFF cat food and KONG Play Mat free from chewy.com and were not compensated for our review.  Our opinions are our own and we stand by them.  

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  1. That looks like it was a great review package!

  2. We love Brulee's dish with the fishes on and it looks like she is enjoying her food too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That mat looks like fun! We like BFF but don't get it often because of the fish content, but it's some tasty stuff when we do get it!

  4. We love BFF, but because it's mostly fish, we don't get it a lot. The mat looks like fun...a great place to nap!

  5. Well, what a wonderful package you all got!

  6. That mat looks like fun. I always have to sit on things that make crinkly noises.

  7. What a great idea for a mat! And love the idea of selling the BFF Cat food in the small pack with the different varieties so you can taste test them all. Another great review, girls!

  8. I know that Carmine would love that mat! They ran out by the time they got our request, so I may have to order him one.

    Does B.F.F. come in non-fish flavors? Carmine and Lita can't eat fish, and I hear such great things about this food that I'd like to let them try it to see if we can put it in the food rotation. :)

    I'm glad that Truffle and Brulee are enjoying the mat and the food! I really love Brulee's bowl in the photo - very cute.

  9. Great review! That mat looks like it is wonderful!

  10. Great reviews! I requested the mat for Truffles but sadly she never got to try it out :( I've set it aside for when I adopt a new baby.


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